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Welcome to the online archive of the NP @ PON biannual e-newsletter, Teaching Negotiation.   NP @ PON - which stands for Negotiation Pedagogy at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School (PON) - is a venture dedicated to improving teaching and learning about negotiation. Incorporating and expanding upon the historical mission of the PON Clearinghouse, NP @ PON serves as PON's intellectual focal point for negotiation education.  It is headed by faculty co-directors Lawrence Susskind (MIT) and Michael Wheeler (Harvard Business School) and coordinated by Michael Graskemper (Harvard Law School).

NP @ PON is involved a range of activities including research, curriculum development, training, and networking among those interested in negotiation pedagogy. The formal mission of NP @ PON is to:

  • Contribute to the growing field of negotiation pedagogy through research and publications;
  • Support both experienced and next-generation negotiation educators through workshops, idea exchanges, and other educator-focused events;
  • Foster connections between communities of negotiation educators and education scholars;
  • Develop and distribute teaching materials that are useful in skills-based negotiation instruction;
  • Explore and test the application of new technologies to improve teaching and learning about negotiation; and
  • Help PON reach new audiences of negotiation practitioners and students through workshops, seminars, and other educational activities.
To facilitate the exchange of ideas, NP @ PON will distribute these free electronic newsletters twice per year to interested negotiation teachers and trainers. We hope that you find this newsletter useful, and welcome you to send your comments and suggestions to Michael Graskemper at [email protected] 
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