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President's Message
2013 ADAO Conference (March 22 - 24, 2013)
ADAO Hosts 3rd Congressional Staff Briefing
Safe Chemicals Act of 2012 Voted Out of the EPW Committee
Ridin' The Wind With Rob
6 Word Asbestos and Mesothelioma Quote
Join ADAO and retweet the @WHO #Asbestos Tweets!
Barbara Minty McQueen and ADAO in Washington
Top 5 Asbestos Facts
ADAO Speaks at WILG - "Asbestos: The Cost in Dollars and Lives"
Share Your Story: "The King of Cool" - Steve McQueen's Story"
The "ABC" Defense (anything but chrysotile)
ADAO Digitally Joined the Galway Film Festival Panel
ADAO Statement Opposing Quebec's $58 Million Loan to Jeffrey Mine
ADAO Lends Support to Toxic Watch Alliance in India
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President's Message


I am so excited to share this month's eNewsletter; July has seen more progress in ADAO's goals of advocacy, education and community than ever before. ADAO is delighted by the developments we have seen in the United States and abroad thanks to you, our community, volunteers, and sponsors.


ADAO has seen significant headway in our advocacy initiatives, led by your voices in our "6 Word Quotes for Congress" campaign. In this eNewsletter you can read about our work on Capitol Hill and the encouraging progress of the Safe Chemicals Act of 2012. ADAO is also proud to say our educational initiatives have been well received - we launched our "Top 5 Asbestos Facts" prior to leaving for D.C., and we continue to be a source of asbestos-related information.   


ADAO's community continues to inspire with their strength and actions: from the touching "Ridin' the Wind with Rob" in Pekin, Illinois, to  Barbara Minty McQueen's powerful work on Capitol Hill, to the international unity urging Bihar, India to halt the construction of an asbestos plant. It is incredible work.  


I am excitedly looking forward to ADAO's 9th Annual International Asbestos Conference, March 22-24th, 2013 in Washington, D.C. Our conference agenda is nearly complete - just wait - it will be the best ever!  I personally look forward to welcoming you to our conference as we advance our advocacy, education, and community efforts in one of the most incredible cities in America, Washington, D.C.


In unity, Linda 


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House Staff Briefing
 Congress Is Listening
ADAO has just returned from Washington, D.C., where we conducted Congressional meetings and hosted the House of Representatives staff briefing, "Asbestos: Environmental and Occupational Exposure Continues." Speakers at the briefing included: Barbara Minty McQueen, Dr. Richard Lemen, Dr. Barry Castleman, Brent Kynoch, and Linda Reinstein. Read the full blog with photos, videos, and PowerPoint Presentation.  

ADAO Applauds Senate EPW Committee on Voting to Pass the Safe Chemicals Act of 2012 


The moment has finally come, theSafe Chemicals Act of 2012(S.847) was voted out of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works and now heads to the Senate floor for a vote!  


I am proud to say the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) has joined the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families' coalition in their goals of protecting families from toxic chemicals and reforming the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976[Read more...]

Ridin' The Wind With Rob   

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization is proud to share with our community "Ridin' The Wind With Rob," a 95-minute benefit ride that took place Saturday, July 28th in Pekin, IL. The ride was followed by a dinner and raffle organized by ADAO community member, Jill Cagle, in memory of her husband, Rob. 


Rob tragically lost his life to mesothelioma on September 11th, 2011 after a 6-year battle and numerous chemotherapy treatments. All proceeds from the event will go to [Read more...] 

Global Voices Unite Sending Powerful 6 Words Asbestos and Mesothelioma Quotes


Our unified voice is the strongest tool we have to fight against asbestos. In just a few days, more than 150 people around the world submitted 6 word quotes for us to share with Congress.  Keep them coming - we are heading back to D.C. soon.   [Read more...] 

Join ADAO and retweet the @WHO #Asbestos Tweets!

I was just alerted by a colleague at the World Health Organization (WHO) that about their six asbestos tweets posted today.  Please share this blog and/or retweet the @WHO tweets directly from their Twitter page at

ADAO continues to use the WHO July 2010 Fact sheet N343, "Asbestos: elimination of asbestos-related diseases," as a main resource for Congress and our international community  Show your unity and embrace this social media collaborative effort today!  [Read more...] 

ADAO and Barbara Minty McQueen Go to Washington, DC


ADAO and Barbara Minty McQueen traveled to Washington, D.C. to present a House staff briefing regarding the threat of asbestos, as well as discuss Ms. McQueen's involvement with ADAO and her new book, The Last Mile...Revisited. Ms. McQueen also joined ADAO as we met with Congressional Representatives to tell her story and ask Congress to ban asbestos. Check out our D.C. landing page, featuring links to our press release, recap blogs, and much more! ADAO Washington DC Landing Page

Top 5 Asbestos Facts

1) Asbestos is a known human carcinogen and there is no safe level of asbestos exposure. 


2) Only 55 countries have banned asbestos. The United States and Canada are the only two industrial western nations not to ban asbestos 


3) Top 5 asbestos producers reported by USGS: Russia (1,000,000), [Read more...] 

ADAO Speaks at 40th Anniversary of the National Commission  Event    
Steve Embry and Linda Reinstein

ADAO was thrilled to have the opportunity to speak at and attend the 40th Anniversary of the National Commission on State Workmen's Compensation Laws hosted by the well-respected Workers' Injury Law & Advocacy Group (WILG)ADAO was honored to provide a face and a voice to the victims of occupational diseases in our presentation, "Asbestos: The Cost in Dollars and Lives".  [Read more...]

Share Your Story: "The King of Cool" - Steve McQueen's Story"

We have been touched by asbestos in individual ways, yet we are joined together by a common bond of community. As a testament to the strength of our global family, Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) is highlighting the courageous stories of our members with the "Share Your Story" feature on our website. We would like to honor the story of beloved late actor, Steve McQueen, as shared by his widow, Barbara Minty McQueen.


We encourage you to submit your stories by clicking here. In sharing, comes healing. Remember, you are not alone. 


      View our previous stories here.


Endless! Christopher Booker uses the old "ABC Defense" (anything but chrysotile) Again

History is a great teacher to those who listen. Once again, Christopher Booker uses the old "ABC Defense" (anything but chrysotile) in "Farmers to fight an asbestos scam: A legal challenge is being mounted to the new asbestos regulations."  Don't be fooled, all six types of asbestos, chrysotile, amosite, crocidolite, remolite, anthophyllite and actinolite, are known human carcinogens. [Read more...] 

ADAO Asked to Join Panel at screening of "Dust" at Galway Film Festival  


ADAO digitally joined the Galway Film Fleadh (Festival) screening of "Dust: The Great Asbestos Trial"; the film was selected as a "critic's pick" at the festival. The screening was a wonderful chance to utilize social media and support our global community in furthering asbestos education. Sent digitally, you can view both the YouTube video and prepared remarks, "Deadly Asbestos Ravages Humanity," that were submitted for the panel discussion .  [Read more...] 

Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization Responds to Quebec Government's Loan Reviving the Jeffrey Asbestos Mine and Calls on the Canadian Government to Take Action to Stop Deadly Asbestos Mining. [Read more...] 

Toxic Watch Alliance Press Release in Opposition of Asbestos-Producing Plant in Bihar, India


Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) sent a letter to Bihar Chief Minister at the request of the Toxic Watch Alliance to halt the construction of an asbestos plant in Bihar, India  [Read more...] 

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The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) was founded by asbestos victims and their families in 2004. ADAO seeks to give asbestos victims and concerned citizens a united voice to raise public awareness about the dangers of asbestos exposure. ADAO is an independent global organization dedicated to preventing asbestos-related diseases through education, advocacy, and community. For more information, visit