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Top Five Asbestos Facts
Video: Fernanda Giannasi, 2012 AAC Presentation
ADAO Tours Brazilian Plants
Rio +Social and the Power of a Global Conversation
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United Nations Promotes the Global Discussion through Rio+ Dialogues
Video: João Carlos Duarte Paes, "Leading by Example: Asbestos Free Cement"
Interview with Alexandra Caterbow, WECF
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President's Message



ADAO has just returned from the United Nation's Rio +20 Conference on Sustainable Development in Brazil and we have a great deal of news and information to share with you in our July eNewsletter


On June 29, we had shocking late-breaking news. The Canadian government announced their decision to revive the Quebec asbestos industry by guaranteeing the $58 million dollars needed to reopen the Jeffrey Mine. In unwavering opposition, ADAO issued a statement calling on the Canadian government to rescind the recent decision to stop the deadly asbestos mining and exports. Canada shares the dubious distinction with Brazil of being in the top-5 largest producers of asbestos. 


Please honor Larry Davis who lost is courageous six year mesothelioma battle by lighting a candle tonight. Larry took the fight against asbestos and mesothelioma to the streets, and made a difference in so many lives. Larry, I'm going to miss you forever ... plus one day.


In unity, Linda Reinstein 


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Top Five Asbestos Facts 


1) Asbestos is a known human carcinogen and there is no safe level of asbestos exposure


2) Only 55 countries have banned asbestos. The United States and Canada are the only two industrial western nations not to ban asbestos


3) Top 5 asbestos producers reported by USGS: Russia (1,000,000), China (400,000), Brazil (270,000), Kazakhstan (214,000) and Canada (100,000) *metric tons


4) Top 5 asbestos users reported by USGS: China (613,760), India (426,363), Russia (263,037), Brazil (139,153) and Indonesia (111,848) *metric tons


5) More than 107,000 people die each year from asbestos-related diseases

Fernanda Giannasi - "Brazil: Challenges to a Total Ban of Asbestos"   
ADAO was privileged to have Fernanda Giannasi of the Brazilian ban-asbestos group ABREA speak at our 8th Annual International Asbestos Awareness Conference, in March. View Ms. Giannasi's presentation, "Challenges to a Total Ban of Asbestos in Brazil", in our video library. 
2012 ADAO AAC: Fernanda Giannasi,
ADAO Applauds Brazil's Progress towards Asbestos Substitutes  

One of the great things ADAO had the opportunity to do while in Brazil was tour two factories. These tours showed that it is entirely possible to manufacture a substitute to the deadly mineral still used by the United States, Canada, and others, while still competing in the market. Let's follow Brazil's lead and start developing safe substitutes for asbestos here in the United States and around the world!  Our detailed report will be online in August. 


Read the full blog!

Rio +Social Emphasizes the Power of Global Conversation & Action
Being a part of the Rio +Social event, held in conjunction with the United Nations' Rio +20 Conference on Sustainability, was one of the many bright spots for ADAO during out trip to Brazil. During this event, we were able to connect with many who wished to use technology and new media to make a difference and promote "social good" throughout the world. We learned so much from the incredible speakers that we can't wait to put into action! 
A Visit to Fundaēćo Oswaldo Cruz (FIOCRUZ) 

ADAO had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, also known as FIOCRUZ, in Brazil. This amazing science and technological institution has been active in the anti-asbestos movement for over 15 years, and involved in public health within Latin America for over 100 years! Our tour included highly informative meetings with researchers, attorneys battling asbestos exposure, and two victims who have used FIOCRUZ for help in their treatment from exposure. 
You can read all about our tour of FIOCRUZ in our full blog!
Share Your Story Submissions from Workers in Brazil 


ADAO we had the opportunity to visit FIOCRUZ, a famous public health institute, where we met with Geraldo and Jorge, former asbestos factory workers, to learn about their personal experiences, diagnosis, and treatment.  Read Geraldo and Jorge's powerful stories, and also our previously published stories here
 Jorge and Geraldo (Brazil SYS)

U.N. Promotes the Global Discussion through Rio+ Dialogues 


ADAO applauds the United Nations' innovative use of social media to promote dialogue across all sectors of society in the discussion about the world's future. The U.N. used the "Rio+ Dialogues" page to encourage participants from around the globe to vote on what topics they would like to see discussed at the Rio+ 20 Conference on Sustainable Development and join the global conversation. 


To read more about the proposed articles and ultimate selections in our full blog! 

Joćo Carlos Duarte Paes, 
"Leading by Example: Asbestos Free Cement" 

One of the amazing things about ADAO is how we are able to bring together so many international advocates. One such advocate is Joćo Carlos Duarte Paes, president of ABIFIBRO, who spoke on the creation of asbestos-free cement being produced in Brazil. While we were in Brazil, Joćo Carlos was able to extended an invitation to ADAO to tour one of these plants. View Mr. Duarte Paes' presentation, "Leading By Example: Asbestos Free Cement," in our video library.
2012 ADAO AAC: Joao Carlos Duarte Paes,
Interview with Alexandra Caterbow, WECF  
ADAO has been fortunate to take part in the United Nations' Rio +20 and Rio +Social conferences, and we are making the most of this opportunity and getting as social as possible by sharing our experiences and meetings via video!  This short video interview of Alexandra Caterbow from the Women in Europe for a Common Future, was taken following the People's Summit "The Future We Want is Free of Asbestos!" workshop.
Alexandra Caterbow, WECF

10,000+ Views on SlideShare!
ADAO has recently passed 10,000 views on our SlideShare page! This is a tremendous success for all of us at ADAO as we know that each view means more people joining our community and strengthening our cause. We have created a page with the most viewed presentations and documents for easy viewing, so check it out
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The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) was founded by asbestos victims and their families in 2004. ADAO seeks to give asbestos victims and concerned citizens a united voice to raise public awareness about the dangers of asbestos exposure. ADAO is an independent global organization dedicated to preventing asbestos-related diseases through education, advocacy, and community. For more information, visit