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DUST Screening Friday April 27th in Beverly Hills
Workers' Memorial Day
Global Petition Against Schmidheiny
Barbara McQueen Speaks Out Against Asbestos
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Asbestos Awareness Conference Wrap Up
Budget Cuts Impact Public Health
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Linda DC 3President's Message 

April marks a month of hard work for ADAO as we wrapped up our 8th annual Asbestos Awareness Conference, screened a great documentary, Dust: The Great Asbestos Trial, and hosted a successful Global Asbestos Awareness Week. We are proud to share this newsletter that features the most exciting and important work we've done this month. April has brought us several heartfelt Share Your Stories, and ADAO encourages everyone to participate in sharing their own story, as our community becomes stronger as we open up to each other. We are hard at work getting more great content in the coming weeks, including a full directory to view photos and videos from our Conference, which should be live in July. Stay up to date with all that ADAO has to offer by following us on Twitter (Linda_ADAO) and by checking our website!

ADAO would like to give a special shout out to our Platinum sponsors; Simmons Law Firm, LLC, and Baron & Budd, PC, Gold sponsor; Motley Rice LLC, Silver sponsors; Early, Lucarelli, Sweeny & Straus, and 

Levy Phillips & Konigsberg, and Bronze sponsor; The Nemeroff Law FirmWe could not do what we do without your generous support! 


In unity, 


Dust: The Great Asbestos Trial
Beverly Hills screening Friday, April 27th

ADAO's recent screening of Dust: The Great Asbestos Trial has created a great amount of buzz for the the award-winning documentary, and as a result the film will now be screened this Friday, April 27th in Beverly Hills. Dust explores the effects of asbestos in present-day India and Brazil in light of the tragic trail of deaths provoked by asbestos in Casale, Italy. The United States continues to import asbestos, and Dust provides us with a view of the carcinogen's deadly global impact. Click here for more details on the screening.

Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living on Workers' Memorial Day


This year marks the 23rd Annual Workers' Memorial Day (WMD), which will take place on April 28th, 2012. Workers' Memorial Day gives us an opportunity to remember the workers we have lost, and to bring together those who are still with us, their families, unions, and health and safety advocates to fight for better workplace Read More]


ADAO Joins Global Community in Urging UN to Declare Stephan Schmidheiny "Persona Non Grata" at Rio+20


Sign the Petition! ADAO Joins Global Community in Urging United Nations to Declare Stephan Schmidheiny "Persona Non Grata" at UN Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development. Stephan Schmidheiny, former Eternit owner-executive recently convicted of "causing a continuing disaster in health and environment" and "willfully neglecting [...] [ Read More 

Barbara McQueen, widow of Steve McQueen, Speaks Out Against Asbestos
Barbara McQueen Speaks Out Against Asbestos

Share Your Story
Share Your Story
Sharing your story is a cathartic experience, and it also strengthens the bonds of our community. Please take a minute to read two stories from April.

It's A Wrap

It's a Wrap! The sun sets on the best Asbestos Awareness Conference ever!


Conference Photos 


Conference Videos  


2012 Conference Program


Global Asbestos Awareness Week: 

EXPOSED - The Facts About Asbestos


Global Asbestos Awareness Week: EXPOSED - The Facts About Asbestos  

Day 1:  "Preventing Asbestos Exposure: 7 Reasons for 7 Days" 

by Linda Reinstein 

Day 2:  "Asbestos: What is It?" 

by Dr. Richard Lemen

Day 2: "Why is Asbestos Bad for My Health?" 

by Dr. Arthur Frank


Sponsored by: Simmons Attorneys at Law

Day 3:  "A Global Ban on Asbestos" 

by Dr. Phil Landrigan (Collegium Ramazzini)


Sponsored by: Baron & Budd, PC

Day 4:  "Take 5 and Stay Alive" 

by The British Lung Foundation

Day 5:  "Hidden Killer Campaign" 

by Health and Safety Executive


Sponsored by: MotleyRice

Day 6:  "Convicted! Eternit Asbestos Criminals Update" 

by Linda Reinstein


Day 6:  "If You Think it's Asbestos, it Probably Is" 

by John Newquist (OSHA)

Day 7:

by Linda Reinstein

Budget Cut

Proposed U.S. Budget Cuts Would Impact Public Health

In an effort to spark an economy in slow recovery after the Great Recession, the Obama Administration has announced a new budget that will significantly decrease funding for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other government agencies.  This budget cut, which cuts the EPA's budget by 1/3, will reduce critical environmental and occupational health programs [...] [Read More ]

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) was founded by asbestos victims and their families in 2004. ADAO seeks to give asbestos victims and concerned citizens a united voice to raise public awareness about the dangers of asbestos exposure. ADAO is an independent global organization dedicated to preventing asbestos-related diseases through education, advocacy, and community. For more information, visit