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President's Message
November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month
ADAO and EIA Open Diplomatic Doors with Canada
Asbestos Awareness Conference Save the Date
Three Days of Action on Asbestos in Toronto
Building Bridges to Ban Asbestos
What ADAO Means to Me
NEW! Exposed: The Facts about Asbestos
Aesop and ADAO
Infographics: Telling the Asbestos Story in Pictures
Taking the Asbestos Issue to the Ontario Federation of Labour
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President's Message


Throughout 2011, ADAO has continued to expand its global reach and battle asbestos through increased education, advocacy, and community initiatives. On behalf of ADAO, I had the privilege to present during the American Public Health Association's 139th Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington DC. The conference was a tremendous success and in addition to speaking on the merits of increased social media use in the world of public health, I learned a great deal from all of the other presentations given throughout the week.


ADAO continues to push for continued education, advocacy, and community building through a variety of initiatives and blogs.  My personal thanks to each of you, our ADAO volunteers, Leadership, Science Advisory Board, and our 2011 Sponsors, we will close 2011 in the most powerful way ever and look forward to a very promising 2012! 

In unity, Linda 

Linda Reinstein's Social Networks 
Lung Cancer AwarenessNovember is Lung Cancer Awareness Month 


"Lung cancer is one of the leading respiratory diseases caused by asbestos exposure, surpassing even mesothelioma - a well-known asbestos-caused cancer. Based on the estimated annual rate of mesothelioma deaths at 2,500 cases per year from NIOSH World Respiratory Disease Surveillance, ADAO estimates more than 5,000 Americans die from asbestos-caused lung cancer. Most scientific estimates suggest two lung cancers for every one mesothelioma death. Read our ADAO press release for more information.

ADAO and EIA Open Diplomatic Doors with Canada

Bauucs Breakfast 



On November 1, 2011, the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) and the Environmental Information Association (EIA), met with officials at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC to discuss Canada's asbestos mining and exporting business.  Canada currently produces 100,000 metric tons of asbestos and exports the majority of this deadly mineral to developing countries including India and Indonesia.  Oddly enough, Canada uses very little of the asbestos it produces.  The United States Geological Survey reported the "asbestos consumption in the United States was estimated to be 820 metric tons, based on asbestos imports through July 2010 and roofing products were estimated to account for about 72% of U.S. consumption and other applications, 28%." 

Canadian representatives made it clear that the official position of the country is that Chrysotile asbestos, which is produced by Canadian mines, can be safely and responsibly used in commerce.  The Canadian government relies on the Chrysotile Institute for scientific and technical guidance regarding asbestos.  ADAO and EIA urged Canadian officials to seek scientific input from other reliable sources throughout the world, including the World Health Organization, that have provided incontrovertible evidence that all forms of asbestos are carcinogenic and that there is no safe level of exposure to this deadly material.   

After meeting with Canadian officials, ADAO and EIA had the pleasure to present Senator Max Baucus, current chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, with the 2011 Tribute of Hope Award for his continued support and advocacy towards the banning of asbestos in the United States. This was an unparalleled opportunity for ADAO and EIA, creating a further connection through which our goals can be realized.

Brent Kynoch, EIA and Linda Reinstein, ADAO 

Picture: Spencer Wolgang, Brent Kynoch, Doug Larkin, Linda Reinstein, Senator Baucus

AAC Logo 2012

  Three Days of Action on Asbestos in Toronto by Alec Farquhar


AlecWe had three event-filled days in Toronto to take advantage of Linda Reinstein's visit, hosted by the Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers.  First was a reception on November 3, co-hosted with Dr. Eudice Goldberg of the Canadian Mesothelioma Foundation.  Then the morning of November 4, Linda was joined by five other asbestos victim family members for a powerful press conference calling for an end to Canadian export of asbestos to the developing world.  In the afternoon, Linda participated in a symposium attended by 100 people, with experts presenting on the incidence, detection, treatment, prevention and compensation of asbestos disease.  That night, Linda was keynote speaker at the annual Toronto Health and Safety Awards Dinner, hosted by the Workers Health and Safety Centre and attended by over 200 health and safety activists.  And finally, on November 5, key activists came together on the Toronto Islands to discuss where to go next with our efforts to protect workers and families in the developing world from asbestos.  It was quite a whirlwind and strengthened our friendship and commitment.  

Canada 2011
Building Bridges to Ban Asbestos by Stacy Cattran

On October 1st, Linda Reinstein joined Leah and I for A Walk to Remember Victims of Asbestos held in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. We were thrilled to have about 500 people join us to honor their loved ones and protest the Canadian government's position on asbestos. It was also a wonderful opportunity to build bridges in our anti-asbestos community.


As a result of one of those bridges, on November 4th Linda again joined us in Canada. A press conference in downtown Toronto was organized by Ontario Health Clinics for Occupational Workers who have long supported the proposed ban of asbestos. There Linda, Heidi von Palleske, Kathleen Mullen, Shelley Kehoe, and I, asked Baljit Chadha, mine owner, and the governments of Canada and Quebec to leave the asbestos mines closed. Following the powerful press conference, covered by both English and French media, workshops relating to asbestos exposure were attended by a packed crowd from a wide variety of workplaces.  


Picture: back row: Kathleen, Linda, Stacy, Shelley front row: Heidi and sister Aurora 

Andy Oberta 

What ADAO Means to Me by Andrew F. Oberta


Being part of ADAO has brought meaning to my work of over thirty years as an asbestos consultant. It has made me more aware of the human consequences of exposure to asbestos fibers than any other organization or forum with which I am associated. Meeting asbestos victims, their families and caregivers, and hearing their stories adds a dimension not available through my customary resources and has impressed on me the importance of the relationship between the technical and advocacy communities.


As professionals and advocates we have a duty to minimize future exposure to asbestos fibers and the health effects that result. Preventing exposure requires educating people about asbestos materials that, contrary to popular belief, remain abundant in the buildings where we live and work. ADAO provides a forum for this outreach, and the technical expertise of its own members and through the Environmental Information Association provides the knowledge base to support the effort. 


Andrew F. Oberta, MPH, CIH - The Environmental Consultancy 


NEW! ADAO Prezi presentation titled "Exposed: The Facts about Asbestos" which includes the 60 second PSA video "Asbestos Kills." Technology keeps advancing, creating more opportunities for education, advocacy, and community support. Stay tuned, there is more to come!


Aesop and ADAO by Elizabeth Harty


Lisa Harty
The proverb, "A man is known by the company he keeps", had been around some time before Aesop came on the scene, but Aesop's fable gave it the ultimate illustration: A lazy work animal can be quickly identified by observing the type of animals he surrounds himself with. Like gravitates to like. 

Life today is not any different. Look at your own life and the type of people you have chosen to surround yourself with. They are a reflection of you. Likewise, you have chosen to trust and partner with ADAO. This is a privilege that ADAO does not take lightly. To guard that privilege, ADAO will only affiliate with organizations and sponsors that reflect its values. Despite the ever-present financial demand this organization is under, contributions will be and have been turned away if the potential sponsor does not reflect the high victim advocacy standards ADAO expects of itself and those serving this vulnerable community

ADAO strives to maintain an extremely efficient operating budget so that the global demands for advocacy, community, and education can be met; however, the demands are growing. This is a positive sign that the strategies ADAO has implemented are successful! Individual donors can have confidence that ADAO is holding itself to the highest standard of integrity in every facet of the organization, and partnering sponsors can be applauded for challenging themselves to maintain the highest level of service. ADAO is surrounded by excellence! 

For further information on ADAO's financial distribution and how you can partner with us, select the "Donate" tab on the homepage.


Infographics: Telling the Asbestos Story in Pictures by Ai Ching Goh


I first came into contact with Linda Reinstein after replying to an email she sent me about creating a Piktochartfor her organization, ADAO. After looking over the information she sent me, I thought that definitely is something an infographic can help make clearer, so I made an offer to create one for ADAO. From there, we had a quick Skype conversation on what sort of data she would be looking to present, what sort of designs she had in mind and who the target audience was. I passed the brief on to the designers and they did their magic in just over one week. READ MORE and view the inforgraphic PowerPoint.

Taking the Asbestos Issue to the Ontario Federation of Labour by Bruce Allen 

I wrote the resolution which is going to the 2011 Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) Convention in order to raise the profile of A Walk to Remember Asbestos Victims and generate more participation in it. This should move the struggle forward to end the human carnage caused by exposure to asbestos particularly in the workplace. READ MORE
ADAO New Website 
Follow us on our new website and through  Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feed, blogging and more. ADAO's website includes a variety of resources such as videos in our online library, like "Asbestos Kills" and the Chrysotile Asbestos Fact Sheet, a result of collaboration between ADAO and the Environmental Information Association.