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19th World Congress on Health and Safety at Work in Turkey
City of Sarnia Unites for Asbestos Awareness and Remembrance
At Home With ADAO
National Mesothelioma Awareness Day
"Breathtaking" - First-Ever Livestreaming Screening on September 26th
VIDEOS: "Asbestos Conversations" with Johnson ASTM Conference Attendees
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September 30 - October 1 Candlelight Vigil and Walk to Remember Victims of Asbestos 


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Linda DC 3President's Message


The month of September is shaping up to be truly breathtaking! First, the month kicks off with Labor Day, a national holiday intended to pay tribute to men and women and an important day for ADAO to recognize in its battle to prevent occupational exposure to asbestos.


We also have the honor of presenting at the 19th World Congress on Health and Safety at Work in Turkey, an opportunity to turn knowledge into power on the other side of the world. Thanks to the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation, September also brings National Mesothelioma Awareness Day on September 26. On this day, ADAO is excited to utilize innovative technology to globally livestream Kathleen Mullen's documentary, Breathtaking, which depicts her father's valiant battle with mesothelioma and the tragedy of continued asbestos mining in Canada. Uniting with Canadians, ADAO joins the Candlelight Vigil for Victims of Asbestos and Walk for Victims of Asbestos in Sarnia, Canada Sep 30 and Oct 1.   


The stories that all of our members, partner organizations, and supporters continue to share, while shaped in many instances by tragedy and loss, continue to give us hope that, indeed, we can make a difference if we continue to push for a global asbestos ban. We are truly a united force unmatched in our reach.

Together, change is possible.Linda Reinstein 

World Congress19th World Congress on Health and Safety at Work, Turkey

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) is looking forward to representing the interests of workers at the 19th World Congress on Health and Safety at Work in Istanbul, Turkey this September. The Congress, held triennially since 1955 under the International Labor Organization (ILO) of the United Nations (UN), will bring together experts from around the world to "Build a Global Culture of Prevention for a Healthy and Safe Future." A preliminary program was recently made available.

We look forward to working with Congress attendees on prevention strategies and alliances, sharing our knowledge of social media, and continuing efforts to prevent occupational and environmental asbestos exposure.

NOTE: Following our ADAO tradition, our World Congress presentation will be dedicated to Janelle, a mesothelioma patient at only 35 years old. Read Janelle's story, I Will Never Be the Same.

Mike BradleyCity of Sarnia Unites for Asbestos Awareness and Remembrance by Mike Bradley, Mayor Sarnia


As Mayor of Sarnia, I would like to invite you to join the community on September 30 for the "Candlelight Vigil for Victims of Asbestos," when we honor and remember those in Sarnia and around the world who have lost their lives to asbestos-caused diseases. 


We are excited and proud that Leah Nielsen and Stacy Cattan have organized the first "Walk to Remember Victims of Asbestos" on October 1 in collaboration with the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW), and The Victims of Chemical Valley.


Join us at the Centennial Park in Sarnia, Canada as our communities come together for asbestos awareness and remembrance.


VIRTUALLY: This event is one of unity for the global asbestos-affected community. We recognize not everyone will be able to travel to Sarnia, so we invite you to participate in the Virtual Candle Lighting at 7:30 p.m. (EST). Here you can join us in our moment of remembrance by lighting a candle in your loved ones' honor and/or light a candle online that will remain lit for 48 hours.  

Lisa and Tilly

Linda, Tilly, and Lisa

At Home With ADAO by Lisa Harty, ADAO Virginia State Representative  


Have you ever wondered what really goes on in the ADAO headquarters on a day-to-day basis?  It might not be what you imagined.  I recently had the opportunity to spend a day volunteering at the ADAO headquarters in Southern California, but instead of picturing a metropolitan, high-rise office building, take yourself to the quiet, residential neighborhood of Manhattan Beach.  Linda Reinstein, ADAO Co-Founder and President, warmly greets you at the door with her and late-husband Alan's dog, Tilly.  The hub of all things ADAO lies a few feet away in a home office that seems surprisingly simple given all that has been accomplished within its four walls.   


As I spend the day with Linda, the topics of the day bounce from addressing press releases for the global documentary, Breathtaking, being released on September 26th, to plans regarding Linda's upcoming trip to speak at the 19th  Annual World Congress in Istanbul, Turkey.  Woven into the mix were emails to members of the ADAO community overseas, calls to technical and web support, and a quick working-lunch. ADAO's commitment to maximizing the advantages of social media is apparent throughout the day. Needless to say, I'm impressed that these media elements are handled with such success and by far fewer individuals than I had envisioned.   


One constant throughout the day is Tilly's faithful presence; her tail on my laptop, she sleeps through the frenzy with ease. Anyone spending the day at ADAO's home office will quickly discover it is an environment in which you run as hard and fast as the day will allow. There is far more work than workers, but there is an ongoing awareness that many people are placing their hope in the few who have committed to ADAO's mission. ADAO is successfully providing advocacy, community, and education for those impacted by asbestos-caused diseases, and the global impact of ADAO is a testament to what a few people can accomplish when commitment and unity are at the forefront. As more concerned individuals are able to step forward and contribute their talents, resources, and time, think how much more will be realized!  It might just be enough to wake Tilly for a moment or two. 


Join Us in Raising Awareness for National Mesothelioma Awareness Day, September 26 by Kathleen Wiedemer, Executive Director, Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation 

September 26th marks Meso Awareness Day, and every year Meso Foundation volunteers and others affected by mesothelioma participate in a coordinated campaign to raise awareness of mesothelioma and funds for research. Through local government proclamations, organizing awareness and fundraising events such as 5K walk/runs and benefits, contacting their local media to have their story covered, and letting everyone in their networks know about their efforts through word-of-mouth and social media like Facebook and Twitter, they ensure that mesothelioma is recognized. 


This year, as Meso Awareness Day approaches, we want to make sure that, once again, our voices are heard far and wide. To help, visit the Meso Foundation website. We have assembled information to help you choose how you can become involved and to give you some ideas. Please take a look and contact us with any questions at [email protected].

"Breathtaking" - The First-Ever Livestreaming Screening of the Documentary, "Breathtaking," on September 26th by Charles Lee

Breathtaking Logo I first met Linda Reinstein after her TEDx presentation in my area. Her personal story was moving and her passion to stop the silent killer of asbestos was inspiring. Although I had a basic idea of the danger that asbestos presented, I was floored to see how prevalent it really is around the world.  


I was challenged by Linda to do something about this issue. I had approached her to offer help in whatever area I could. To no surprise to those who know Linda, she definitely took me up on my offer. Since I lead an idea and creative agency, I have been privileged this past year to help ADAO think about their online presence. In addition, I'm now a part of the team that will be facilitating the platform for ADAO's online screening of Kathleen Mullen's powerful film "Breathtaking" on September 26th at 6:30 pm EST.


This screening will not only highlight Kathleen's touching story about her father's death from mesothelioma and Canada's mining and exportation of asbestos, but also will mark ADAO's first attempt to connect followers around the world to information through digital technology. The film will be streamed live for anyone with a computer and internet to easily access via ADAO's MediaSocial page.


Like any other cause, we can all find a way to help out if we initiate activity. I know that every little thing helps organizations like ADAO and I'd like to play my part. Furthermore, the benefit is usually far greater than any investment we can make. Join us as we continue to save lives.

VIDEOS: "Asbestos Conversations" with Johnson ASTM Conference Attendees

Vince Brennan interviews select speakers and attendees from the Johnson ASTM Conference 2011 (Copyright © 2011 Channel 17 & CCTV). 

National and International asbestos experts converged at the University of Vermont last week for the 2011 triennial Johnson ASTM Conference, sponsored by ASTM Committee D22 on Air Quality.

This year, a pre-conference field trip to Thetford Mines and Asbestos, Québec, was arranged and offered to attendees by Vince Brennan, UVM Physical Plant Safety Programs Manager, and Marie-Andreé Gervais, UVM Training & Compliance Office Supervisor.

In response to the conference and visit to Québec, Vince Brennan took the opportunity to sit down with select speakers and attendees to host a series of asbestos awareness discussions. These sessions, conducted by Channel 17/The Center for Media and Democracy (CCTV), are now available to view online <Click Here>
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Follow us on our new website and through  Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feed, blogging and more. ADAO's website includes a variety of resources such as videos in our online library, like "Asbestos Kills" and the Chrysotile Asbestos Fact Sheet, a result of collaboration between ADAO and the Environmental Information Association.