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Note from Jordan Zevon
Scotland: An Innovative and Original New Play, "The Translator's Dilemma"
ADAO PSA: ASBESTOS: One Word. One Week. One World.
Canada: A Walk to Remember Asbestos Victims
Eternit Trial Update by Silvana Mossano, La Stampa Journalist
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Linda DC 3  President's Message


 The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization is excited to see the huge expansion of our community this summer thanks to social media. Because of Facebook ADAO has had the honor of connecting and collaborating with asbestos education and prevention advocates in Canada and Scotland. We have had the pleasure of working with these new partners on documentaries, awareness walks, and a brand new play. These diverse and creative projects all seek the same goals: to raise awareness about the dangers of asbestos and prevent asbestos exposure. 


ADAO is proud to be a part of this culture of collaboration and to support these educational enterprises. Social media has increased our abilities to share our experiences and strengthen our global community. ADAO is excited for these upcoming events and for the connections we will forge through social media.   

Together, change is possible. Linda Reinstein 

Jordan ZevonNote from Jordan Zevon, ADAO National Spokesperson

It's been awhile and I wanted to share an update with my ADAO community. It's been a couple of years since my first album, and I'm beginning work on my second, titled "iMperFect." Unlike the first album which had a few years worth of collected material, I've had to start the songwriting process from scratch so it takes a little longer, but I'm very excited about the way it's going. If you're interested in joining me on the journey to completion, you can follow my blog at 


I'm really looking forward to sharing it with all of you. I'm also looking forward to seeing some near and dear old friends as well as the new ones I met at this years Asbestos Awareness Conference when we meet again at the 2012 Conference on March 30 -April 1, 2012.


Jordan Zevon, ADAO National Spokesperson

2011 ADAO AAC: Meet and Greet With Jordan Zevon and Jordan Summers
2011 ADAO AAC: Meet and Greet With Jordan Zevon and Jordan Summers

An Innovative and Original New Play, "The Translator's Dilemma," is Raising Asbestos Awareness


Guest blog by Ross Barber


Scandal Theatre is proud to be working alongside the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) to bring our asbestos-themed production, The Translator's Dilemma to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August.


"Ottavia, a lecturer in translation studies, is covering a class for a friend. When she opens the notes, however, she realises the content is closer to home than she could imagine. Can she give a lecture on asbestos without revealing her own deadly secrets?"

The Translator's Dilemma, written by Jessica Phillippi, has been designed to raise awareness of the dangers asbestos still poses in our modern society. Inspired by real life events in which thousands have died of asbestos-caused diseases, this fictional play explores the fallout of a killer mineral, and its effect on a young woman's life.


ADAO and Scandal Theatre joined forces via the form of social media networking and will be collaborating to bring this new work to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. As this transatlantic partnership continues to move forward, ADAO has played a huge role in raising awareness of the production within their tightly-knit network of asbestos victims' community.


The support that Scandal Theatre has received thus far has been overwhelming and is expected to grow throughout the run of The Translator's Dilemma.


Please join us at Princes Mall in Edinburgh, for a free performance performed in English and Italian - August 6-15 and 19-27. Further information can be found on my ADAO guest blog.


ADAO Facebook Page      The Translator's Dilemma Facebook Page 



ASBESTOS: One Word. One Week. One World.


2011 PSA Video: Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization
2011 PSA Video: Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization "Asbestos Kills"

 "A Walk to Remember the Victims of Asbestos" 

October 1st, Sarnia, Canada

Leah and Stacy's ADAO Guest Blog  


Special thanks to for allowing ADAO to share this video.





    Eternit Trial Update by Silvana Mossano, La Stampa Journalist  

      Note: For the ease of global sharing, click here for The La Stampa article in Italian   



"Sunday July the 17th, 2011 Alessandria edition of La Stampa by Silvana Mossano, Torino, Italy


Here come the French: five lawyers from the other side of the Alps will be closing the claimants' sessions tomorrow. So far they had been represented by Lawyer Sergio Bonetto , but they will be present in person in the final session to underscore the international nature if the Eternit trial against the foreign defendants Louis de Cartier e Stephan Schmidheiny - who stand accused of having caused one the largest environmental and human disasters.


As well as the French lawyers the last two Italian lawyers for the defendants will also speak. Following the 80 lawyers who spoke last Monday and Tuesday. As Lawyer, Prof Davide Petrini stated in his introduction, they will have the same role as the Italian lawyers, thus rebutting the defence lawyers' objects (who said they should be excluded from the trial because they made it more 'cumbersome').


Lawyer Bonetto will also be speaking (he will also be representing Afeva, the Association of the Relatives of Asbestos Victims) and Laura Mara who will be focusing on the dangers due to the concentration of asbestos fibres. The trial will then resume mid-September with the defence lawyers.


In the meantime the 'noise' the Eternit owners fear so much as they try to keep the matter 'local' is spreading internationally. Not only are the Italian articles translated and are surfing the Internet but art has also become a spokesperson for the disaster. At the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from the 6th to the 15th and from the 19th to the 27th of August the Translator's Dilemma will on stage. The play is by Jessica Philippi for the Scandal Theatre with the support of ADAO (Asbestos Desease Awareness Organisation) a US association fighting against killer asbestos. Linda Reinstein, a mesothelioma widow had flown to Casale from the US to stand by Afeva on the Global Asbestos day.


The play is the story of a translator who unveils an international scandal led by the executives of an asbestos multinational that has caused the death of thousands of people. A fictional story but as François Mauriac, the Nobel Prize Winner once said, "every invented tragedy mirrors a tragedy which was not invented". Like the tragically real one directed and starred by the asbestos lords for years.


For additional information about the Eternit trial visit:

Associazione Famigliari Vittime Amianto (AFEVA)

Asbestos in the Dock - The Eternit trial report, Torino, Italy

The International Ban Asbestos Secretariat (IBAS)

Associação Brasileira dos Expostos ao Amianto (ABREA)

Dr. Castleman: "The Criminal Trial of Stephan Schmidheiny in Turin, Italy"

ADAO Eternit blogs

GBAN Eternit blogs

"The Translator's Dilemma" blog by Ross Barber

2011 AAC
l to r. Linda Reinstein, Richard Lemen, Linda Murray and Arthur Frank

  Concerned? Baffled? Isolated?

Trustworthy Information is Available with One Click and One Conference

By Lisa Harty


The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization, a non-profit organization, was founded by people who have traveled the journey many of you find yourself on now. You or a loved one has just been diagnosed with an asbestos-caused disease and are searching for reliable information on the web and it's overwhelming.


You are not alone. With one click, you can access the ADAO site at and make your first stop the "Videos" section. Beginning with the ADAO Asbestos Awareness Conference Video Library, you will have the opportunity to hear from experts with the most current, reliable information related to asbestos disease. Hear Linda Reinstein, Co-Founder and President of ADAO, and others describe their personal experiences that may be a resource for you and your family. Take a look at the 2011 Asbestos Awareness Conference Asbestos: Impact on Public Health, Environment, and Economy" page before it is removed to see the amazing keynote speakers and presenters.


The ADAO commits to supporting you in advocacy, community, and education. We hope to meet you. Join us on the ADAO website, Facebook, and Twitter, and in person at our 8th annual International Asbestos Awareness Conference March 30-April 1, 2012.  Stay connected!




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Follow us on our new website and through  Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feed, blogging and more. ADAO's website includes a variety of resources such as videos in our online library, like "Asbestos Kills" and the Chrysotile Asbestos Fact Sheet, a result of collaboration between ADAO and the Environmental Information Association.