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Italy: "A World without Asbestos"
Jon Stewart's Daily Show: "Ored to Death"
International Workers Memorial Day
Zimbabwe: "No More Killings and Asbestos"
Remembering Aaron DeLuca
Asbestos Street Fighters
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Canada's Deadly Asbestos Exports
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President's Message

Italy Unity


These past weeks have certainly been a 

statement to the power of communication, collaboration, and action.  It is truly amazing to stand in the shadows of those both nationally and internationally whose decades of ban asbestos efforts are inspirational.   The benefit of technology certainly enhances our ability to connect and share effortlessly in seconds.  It was a joy to meet many Facebook 'friends' in person during the "A World without Asbestos" conference.  


Our May eNewsletter is a tribute to those in the United States and around the world who have participated in global ban asbestos efforts. ADAO is pleased to join in unity with numerous organizations, associations and unions to increase education and solidarity in our fight against asbestos.


Together, change is possible.  Linda Reinstein   

Casale Conference, Asbestos Victims Memorial Day, and U.N. Document

ADAO was honored to be a part of a global consortium of asbestos awareness advocates who spoke in Casale Monferrato, Italy on April 28th. Representatives of international delegations from Spain, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, India, México, Brazil, and the USA shared their personal insights. The Casale Monferrato region is in the midst of an ongoing "Eternit" criminal trial. Unfortunately, many workers and their loved ones were, and continue to be, affected by the deadly dust long past the plant's closing in 1986. The event culminated with a strong manifest, signed by 28 asbestos victims advocates, organizations, and associations, calling for a global ban and for an active policy for victims.


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"Ored to Death" By Herman Hamilton


The Daily ShowIn spite of the devastation, pain and heartache caused by asbestos-related disease such as mesothelioma, we really do need a moment now and then to have a good laugh when possible. For those of you who were able to view the John Stewart segment, "Ored to Death", you got just that! For those who haven't seen it yet, it is a "must see"! Watch Video    


It is hardly a secret that we at ADAO fought relentlessly to block the re-opening of the mine in Asbestos, Quebec. It can bring only one end result, even more illness and death.

Imagine that proponents of the mine actually claim the use of social media to promote their product. Seems like an oxymoron (or just plain moronic) to me.Bernard Coulombe, executive director of the Jeffrey mine is quoted as saying he is "disgusted" by the show. Imagine that? In spite of his disgust, the facts presented during the segment speak for themselves. I say, "Score one for the good-guys"! It's a tongue in cheek piece for sure but not at all short on facts and it manages to bring the absurdity of "safe Chrysotile"  home.


And by the way, a thanks to our Communications Director, Doug Larkin, for his contribution to the John Stewart segment.  

International Workers Memorial Day (April 28)

This was a globally recognized day of remembrance and action for workers killed, disabled, injured or made unwell by their work and promotes campaigns in the fight for improvements in workplace safety. We must not forget the slogan: Remember the dead - Fight for the living.


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"No More Killings and Asbestos" by Dr. Richard Clapp  

After reading and signing the letter to Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe being circulated by the  ADAO and others, I was reminded of an effort to boycott imported asbestos in 1974 ... Now, almost forty years later, the oppressive Zimbabwean government led by Robert Mugabe is proposing to resume mining this same dangerous product, in parallel with a similar effort in Canada. Kudos to the ADAO and the public health community for continuing to oppose these backward steps and pressing for a worldwide ban of asbestos.

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Remembering Aaron DeLuca


Aaron DeLuca

ADAO sends our deep condolences to Mr. DeLuca's family and firm. Mr. DeLuca was a beacon of hope to asbestos victims throughout the nation for education, advocacy, and justice. He was named by Law & Politics Magazine as a 2008 and 2009 Texas Rising Star and by H Magazine as one of Houston's 2009 "Professionals on the Fast Track". He focused his career and passionate advocacy on representing mesothelioma victims. Aaron DeLuca's recent passing was a tragic loss and he will be deeply missed by all.

"Crossing Paths" by Noel Colina


Asbestos Street FightersThe potential of street art is what the Asbestos Street Fighters Street Art competition would like to build upon in furtherance of our campaign for the total ban of Asbestos here in the Philippines and the rest of the world.

We intend to maximize the dynamism of street art to package the message that death via asbestos remains a threat lingering among the human population, while allowing the same message to seep into the habits of street artists, hoping that it becomes theirs too.  


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"Women and Mesothelioma" - Anita's Story  


We have been touched by asbestos in individual ways, yet we are joined together by a common bond of community. As a testament to the strength of our global family, ADAO is highlighting the courageous stories of our members through our "Share Your Story".


We are currently sharing the courageous story of Anita. Channel 7 news in Australia featured Anita's story in a segment discussing the increase of mesothelioma diagnoses in women. Watch the video HERE.  


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Update: Canada's Deadly Asbestos Exports by Kathleen Ruff 

Canadian Asbestos: One Killer Export

In spite of the political support of both the Quebec government and the Canadian government, the asbestos industry has still not succeeded in its plan to open up the Jeffrey underground mine in the town of Asbestos and revive Quebec's dying asbestos trade.


The Jeffrey open-pit mine (which for most of the past century was the Johns Manville mine) was the largest open-pit asbestos mine in the world, but is now closed, having exhausted its asbestos deposit. The only operating asbestos mine left in Canada is run by LAB Chrysotile Inc. at Thetford Mines, Quebec. It is under bankruptcy protection and it too is about to exhaust its asbestos deposit. It has already started laying off workers. Luckily, the town of Thetford Mines has successfully diversified its economy over the past decades and is seeking to attract workers to the area to fill the jobs available. The government should assist the last 300 asbestos miners, whose average age is over fifty years, with either a decent early retirement pension or with transition assistance into new employment. > read more... 

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Follow us on our new website and through  Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feed, blogging and more. ADAO's website includes a variety of resources such as videos in our online library, like "Asbestos Kills" and the Chrysotile Asbestos Fact Sheet, a result of collaboration between ADAO and the Environmental Information Association.