New Products!!
Look for all sorts of new, fun things in the coming weeks!
We have searched high and low for items for your (and our) family that are
safe, non-toxic, fun, simple, and yet affordable!

Wooden Highchair

A sturdy, wooden highchair! Affordable, long-lasting, easy to clean, durable, and brings baby right up to your table to interact!

We love its simplicity! It's super easy to wipe clean.
It will slide under most dining room tables, so your child can be at the table with you!

$54.95 - $59.95
Made by a small family business in Vietnam.

New Diaper Rash Creams
We have always loved Bohdi's Balm (Made by Kathleen Parker in Lansing, MI and also the least expensive option) and California Baby Diaper Rash Cream! Now, we have added three more of our favorites!

Burt's Bees Diaper Ointment 100% Natural, affordable, and most effective for serious diaper rashes. Put on generously at night and the next morning the rash should be much better if not gone!
Weleda Calendula Diaper Care Made in Germany and gentle!
GroVia Magic Stick Truly all natural, safe formula that goes on easily! (Think of a deodorant stick... it goes on smooth and keeps hands clean.)

How to choose a diaper rash cream: Bohdi's Balm and GroVia Magic stick are great at preventing diaper rash (perfect for daily and nightly use), but won't be enough of a moisture barrier to clear up a serious diaper rash. However, they are wonderful for daily use. Bohdi's Balm is the least expensive option and also handmade by a WAHM in Michigan. GroVia goes on easily (think deodorant stick... goes on smoothly and keeps your hands clean)!

We recommend California Baby and Weleda's creams for moderate diaper rashes, and Burt's Bees Diaper Ointment for severe diaper rashes. The very thick zinc oxide is a great moisture barrier that doesn't rub off as easily. Also, lots of diaper-free time will help clear up the rash more quickly!

Is your detergent causing diaper rash?
There are many reasons for diaper rash (teething, diet change, allergies, etc.), but when using cloth diapers, detergent can cause diaper rash. Detergent can be difficult to completely rinse from your cloth diapers, and small amounts left in the fibers can irritate baby's skin. First make sure there are no suds in the final rinse cycle... if you see suds, then you need to reduce the amount of detergent being used or do an extra rinse (rinsing with white distilled vinegar is also helpful. The vinegar helps remove all detergent from the fibers.) If the diaper rash is due to the specific detergent, we recommend stripping your cloth diapers with RLR and then switching detergents. Our favorite gentle detergent for babies with sensitive skin is Allen's Naturally.

I have a favorite diaper rash cream that isn't listed. Can I use it?
Great question! Many conventional diaper rash creams are petroleum based, which can leave a tar-like residue on cloth diapers when washed. Basically, your cloth diapers will start repelling and leaking. So, definitely don't use a petroleum-based diaper rash cream with cloth diapers. However, you may have another non-petroleum based favorite... we recommend doing two things: 1) Try a small amount of your diaper rash cream on the corner of one of your cloth diapers. Wash, dry, and repeat. Is there a visible residue? Does that area repel liquids? If not, then you should be able to use the cream with your diapers. 2) Use any diaper rash cream, but just use a flushable liner to keep the cream off of the diapers! Imse Vimse flushable liners are slightly thicker and can be washed and reused (making them the most economical). Bummis Bio-Soft Liners are super soft and also better for septic systems. GroVia BioLiners are new and made from plant-based materials.

More information about diaper rash... We recommend Dr. Sears' site for more information about finding the source of and minimizing your baby's diaper rash:

And while all of the diaper rash creams we recommend are safe to use with cloth diapers, we recommend testing a small amount on the corner of one of your cloth diapers (wash as normal) before using any diaper rash cream regularly. The hardness/softness of your water supply, detergent and/or wash routine can effect whether or not a diaper cream/ointment will leave a residue on your cloth diapers.

GroViaGroVia One-Size Restocked!
If you haven't had a chance to try GroVia Diapers, we whole-heartedly recommend them! The newly designed diapers (previously known as Gro Baby) have undergone several improvements:
- Fold-back tabs can now be secured
- The snap-in soaker is now waterproof in back
- The snap-in soakers have gentle gussets

To see all GroVia products, click here!
(Including some new cool wetbag prints,
diaper pail liners, and more!)

Fuzzi Bunz diaperExergen Termporal Artery Thermometer
We finally found a fabulous thermometer
made in the USA!

Just scan the thermometer across your baby's forehead! The thermometer measures the temperature of the temporal artery.

Wow! Talk about easy!

More thermometers arriving soon!

Upcoming Classes and Groups

We just wanted to let you know about a few of the many excellent classes and groups that are gathering this month at the Community Room!  Whether you are a brand new mom looking to connect with other moms about this great transition in your life or you have an active toddler, ready to explore movement, color and art, we hope there is something on the schedule that speaks to you!  You'll find a few highlights below, but you can find the full schedule HERE, or come on by the store and pick up a June calendar!

You can sign up for all classes by calling us at 607-272-1237, emailing us at or coming by the store and signing up at the register
You can to reserve your spot by pre-paying (cash or check) at the store anytime!
You can also contact the instructors (contact info below) to register.


connect with your child through movement and touch

There is one six-week series for babies and one for toddlers
both starting THIS Wednesday, June 16th!

The Baby Movement Class meets from 9:00 to 9:30 am
The Toddler Movement Class meets from 9:45 - 10:15 am

$60/six-week session; $15/walk-in

contact the instructor at
Many of you know fabulous Garbi, mother of a two month old and two year old!
She holds a BA in Dance from Emerson College in Boston,
has extensive dance and movement experience, including 12 years of formal ballet, modern and various other forms of dance training.  In addition, she has taught ballet and movement classes to young children both at The Dance Academy of Baltimore's Summer Program and at Grace Methodist Preschool.  After moving to Ithaca in 2005, she taught at Coddington Road Community Center and since then has been a nanny to several children from infancy through toddlerhood.


for young children and the ones who care for them

Designed and led by a Montessori and Waldorf-trained mom of a brightly-spirited toddler, Lisa Silverman Hoffberg, these Small Hand Supplies workshops will offer developmentally-appropriate activities and tools to encourage a child's natural creativity and desire to explore!

The 5-week Color Discover Series for Toddlers (ages 18 months-3 years, and their caregivers!) meets on Thursdays beginning July 1, from 10:00 to 11:00 am
Sign up by June 24!  $75/series; $18/session

The 4-week Literature and Arts Series for Children (ages 4 - 6)
meets on Wednesdays beginning June 30, from 3:30 to 4:45 pm
Sign up by June 23!  $75/series; $18/session

Contact Lisa at or at 607-342-1642

Depending on the theme, sessions will include a book read aloud, a movement activity, singing, rhymes, observation and discussion, a demonstration, and/or "treasure hunts." Children will then learn about and explore the session's color using multiple media and tools, including crayons, markers, paint, collage, and sculpture.

In line with the small hands supply mission of ongoing enrichment for children and their caregivers, each session will include a personal bag of materials to-go... it will include materials for the child to continue her/his discovery at home, tips for parents and caregivers, and ideas for fostering further creativity at home.



EVERY Saturday, 10:00 to 11:00 am beginning June 26

Are you having trouble establishing breastfeeding?  Do you have a breastfeeding question you haven't found an answer to?  RUN, don't walk, to this breastfeeding clinic and ask one of the trained and experienced women who will be there to answer any question, support any need.
 Baby weigh scales will also be available.

The clinic will always be staffed by 1 - 2 women.  They include the three International Board Certified Lactation Consultants that make up Common Sense Breastfeeding,
 Shanna Jesch, Lisa Machlin and Diane Wiessinger
La Leche League Leader, Doula, and BirthWays director Jeanette McCulloch.

These women have helped countless moms in their breastfeeding journeys - whether it has been to help moms get started or support them as they navigate the changing breastfeeding relationship over time.  Do not miss the opportunity to get their support - and it is absolutely free!


EVERY Wednesday from 12:30 to 1:30 pm, FREE!

If you're just looking to discuss the triumphs and exasperations of nursing in general, we have the Milk Hour, every Wednesday from 12:30 to 1:30 pm (except the first Wednesday of every month, as we encourage you to join La Leche League for their weekly meeting on that day!).  This group is meant to offer a gathering place for moms to discuss and share information
and support one another along their breastfeeding journeys. 
Led by Jillian's Drawers employee and Claire's mom, Noelia.


Mindful Discipline: Minimizing "NO" (6-24 months)
THIS Wednesday, June 16, 10:30-12:00 pm, FREE!

Using methods of attunement and an understanding of child development, you can cut down the use of the word "NO" by fifty percent! Instead, you can help your little one understand the world better and encourage development at the same time.

Nancy's classes are always warm, friendly, and lively! Join a great group of moms and dads as we learn about parenting together!

Instructor: Nancy Koschmann



EVERY Tuesday, 10-11:30 am, FREE!

This growing group has really been a lot of fun!
Come share the joys and challenges of life as a new mom!  Bring any questions,
concerns or issues that you may be facing or come ready to share your stories of
triumph and enlightenment to encourage and uplift those that are needing it! 

This is also a great time to come browse our lending library for inspiration and guidance!  
Bring your baby - of course!   Led by Jillian's Drawers employee and Claire's mom, Noelia.



The last class is THIS Friday, June 18 from 3:30-4:15 (for 3-6 year olds) and 4:30-5:15 (for 6-9 year olds).  Just drop-in, or contact us to sign up! 
info@jilliansdrawers.comor 607.272.1237

$12 for drop-ins


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up-to-the-moment news and updates!

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