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The ICA Institute is a non-profit research institute working to foster research and dissemination of knowledge on the rise of China and India and their impact on global markets, global resources and geopolitics of the world. The ICA Institute's mission is to generate new perspectives on the role of market and resource driven economic development. ICA Institute fosters interaction and dialogue between academic scholars, industry leaders and policy makers on the impact of emerging economies in general and China and India in particular. Specifically, The ICA Institute is positioned to be a catalyst between faculty and students in International Business and industry leaders and managers.


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Quotes of the Issue
Quote of the Issue
(JS Online | May 17)
"China, India and other places are certainly adopting a set of strategies that are geared toward making them successful in manufacturing. But I would argue strongly against our adopting their approach."
-Ron Bloom, President Obama's senior counselor for manufacturing policy

Quote of the Issue
(Forbes | May 18)
"Step back for a moment and take that in. India was once larded down by decades of Nehru socialism. China's economy was crushed by Mao's madman schemes, but now a major American CEO says that these countries offer a friendlier environment for manufacturers than the United States."
-David Farr, CEO of Emerson Electric

U.S. and China open talks to help steady economic ties
(Reuters | Mar 23)
The United States and China open a high-level meeting on Monday intended to steady their vast and sometimes tense economic relationship, but North Korea threatened to emerge as a point of diplomatic contention.

India-US set agenda for talks
(One India | May 15)
India and United States on Monday May 25 firmed up on issues, including bilateral and regional issues, for the first Strategic Dialogue to be held in Washington on June 3. In a statement issued by Ministry of External Affairs it said, "Intensified India-U.S. co-operation in the five focus areas of strategic cooperation, energy and climate change, education and development, economic trade and agriculture constituted their main agenda,".

Tech Giants Investigating Foxconn's Steps to Deal With Suicides
(WSJ | Mar 26)
Apple Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co. and other electronics companies said they are examining the response by major supplier Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. to a wave of employee suicides that has drawn unprecedented scrutiny to the Asian manufacturing giant and highlighted the changing nature of China's manufacturing work force.

Fear Returns
(The Economist | May 27)
Now, thanks to incompetence and impotence, governments may become the problem that will drag the world economy down. (However) Fears about the fragility of the global recovery are exaggerated. Led by big emerging economies, the world's output is probably growing at an annual rate of more than 5%, far swifter than most seers expected.

Capital Markets
China's first index futures contract ends smoothly
(Xinhua | Mar 22)
The May contract of China's stock index futures has been delivered smoothly, marking the end of first month of futures trading in China. Investors worried that the expiration day would cause sharper volatility on the spot market due to more active trading of index futures as investors rushed to close positions for May and changed to the June contract on that day.

Environment | Climate Change
China, India Lead the Developing World in Green Building
(Solve Climate | May 24)
What's different about the movement toward green building in China and India, however, is that local government-developed certification programs have been launched in tandem with the adoption of international standards. These global programs include the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system and the UK's BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM).

China at Risk of Driving Away Innovation, Locke Says
(Bloomberg | May 17)
China risks driving away innovative companies if its investment environment is perceived to be hostile, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said today. "America continues to have concerns about the business climate in China," Locke said during a speech in Hong Kong, where he addressed the city's American Chamber of Commerce.

Innovation is key to revival of industry
(JS Online | May 17)
As for emulating the gains that China and India have made during the past decade, Bloom said: "China, India and other places are certainly adopting a set of strategies that are geared toward making them successful in manufacturing. But I would argue strongly against our adopting their approach."

Education & Work Force Development
USC Is Top US University for International Students
(Voice of America | May 24)
The number of international students in the United States is at record levels. Last year, more than 670,000 foreign students attended an American college or university. The University of Southern California had the largest number for the eighth year in a row. Our correspondent paid a visit to the campus to learn why the students are coming and how they adapt.

Infrastructure | Real Estate
In China, Property Tax Or No Property Tax?
(Forbes | May 24)
The China Times reported that on Sunday Huang Hanquan, assistant director of the industrial institute of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the nation's top economic policymaking agency (and former State Planning Commission), said "Taxes on holding of residential properties is impossible at least for another three years." The paper also reported that Kong Jingyuan, director of the Department of Economic System Reform at the NDRC said that China "will not unveil tougher new rules aimed at further reining in China's property market in the near future."

China is Changing the World
(Before It's News | May 25)
"The world has changed and we in the United States have not accepted the fact...The United States is still the number one power in the world, both economically and politically, but its relative position has changed. And we continue to see that in our relationship with China (and India and Brazil and Russia)."

ICA Institute and NEU Center for Emerging MarketsAn Asian Entente: India, Iran, Israel
(The Huffington Post | May 17)
Of George W. Bush's infamous axis of evil, Iraq simmers, North Korea waxes and wanes, only Iran remains firmly in Obama's crosshairs. Two of his closest allies, Israel and India, are now on the outs with Obama.

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