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The ICA Institute is a non-profit research institute working to foster research and dissemination of knowledge on the rise of China and India and their impact on global markets, global resources and geopolitics of the world. The ICA Institute's mission is to generate new perspectives on the role of market and resource driven economic development. ICA Institute fosters interaction and dialogue between academic scholars, industry leaders and policy makers on the impact of emerging economies in general and China and India in particular. Specifically, The ICA Institute is positioned to be a catalyst between faculty and students in International Business and industry leaders and managers.


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Events | Announcements
Innovation in Executive Education for Emerging Markets
(ICA Institute | Aug 27, 2009)
Innovation in Executive Education for Emerging Markets is a two-day dialog intended to reveal the implications of trends related to the impact of emerging markets on executive education. Perspectives sought include technology, recruitment, public relations, and branding. Attendance at this summit is by invitation.
U.S. Franchises Find Opportunity to Grow Abroad
(WSJ | Aug 12)
As a sluggish economy continues to hobble business in the U.S., some franchise companies are still finding willing investors and growth opportunities overseas...hot markets for franchises include India and China, where new middle-class customers are emerging...

big logoIndia not to reopen key WWII road
(BBC News | Aug 12)
India has abandoned plans to reopen a World War Two road that could connect its remote north-eastern states to China's Yunnan province through Burma. "This road will be capable of handling between 15% and 20% of the Sino-Indian bilateral trade," says Nazeeb Arif, a former secretary-general of the Indian Chamber of Commerce who hails from Assam.

Politics | Economy
China makes big moves in Latin America
(Miami Herald | Aug 10)
China has moved aggressively to fill a vacuum left by the United States in recent years, as the U.S. focused on wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and struggled with the global economic crisis. It has supplanted the United States to become the biggest trading partner with Brazil, South America's largest economy.

big logoMSCI Emerging Markets Index: Eastern Europe Ain't China or India
(istockanalyst | Aug 10)
Year 2009 has been a good one for investors in emerging markets. Since bottoming on November 20, 2008, the MSCI Barra Emerging Market Index is up 84%. Equity prices in Brazil, Russia, India, and China or the BRIC nations are up a higher 93%.

big logoLatin America's new alliances: Whose side is Brazil on?
(The Economist | Aug 13)
When Goldman Sachs bracketed it with China, India and Russia as the BRIC economies and said they would dominate the world by 2050, there was much sniffing that Brazil did not belong in such muscular company. Certainly the BRIC tag has done Brazil a marketing favour.

China's industrial output rises, prices fall
(AF | Aug 11)
China's industrial output, trade and retail sales improved in July, data showed Tuesday, in positive signs for Beijing's multibillion-dollar effort to restore stable growth in the world's third-largest economy.

Rio Tinto's China arrests spook Western firms
(The Australian | Aug 15)
The arrest of the four Rio Tinto executives in China on allegations of bribery and industrial espionage has heightened fears among foreign companies operating in the country.The four executives, who were leading Rio's negotiation of multi-billion-dollar iron ore contracts with China, were accused of bribing officials at state-owned steel mills to gain market information, which would allegedly put China at a disadvantage in the iron ore pricing negotiations.
Money & Capital Markets
HSBC seeks mainland listing to raise US$7.3b
(Shanghai Daily | Aug 5)
HSBC Holdings could raise 50 billion yuan (US$7.3 billion) in a Shanghai listing next year as it vies to be one of the first foreign firms to list on China's mainland... HSBC said it has not decided the size of the offering while the timing is subject to regulatory approval. HSBC, the world's biggest bank outside China by market value with a market capitalization of more than US$184 billion, says it sees the Shanghai flotation as a way to accelerate its growth there at a time when international rivals have retreated.
Environment | Climate Change
big logoEastern Himalayas reveals abundance of new species
(CNN | Aug 11)
Over 350 new species including the world's smallest deer, a "flying frog" and a 100 million-year old gecko have been discovered in the Eastern Himalayas, a biological treasure trove now threatened by climate change.
China is still BHP's best customer
(The Australian | Aug 14)
Dashing speculation that China was favouring Brazilian ore over Australia, port data shows 11.1 million tonnes of iron ore, or 80 per cent of Port Hedland exports, were shipped to China in July, up from 9.4 million tonnes in June.
InfoComm | Technology
Infosys Looks to China Outsourcing Market for Growth
(PC World | Aug 13)
China has mainly served as an added base from which Infosys can serve global customers, but the company is now looking to China's domestic market for continued growth. India remains the clear global leader in outsourcing, but more companies are choosing to outsource to China even as Chinese companies themselves demand more IT services.

Lenovo bets on China: Where the heart is
(The Economist | Aug 13)
Sluggish demand in America and Europe has hit Lenovo hard. Its sales in those markets fell by 17% in the most recent quarter compared with the same period last year. By contrast, Lenovo powered ahead in its home market. It shipped 15% more PCs than it did a year ago in mainland China, which accounted for 48% of its sales.
China and the WTO: Let me entertain you
(The Economist | Aug 13)
A common view among foreign executives in the news and entertainment fields is that China's complex and maddening regulatory restrictions on the import of their products have served a double purpose: both controlling objectionable content, and protecting local industries.
Education | Work Force
big logoWe Must Fully Fund Students
(Forbes | Aug 10)
...research estimates that the U.S. will need 12 million more people with some postsecondary education over the next 20 years to perform increasingly complex and technical jobs. This is a message that has been heard by leaders in India and China, the two nations best poised to challenge America's global economic leadership. In July, the Indian government announced an unprecedented 40% increase in national higher education funding for the 2009-2010 academic year.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Beijing residents protest compensation ultimatum from CCTV
(Xinhua | Aug 11)
About 30 residents took to the streets in eastern Beijing Tuesday to demand higher compensation for the compulsory purchase of their homes by China's leading state broadcaster.
big logoDon't repeat our mistakes as you develop: Clinton to India
(Rediff | Aug 11)
Although India and China have every right to choose their own path of development, they should not follow the American model in their endeavour to improve the condition of their citizens, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said.

Fertilizer Imports by India May Decline, Aiding China
(Bloomberg | Aug 11)
India's weakest monsoon rains in five years may lower imports of fertilizer, a minister said, pressuring prices as China, the world's biggest potash market, negotiates contracts for soil nutrients.

big logoAfrica: Emerging Economies Hold Promise for Continent
(AllAfrica.com | Aug 10)
...while China dominates in terms of sheer numbers, trade and investment with other emerging markets, such as Brazil, India and Malaysia, has also been rising sharply in recent years.

big logoAsia: An astonishing rebound
(The Economist | Aug 13)
"...And surely the whole of Asia cannot be engaged in a statistical fraud...The four emerging Asian economies which have reported GDP figures for the second quarter (China, Indonesia, South Korea and Singapore) grew by an average annualised rate of more than 10%... India was hit less hard by the global recession than many of its neighbours...rising by a seasonally adjusted rate of 14% in the second quarter..."
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