Around the World in Asian Days: Implications for the West
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As the economies of China and India become larger players on the global stage, what are the policy implications for the West? Both countries continue to increase military spending and both countries have active space exploration programs as well as nuclear weapons. How will this alter the geopolitical balance?

As workforces and companies in both countries become more competent and more specialized, what are are the implications of certain skills disappearing from the West altogether. Could the West become hostage to China and India?

Flows of capital and currency are changing. As China holds more and more Western bonds and as companies from India and China start to acquire assets in the West, is it even relevant to measure these countries by the growth of Foreign Direct Investment from the West?  How will the rise of companies and entrepreneurs from China and India alter the way that we look at the world?

The presenter, Gunjan Bagla, teaches an executive seminar at Caltech’s International Business program and is the author of Doing Business in 21st Century India: How to Profit Today from Tomorrow’s Most Exciting Market. (The book follows Ted Plafker’s Doing Business In China).  Bagla lives in California and travels to India and China on business frequently on behalf of his clients.

This Webinar is brought to you by the India, China & America Institute, a non-profit research institute working to foster research and dissemination of knowledge on the rise of China and India and their impact on global markets, global resources and geopolitics of the world. The ICA Institute's mission is to generate new perspectives on the role of market and resource driven economic development. ICA Institute fosters interaction and dialogue between academic scholars, industry leaders and policy makers on the impact of emerging economies in general and China and India in particular.

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Title:   Around the World in Asian Days: Implications for the West
Date: Monday, September 22, 2008
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT
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