Holiday gift ideas
December 2009

To help hone your holiday shopping list, to spur you to get started, or tempt you into our store, here's a smattering of goodies from the 100,000+ that await you at Green Apple.  We've selected a wide array of books and other items to show off the range of titles, merchandise, and prices that we offer. 

We've even arranged these items by price from $1 to $1250, so all you big spenders can just skip right to the end.

And we're physically here, too, to help find the right gifts for all your loved ones.  Because a tie never changed anyone's life, right?

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Oh, and don't forget that all of our new CDs are 20-50% off--even new releases--and most of our new DVDs are 25-50% off.
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Why a book?
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Finger Monsters
finger monsters2

Great for stocking stuffers or companionship, we sell these by the bucketload.  Get them before the wackiest ones are gone.

$1 each
Green Apple Gift Cards in any amount
Gift card Green Apple gift cards make a swell gift.  Unlike those of major retailers, our gift cards do not lose value over time ("inactivity fees") and never expire.
Available in any amount online or in-store.

$5 to $200
The Implacable Order of Things
Winner of the Jose Saramago Literary Award, the characters in this lovely novel are carefully crafted souls searching for love, life, and a way to come to terms with the misery of life and death. 

Like all our remainders, this sells for less than even a nice used copy would cost you.  Hardcover.  Was $22.95

Monster Balloon

This balloon can be blown up to at LEAST 3 feet wide, and can probably get bigger if you've got superb lung power.

Scary Tales: Little Red vs. Pinocchio
scary talesWe have lots of board games, and this one is our current favorite.  She's a scorned girl on a mission to prove that you may be able to fool her once, but you can't fool her twice! He's a fibbing, scheming puppet that won't let you pull his strings. And they both want to rule over the land. Battle your opponents by rolling the dice in an attempt to take their relics for your own. Strength, wisdom, magic and luck all come into play in this game. 2 players, 13 & up.

I Love Macarons
This is our surprising fall bestseller in the cooking section: I Love Macarons by Japanese pastry chef Hisako Ogita. My co-worker Aeri swears by the simple step-by-step instructions with clearly written text and plenty of pictures. What better gift to whip up for friends this season than a few of these cute and buttery gems?

Norah Jones's new album The Fall
fallAll of our new CDs are on sale for 20% off the list price, including hot new releases like this one. 

And many are 50% off.

Was $18.97
Now $15.18
Synthetic Owl Puke
owl pukeNot a typo.  One of my fondest memories of grade school is dissecting owl pellets, which were filled with skeletons of whatever the owl had eaten. Now you, too, can dissect your very own owl vomit. The best part of the synthetic puke is that they guarantee there will be a life-sized skeleton in each pellet.  That's right--no boneless puke!  Who loves you?                 $15.95
Revive, a Nikki McClure calendar
Revive Calendar
Among the roughly 700 various calendars we still have in stock (including wall calendars, engagements, Moleskins, and even a fine selection of oversized European art calendars), this is one of the nicest.  With cut  black paper on a solid background, McClure's art evokes craft and simplicity.

Spade & Archer
Spade & Archer
Joe Gores' prequel to The Maltese Falcon came out back in February, but if the mystery lover in your life hasn't already picked up a copy, this will be a big hit.  Gores perfectly captures Hammett's voice and evokes San Francisco in the twenties with great atmosphere.

DVD box sets
DVD setsWe're pruning our new DVD section, and these three boxed sets are just a few of the many bargains you'll find at 25% to 50% off.  We only have single copies of these, so first-come, first-served.  But there are plenty of other good items available if you miss out on one of these beauties.               $24.99 and up
Carver: Collected Stories

carverThis essential tome gathers all of Carver's stories, including early sketches and posthumously discovered works.  It also allows the reader to be the judge in the Lish vs. Carver debate by presenting Beginners, Carver's original edition of the manuscript of What We Talk About When We Talk About Love before Lish undertook his notorious editing of the manuscript.

A New Literary History of America
Literary HistoryA New Literary History of America is Harvard University Press's new anthology of what America "is."  Marcus and Sollors have created a new American history book, a history of the minds and voices of the American people through more than two hundred essays. There is so much to this collection of essays, with over 1,045 pages, beginning with an essay about 1507 when "America" first appears on a map through November 4, 2008, when Barack Obama is elected president. This important collection will be cherished by generations to come.          $49.95
The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles
bikesThis lush book charts the development of these beautiful machines from the early 1900s through the present day, with famous makers like René Herse, Alex Singer, Jo Routens and others, detailing the countless hours spent on each bicycle in search of perfection. The 50 classic bicycles in this book display craftsmanship, elegance and function. Additional historic photos show the bikes in competition and with their original owners.


Signed, limited Crumb Book of Genesis
A limited edition (250 copies) of Crumb's rendering of the first book of the bible, slipcased, signed and numbered by Crumb.  Also includes a signed 9-color serigraph print.  Only one of these beauties in stock.


P.S. We expect to be receiving 100 more copies of the regular $24.95 edition Monday or Tuesday next week.  Just call us if you want us to set one aside for you and notify you when they arrive.
Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon: the greatest movie never made

Tucked inside of a carved-out book are all the elements from Stanley Kubrick's archives that readers need to imagine what his never-made film about the emperor might have been like, including a facsimile of the script. 2874 pages in all, with 10 smaller books inserted.  Limited to 1,000 numbered copies.

Henry Miller's Into the Night Life

Henry Miller
This is # 366 of a stated (but actually far less) run of 800, SIGNED BY MILLER AND SCHATZ.
The book is entirely a serigraph or silk screen creation. Conceived at Big Sur, sixteen months were required to bring it forth. With exception of the text, which is originally from Henry Miller's Black Spring and which was written in his own hand, this book is the creation of Bezalel Schatz, a Palestinian artist. Valiant assistance in the printing of the book was rendered by Alfred Stoddard and others.  Each copy is case-bound by Eda Kairn of Berkely, CA.  $1,250

Thanks for reading!  Remember, we're here to help you find the perfect gift like no computer can!
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