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Hello from (mostly) sunny Clement Street. 

I'm excited because I got to pick the Book of the Month myself this month.  Instead of quoting a co-worker, I can gush about K Blows Top directly to you.  Should you trust me, and why shouldn't you given our 100% money-back guarantee, you're in for a some good laughs and a history lesson all at once.
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Our crack video crew returns with our newest (and best-yet?) video "ad" for the Book of the Month, too.  See it here and enjoy a chuckle or two.

In today's newsletter below, we also present some
new book releases we're excited about (all with free shipping); a solid handful of June author events; a "Why I Read" essay written just for you by Peter Carlson; and news of our new DVD blow-out sale, which starts tomorrow, June 5. 

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blog thrives.  Check it out, or follow us (very occasionally) on Twitter.

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"Lord! when you sell a man a book you don't sell just twelve ounces of paper and ink and glue - you sell him a whole new life.  Love and friendship and humour and ships at sea by night - there's all heaven and earth in a book, a real book."  ~Christopher Morley   June 2009
June's Book of the Month

Almost every month, we present a Book of the Month, a brand-new book that we're so crazy about, we zealously guarantee it 100%. 

k blows top

Our Book of the Month is usually a novel, as most readers seem only interested in certain topics.  This month's non-fiction Book of the Month transcends normal boundaries, though.

Try K Blows Top by Peter Carlson and thank us later.

Before we tempt you with our blurb, why not warm up with this fun, short video?

K Blows Top ad

Here's my pitch:

"I am not usually a reader of history, but the promise of humor in this book caught my eye, and Carlson delivered in spades.  Night after night I told my wife, 'listen to this!'

"At the height of the Cold War, Soviet Premier Khrushchev was invited on a two-week tour of the US by an ambassador who misunderstood instructions from President Eisenhower.  The resulting trip was a frenzy of fear, absurdity, grandstanding, vodka, and comedy.

"Watch Nixon debate Khrushchev in a demo kitchen at a World's Fair in Moscow (they were lured therein by a young PR man named William Safire!).  See Hollywood turn out greet the Premier.  Watch "K" try to sneak off to Disneyland.  Witness Khrushchev falling in love with San Francisco (while starting a riot in a grocery store).  Watch the press turn from observers into part of the story.  See the infamous shoe-banging rant at the UN. 

"As fun to read as a page-turning novel, this slice of American history is served up with energy, insight, and humor.  Highly recommended even to those who don't usually read history (or non-fiction at all, for that matter)."  --Pete

Click here to buy a copy (with free shipping!) or stop by the store soon.

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DVD Blow-Out Sale

litquakeWe're pruning our new DVD section a bit (to make room for other things you want, like more used DVDs).  Help us help you!

All new DVDs are at least 10% off, and many are 25%  or 50% off.  Box sets included.

Sale starts Friday, June 5.  We don't know when it'll end, but shop early for the best selection.
Author Events: Rushkoff, Kasper Hauser, Meredith Norton, and Lewis Black

Green Apple is producing or selling books at four diverse author events in June.  As brevity is the soul of wit, here's a quick summary of each with links to more info.  Please join us in keeping the written word LIVE.

Life Inc

June 10: Financial Crisis Seminar with Douglas Rushkoff, Ernsto Dal Bo, and Donald Goldmacher. 6:30 pm at Mechanics Institute Library.  Produced by ANWF.  Info HERE.  RSVP.

weddings of the times

June 16: Kasper Hauser's Weddings of the Times and Obama's Blackberry Book Release Show.  Hilarious stuff, as usual.  Special guest Beth Lisick, too.  8 pm at Cobb's Comedy Club.  Info/tickets HERE.

LopsidedJune 18: Meredith Norton, author of Lopsided, a memoir of breast cancer that is funny, irreverent and moving, without self-pity or dramatics.  7 pm here at Green Apple. Info HERE.  FREE!

me of little faithJune 28: Lewis Black--a fun Litquake fundraiser at the Herbst Theater.  8 pm.  Info/tickets HERE.

Info about all of Green Apple's events are always here.

New Books We're Excited About;
with free shipping

Home GameHere's a brief list of interesting new releases culled from our display tables.

Notable this month:
Strange Telescopes
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Moon RabbitAnd two new gems for Kids:
"Why I Read" by Peter Carlson

Peter Carlson is the author of Green Apple's June 2009 Book of the Month: K Blows Top.  He was also a writer, for many years, for the Washington Post

We thank him for adding to our collection of "Why I Read" essays written just for Green Apple's newsletter.  Just try to read his essay and N
peter CarlsonOT buy his book.  Here it is:

       I read to be entertained and enlighten
ed, amazed and amused.
       I read to hear great stories and enc
ounter fascinating minds. I read to fall asleep and I read to wake up. I read to learn how the world works, how the other half lives, how we got in this mess and how we can get out.  I read to find out what happened yesterday, and also to find out what happened in the Big Bang and the Black Plague and the Black Sox scandal. I read because reading transports me through time and space and I don't even have to get out of my chair, except to pour more coffee. 
      When I was in kindergarten, I fell in love with the delightful rhythm and music and wordplay of Dr. Seuss and ever since then I've been reading in the hopes of finding a book that made me feel as ecstatic as the good Dr. did. Seuss led me to the zany comic verse of my next literary hero, Ogden Nash.  My search for Nash poems led me to anthologies of American humor, where I discovered Mark Twain and William Saroyan, and I haven't been the same since.
        I love how one book leads to another and another and another in a never-ending chain of discovery. I read to satisfy my curiosity, but my curiosity is insatiable, so I keep on reading.
        I read everything--newspapers, magazines, novels, poems, biographies, history, e-mail, junk mail, and the backs of cereal boxes, although the quality of cereal box literature ain't what it used to be. I also read the wisdom inside fortune cookies, always adding the customary implied ending "in bed," which inevitably improves the message. I also enjoy reading FBI files, in which words, lines, sometimes entire pages are blacked out by G-man censors--a heavy-handed, backhanded tribute to the power of words.
        I love the moment when something an author wrote in another time and place makes me burst out laughing. And I treasure the moments when I've watched people riding the Metro in Washington read my newspaper stories and laugh out loud. That's a better award than a Pulitzer Prize, although less lucrative.
       Of course, it was my love of reading that led me to start writing in the first place. And attempting to write inevitably gives you a deeper appreciation for what you read. But there is a downside, as any honest writer will admit: You read something that's really good and you think, Damn, I wish I'd written that. 
      I've just published a new book--K Blows Top--a non-fiction comedy about Nikita Khrushchev's bizarre adventures in America. I'll be thrilled if readers think, "Damn, I wish I'd written that." The only thing better would be hearing them laugh out loud.
--Peter Carlson

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