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Improving the Efficiency, Capacity & Reliability
of the Electrical Transmission Grid

AEP orders 1,665 miles of ACCC Conductor for South Texas project

AEP Contract Represents Largest ACCC Conductor Deployment in the U.S.

American Electric Power (AEP) has signed a purchase agreement for the delivery of over 1,665 miles (~2,700 km) of ACCC conductor to be used in the South Texas, 345 kV "Valley" reconductoring project. The line will remain energized during the reconductoring process.


The project, approved by the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), includes the replacement of two existing double-bundle 345 kV circuits as well as an upgrade of substation facilities at a total cost of $225 million.


AEP selected CTC Global's ACCC conductor to increase line capacity without impacting clearances or requiring extensive tower modifications or replacement.


Jason Huang, CEO of CTC Global, commented, "After working closely with AEP for many years, we are excited to see the large scale adoption of our ACCC conductor for such an important project. We are grateful to AEP's staff members who have worked hard over the years to evaluate the ACCC conductor's numerous attributes and put them to work."


Production of ACCC conductor for the first phase has already begun. ACCC deliveries will begin in the third quarter of 2012 and continue into 2014.

Torrent Power Energizes 1st ACCC Transmission Line in India


ACCC Selected to Increase Capacity, Efficiency & Reliability in India. India Becomes the 22nd Country to Use High Capacity, High Efficiency ACCC Conductor


Just two weeks after India experienced the worst blackout in world history leaving 670 million people without power, Torrent Power energized the 1st ACCC conductor transmission line installed in India.  The ACCC 629 kcmil (318mm) Lisbon size conductor was used to double the capacity of an existing 132 kV transmission line between two substations in Ahmedabad, a city rich in culture and strong in industry about 200 km east of the Pakistani border. 


The installation was completed just as the Monsoon season was beginning.  Torrent Power stated: "We are extremely pleased to have energized the first of two circuits of ACCC and to be actively taking steps to increase our grid's capacity through a second installation by this year's end." 


Tom Walton, CTC's installation supervisor pointed out: "This was an extremely important installation of ACCC due to the heavy power demand in this highly industrial area. We were able to double line capacity without having to modify or reinforce the existing lattice towers."


Torrent Power Ltd is one of the leading Electrical Utilities in the Indian power sector and part of the Torrent Group, an organization committed to its mission of transforming life by serving two of the most critical needs, Healthcare and Power. Torrent Power Ltd has a generation capacity of 1647.5 MW and distributes power to more than three million customers in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.


The ACCC composite core was produced by CTC Global in Irvine, California and the finished conductor delivered to Torrent Power Ltd was manufactured by Sterlite Technologies Ltd, one of CTC Global's ten international manufacturing partners. The project was delivered by Sterlite Technologies Ltd on a turnkey basis, under the guidance of CTC Global.

Proven Reliability at over 215 Project Sites

The ACCC conductor's outstanding performance has allowed utilities worldwide to exploit its unique advantages while saving millions of dollars delivering more power, more efficiently, with reduced line losses, decreased fuel consumption and reduced generation emissions.  To learn more about how the ACCC conductor can work for you, please visit our website at

How to Select a Conductor 


To help make conductor selection easier, CTC Global developed a conductor comparison program known as CCP.  The program is designed to help system planners and engineers compare the ampacity, line losses, thermal and ice load sag, and economic aspects of nearly any conductor type and size, so the numerous advantages of the ACCC conductor can be fully realized. The user simply selects the conductor types and sizes from drop down menus and enters the appropriate values & assumptions highlighted in the yellow boxes. The program is fully functional and uses standard industry formulas (such as IEEE 738-2006). Outputs are readily comparable to Sag10, PLS CADD™ and other similar programs. (Note the screen shot below) The steps are simple:


1. Select Conductors to be compared from drop down menus

2. Input Ambient Conditions

3. Compare Ampacity & Temp

4. Input Electric Load Parameters

5. Assess Line Loss Reductions

6. Evaluate Line Loss Savings

7. Realize Emission Reductions

8. Note Peak Load Revenue

9. Assess Conductor Tension

10. Compare Conductor Sag


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New CCP Software

Makes ACCC Conductor
Selection Easy


Responding to an ever-increasing demand to help select the most appropriate size of the highest performing ACCC conductor available, CTC Global has developed a new software program, CCP.


The program is available at no charge to utility planners, transmission engineers and others involved in conductor selection, project engineering and project economics. Using the design parameters associated with your specific project, CCP can calculate and compare ampacity, sag / tension, line losses, and the economics associated with the reduction in thermal sag and line losses the ACCC conductor offers compared to any other conductor of the same diameter and weight.


To receive a free copy of CCP, or to request help with your project, please visit CTC Global's website for more information.




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ACCC Engineering Manual 



To help T&D planners, engineers, and technicians take full advantage of the ACCC conductor's attributes, CTC Global has published a 250 page Engineering Manual. Contact CTC Global today to request a copy.




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