CTC Global  ACCC Conductor News        June 18th, 2012


CTC Cable goes Global 
New Company Name Reflects Substantial International Growth
CTC Cable, a privately held Delaware Corporation that produces ACCC® conductor in conjunction with nine international stranding partners, is newly named CTC GLOBAL.

The company's new name underscores its commitment to improving the efficiency, reliability and capacity of electrical transmission grids worldwide.  In the last eight months, since the company was privatized and restructured, it has added numerous deployments across the globe.


Jason Huang, CEO of CTC GLOBAL, stated, "Our new financial strength will allow us to continue to provide the most cost-effective and energy-efficient conductor solution for upgrading the electrical transmission grid, and increase the company's R&D commitment to adding functionality and complementary products that make the conductor even more beneficial to the way our customers operate their grid."


The ACCC conductor delivers twice the power compared to conventional conductors of the same diameter and weight and reduces line losses by 30 to 40% under equal load conditions.

"During these challenging times, efficiency is paramount not only to the economic prosperity of the utilities and ultimately to their customers, but also to the conservation of resources and associated environmental concerns," Dr. Huang continued.   


With the support of CTC GLOBAL's growing management, engineering, production and installation teams, as well as the support and financial strength of its new investors and stranding partners, the company has successfully deployed the ACCC conductor to new project sites in the US, Indonesia, Columbia, India, South Korea, the UK, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Chile, Qatar, Brazil and Poland during the last 10 months.

Proven Reliability at over 200 Project Sites

The ACCC conductor's outstanding performance has allowed utilities worldwide to exploit its unique advantages while saving millions of dollars delivering more power - more efficiently, with reduced line losses, decreased fuel consumption and reduced generation emissions.  To learn more about how the ACCC conductor can work for you, please visit our new website at

ACCC Conductor Survives Firestorm 


In January, 2012 a devistating firestorm destroyed a number of homes and transmission structures between Reno and Carson City, Nevada.  In 2009, NV Energy had upgraded an existing 13 mile 120kV line with ACCC Linnet size conductor which replaced a 2/0 copper line installed in 1952.  The new ACCC conductor increased capacity from 350 amps to 1,000 amps.  Though the fire destroyed a number of structures, the ACCC conductor was not damaged from the intense heat even after falling to the ground.  The wood and metal H-frames were replaced, new insulators installed, and the ACCC conductor was lifted back into position and energized.  This was particularly remarkable considering the very small (0.72" diameter) size of the ACCC conductor at this project site.
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New CCP Software

Makes ACCC Conductor
Selection Easy


Responding to an ever-increasing demand to help select the most appropriate size of the highest performing ACCC conductor available, CTC Global has developed a new software program, CCP.


The program is available at no charge to utility planners, transmission engineers and others involved in conductor selection, project engineering and project economics. Using the design parameters associated with your specific project, CCP can calculate and compare ampacity, sag/tension, line losses, and the economics associated with the reduction in thermal sag and line losses the ACCC conductor offers compared to any other conductor of the same diameter and weight.


To receive a free copy of CCP, or to request help with your project, please visit CTC Global's website for more information.




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ACCC Engineering Manual 



To help T&D planners, engineers, and technicians take full advantage of the ACCC conductor's attributes, CTC Global has published a 250 page Engineering Manual. Contact CTC Global today to request a copy.





CTC Global at Your Service


CTC Global's staff consists of dozens of individuals whose varied skill sets help us deliver the highest quality products and services, worldwide.  In this issue, we'd like to acknowledge Dr. Eric Bosze, Senior Materials Scientist and Director of Application Engineering at CTC. 


Prior to joining CTC in 2008, Dr. Bosze, contributed substantially to the development of the ACCC conductor's hybrid carbon and glass fiber core through his work at the Materials Science Department at the University of Southern California USC. Eric lives in Carlsbad, California with his wife Sue and  their three children Elissa 7, Aidan 4, and Avianna 16 months.  Its not uncommon to see e-mails from Eric at 2:00 am, for obvious reasons.  CTC Global and our customers greatly appreciate his dedication and support.
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