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Issue 1May 3, 2012
Alex Blue and Ward BeaudryHave You Had "The Talk"? 


Estate planning has always been the cornerstone of our firm since its founding in 1946. Far too often, we help families in crisis situations that could have been easily avoided with some advance planning.

We know it isn't easy to discuss medical, financial, and eldercare decisions with aging parents. Many well-meaning children fear starting a conflict, or fear the silence. You should fear the crisis that may happen if you DON'T talk even more. Unfortunately, we see the results of the "do-nothing" approach in our practice every day.

If your parents are over 50, or if you are the parents of grown children, you owe it to your loved ones to talk honestly about these issues. Don't feel like you have to tackle everything in one sitting! A great resource we like is This website gives you some conversation starters and a comprehensive list of topics and other resources.

How do you know what to talk about? The website above has a great list. At Winn, Beaudry & Winn, we offer a comprehensive checklist as a guide. You can download it for free here. Our lawyers have significant experience counseling families and would always prefer to do so BEFORE a crisis ensues. Don't put it off! Please call us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation.  
You Can Help Texas Veterans
In May, our country honors our armed forces and veterans who have fought to keep our country free. First celebrated in 1949, on the 3rd Saturday in May we observe Armed Forces Day. According to the U.S. Department of Defense, the day was designed to expand public understanding of the role of the military in a free society. Both Ward and Alex have served in the Marines. This year on May 19, we encourage you to fly your flag, and tell your children.

Donate to Support Texas Vets: We are pleased to tell you about a brand-new program offered by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) to help Texas veterans. Next time you renew your vehicle registration, either on-line or by mail, you have the opportunity to give a tax-deductible donation to support Texas veterans organizations, and also our Parks & Wildlife programs. Grant money will be distributed to the many fine organizations offering benefits to vets by the Texas Veterans Commission. Find out more here.

Veterans--did you know that you can get a special Texas driver's license that identifies you as a vet? This is easier than hauling around your DD-214 identification, and qualifies you for a number of benefits and discounts at merchants like Lowe's. To find out more, click here. You'll need to take in your DD-214 or 215 into TXDOT to amend your license.

This year, we observe Memorial Day honoring our fallen soldiers on May 28. Rather than just head to the lake or picnic this year--why not do something meaningful to honor our veterans? We encourage you to take a look at the Dallas event sponsored by Carry the Load. You may have seen the heavy media coverage from last year's walk, which was so successful they plan to turn this into an annual event across the nation. During the walk, participants "carry the load" of a military friend, family member or fallen solder. Some carried the boots of their father, or medals earned in combat. Others carried heavy military packs. Money raised benefits area veterans' service organizations (see below). Everyone involved in last year's walk was deeply moved and found it to be a life-changing event.

As you read this, the Carry the Load relay is already in progress, beginning May 1 in West Point to wind up in Dallas over Memorial Day weekend. Come watch, come participate--you'll be glad you did. Find out more here.

Our firm has experience working with veterans in sorting out benefits for them and their family members. Attorney Ward Beaudry is honored to have received accreditation by the Department of Veterans Affairs ("VA") to prepare, present and prosecute claims for veterans before the VA.
Heroes on the Water
by Alexander G. Blue  
Kayak fishingThis Memorial Day, you'll find me at the Carry the Load event (above). Why? It's the coolest public event I've ever participated in. Part of the money raised goes to support Heroes on the Water, a great organization where I serve on their Board of Directors.

Heroes on the Water helps injured veterans and public safety officers (fire, police) "relax, rehabilitate, and reintegrate into society" by offering therapeutic recreational opportunities on Texas lakes. I've gone on many of these outings, and it is always so inspiring to see how the vets respond positively to a safe and relaxing day of kayak fishing. We chose this method of recreation because it can be enjoyed by almost anyone despite the level of injury. It gives them a true sense of freedom to be able to maneuver on the water. You can help the people we serve by supporting the Carry the Load event over Memorial Day weekend. Find out more at    
Thank you for your time today. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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