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June 2012 
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Superman or Super Dad?
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Taking Care of Grandma & Grandpa
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Summer Is Here!


Welcome to the June Newsletter! Gator Cleaning Solutions, Inc. is your commercial cleaning experts. And this summer, Gator Cleaning Solutions, Inc. is on a mission, and it is not to Mars. They are participating in a contest to help small businesses called "Mission Small Business" sponsored by Chase and Living Social. The contest will provide up to 12 individual business grants of $250,000. We can pump money right back in to the Tampa Bay economy with a job creation program. We would create jobs at every level. We would also increase our commitment to the community with an increase in charitable giving as part of our Gator Giving program.


Please follow the 3 steps below. We need 250 votes by June 25th to continue with the contest and be one of the Mission Small Business Grant recipients. 

The 3 steps are as followed: 

  1. Click on the Icon Below and go directly to The Mission Small Business Contest
  2. Support the contest by logging in via your Facebook.
    Or create a Login account.
  3. And then go to the VOTE local section, Type in Gator Cleaning Solutions, Inc. and type in Florida and cast your vote











To learn more about Gator Cleaning Solutions go to their website at

You can also "LIKE" us on Facebook at

And don't forget to VOTE ! We need the community's support. So tell your friends, family and other businesses you patron.


In The News


How do you spell success?




Just ask Erin & Marcus Meyer, CEO & President of Gator Cleaning Solutions. The Land O' Lakes headquartered company was featured in the "Business Strategies" section of The Tampa Bay Business Journal. Gator Cleaning Solutions, Inc.has roots strongly planted here in the Sunshine State. Marcus was born and raised in Pasco county and a proud graduate from the University of Florida.


Click here to learn more about how they got their start and what it takes to be a successful business in an unpredictable economy.


He Isn't Superman But He Is Super Dad




Congratulations to CEO Marcus Meyer of Gator Cleaning Solutions. He was named a Super Dad by Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine and was featured in the June Edition. Marcus and his wife Erin (President of Gator Cleaning Solutions, Inc.) along with their two children were photographed and featured in the article as well. They think he is a pretty Super Dad too.


Gator Cleaning Solutions, Inc. salutes all those Super Dads out there in the month of June. Happy Father's Day! Click here to read more about this Super Dad and his Super Family.


Learning Corner

Is there someone watching to make sure
I am washing?


Medical staff at hospitals may be feeling like there in the book "Big Brother". The reason why may surprise you. Hospitals are now considering new technologies to ensure the staff members are using proper hand washing procedures. Hospital acquired infections are extremely dangerous and costly both to the patient and healthcare as a whole. Hospitals are paying close attention to new strategies in hopes they will increase adherence to hand washing protocols. Installing "spy cams", using new technology detecting hand washing frequency and specialized soaps are few options for hospitals to consider.


Although these technologies may feel somewhat intrusive the data suggest a reduction of super bug infections by as much as 25%. Cleaning up before and after seeing or touching a patient definitely is required for the health and safety of everyone. Check out this story featured on cbs42 by clicking here.


And if you know a doctor's office, clinic or other facility that could use a good cleaning up. Let us know that as well. Gator Cleaning Solutions, Inc. can help hospitals, clinic and medical facility safe for medical professionals and their patients.

Taking Care of Grandma & Grandpa
Making The Right Choice for Grandma or Grandpa

Finding the right assisted living facility or nursing home for a love one is not easy. But AARP (American Association of Retired People) has some advice. There are at least 10 things you need to keep in mind before deciding on the best place for a loved one who can't live on their own.


The group for elderly and retired Americans suggests that you think about how the place smells. If the facility you are visiting has an odd or pungent smell you may want to ask about how often they are professionally cleaned. You also may want to ask if the nursing home or assisted living facility has passed AHCA (Agency for Healthcare Administration) inspections and have met the requirements to have a license.


Click here to learn more. And if you know of a nursing home or assisted living facility that may need to be cleaned up give Gator Cleaning Solutions, Inc. a call.



Gator Giving...


July 3rd- Gator Cleaning Solutions will be participating in the highly anticipated "Freedom Festival" at the Shops at Wiregrass. This event will be a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends in the community. Further details about this event can be found by clicking here.


Employee Spotlight 


Megan Sullivan, account manager and has been with Gator Cleaning Solutions for five years. Her dedication and focus on customer satisfaction is greatly appreciated both internally and from our values customers. Megan is originally from a small town in southwestern Michigan but much of her career was spent traveling internationally with destination resorts until she found herself in Tampa FL where she now considers home!

Coming Up...


We will tell you whether we completed our Mission. And what is next for us in the Chase/Living Social grant process.


The 4th of July means freedom and independence. What are some ways business owners can be worry free. We will tell you how.