KBOO February 2012 
Winter Membership Drive Starts Feb 2  

  It is time once again to encourage our dedicated listeners to become supporting KBOO members and help us raise $100,000 in basic operating funds to keep us on the air. We're producing lot of great programming for you, so please take advantage of us.

TODAY on Voices from the Edge you can hear Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist David Cay Johnston speaking about why austerity appeals largely to the 1% while causing problems for nearly everyone else.

At Noon we present a 4-hour special featuring the words and music of Bob Marley through rare interviews and live performances.

Next Thursday (9th), we honor the recently departed Etta James by taking a tour of her artistic life; from sentimental ballads to the very foundations of rock n' roll.

Friday the 10th will be this drive's News & Public Affairs Day with content focused around challenging the 'legal fiction' of corporate personhood.

On Saturday the 18th, Grateful Dead & Friends will air a 4-hour special exploring the black artists who wrote and recorded dozens of songs covered by the Dead.  We'll play those original versions followed by a rockin' GD cover.

These are just a very few of the great shows in production for you during our Winter Membership Drive (check here for more).  If you're not a member, or have let your membership lapse, please use this drive as your chance to contribute to the radio station you depend on for great content.



But Wait There's More...

Ever wonder about how KBOO works?  Do you have a little time to spend with us?  If you want to check things out from the other side of your radio speakers, this is your time (Winter Membership Drive).

Our existence depends on successful membership drives since over 80% of our funding comes from listeners - a large reason why we air  such independent and unique shows.

The drive is a high energy time in the building and our volunteers work very closely together in teams to raise money for the station.  Got a show you LOVE to listen to?  Schedule a volunteer shift during it and you can meet the volunteers that you listen to on the radio and talk with others that share your interests. You don't need any experience to answer our phones and we'll train you to get going right away.

Interested?  Email our Volunteer Coordinator Ani Haines or call her at 503-231-8032 ext. 213, she'll be happy to hear from you.


Advertise at KBOO.fm


KBOO proudly announces the launch of its online advertising program. Now you can reach our online visitors at our home page, which is reaching nearly 100,000 every month, as well as on all of our other pages.  Whether they're searching for hiphop or hillbilly, feminist or folk, your work is aligned with KBOO's progressive values of peace, justice, diversity, and environmentalism, and you choose how many your ad reaches. KBOO.fm advertising and program underwriting ~ a sound promotional strategy. Learn more at kboo.fm/ads or contact KBOO's Underwriting Coordinator at 503.231.8032 to get started. 



KBOO is a proud media sponsor for Winterfolk 24 ~ Benefit for Sisters of the Road Cafe



Saturday February 4th @ Aladdin Theater


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