News from Pathway Homes, Inc.January 2012 
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Faces of Pathway Homes
Open House
New Doctor in the House
Help the Homeless
Agency in Transition
Electronic Medical Records
New Philanthropic Fund
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The Faces of
Pathway Homes
The Faces of Pathway Homes
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Pathway Homes is proud to premiere its first online video. Hear three Pathways' residents tell their stories of recovery and life in Pathway Homes.


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Open House 
Open House at Consumer-Directed Program 


Pathways' consumer-directed program, Dave's House II at Kincaid Court - which formally opened in July of this year - hosted an open house on December 15, 2011.  Several local agencies and businesses involved in the purchase and renovations to the property were in attendance and formally recognized for helping make the program a reality.



A New Doctor in the House 

Eleanor Vincent, EdD, CSAC


Pathway Homes is pleased to celebrate the achievements of one of our own: Congratulations go to Dr. Eleanor Vincent! 



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Welcome to the first electronic newsletter distributed by Pathway Homes, Inc. It is my particular pleasure to wish you a Happy New Year as I transition into my new role as President and CEO of Pathway Homes.


After 32 years of committed service to the Northern Virginia community, Pathway Homes continues to work diligently to ensure that we meet the needs of those we serve and of our staff. In 2012 we renew our mission to embody the spirit of recovery: embracing an attitude of hope, self-determination and partnering with each individual on their personal journey toward achieving self-fulfillment and realizing their dreams. We will continue to strive to fulfill our mission by making available to individuals with mental illnesses and co-occurring disabilities, a variety of non-time-limited housing and services to enable them to realize their individual potential.


Our successes continue to provide Pathways with the energy and passion to address the unmet needs of those we serve. As we continue to build a solid foundation of excellence, we understand that today's achievements are but pathways for the road that lies ahead. We look to the future with anticipation and hope. We recognize the power of partnership, and we look forward to an abundant and transformative year. We hope that you will be a part of our journey forward, and that this newsletter provides a new portal to follow and support the efforts of our agency!

Sylisa Lambert-Woodard, EdD, LCSW, LSATP, MAC
Sylisa Lambert-Woodard, EdD, LCSW, LSATP, MAC
President and CEO
Help the Homeless Program 2011 
Stevenson Place Mini-Walk


The Fannie Mae Help the Homeless Walkathon campaign was a great success this year.  Sherry Meyers, Vice President for Clinical Services, took the lead in developing a committee to identify schools, community groups, and faith-based organizations for mini-walks - and of course the walk on the National Mall on November 19.



An Agency in Transition


As the seasons change, so too do people, and organizations. 2011 was a year of transition for Pathway Homes as we bid farewell to Joel McNair, our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 21 years, and ushered in our new CEO and President, Dr. Sylisa Lambert-Woodard. 

Pathways Implements Electronic Medical Records Jeanne Dosky, MHC II


Pathway Homes launched its new electronic medical records (EMR) system on June 6, 2011, providing staff with a more efficient way to document their work, and increasing consumers' accessibility to their personal information.



New Philanthropic Fund to Benefit Consumers Agency-Wide


Karen Free, a long-time resident of Pathway Homes, passed away in 2011. In memory of Karen's love of art and culture, her family has established a new philanthropic fund, the Karen Free Art and Recreation Recovery Fund, with a generous donation of $20,000.



Pathways Briefs: In Other News