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March 2012

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What Does Your Mindset Have To Do with Acting?  Everything.
 Rhonda Musak

 by Rhonda Musak


One of my favorites from the archive: 


One of the most life changing books that has come across my radar in recent years is a deceptively simple book that packs a major transformational punch: Mindset by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.  I owe an abundance of gratitude to Ms. Dweck for her groundbreaking research, the results of which now positively impact my life in everything I do.


Simply put, we tend to function in one of two mindsets: a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.  The fixed mindset is a limited way of thinking and being in which we see ourselves as forever the same: unable to be, learn, or do more than we currently can.  Conversely, the growth mindset is a way of thinking and being in which we place focus on our inherent ability to learn which ensures that we grow and expand.


Click here for complete article.

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Laser Acting Workshop


March 13


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Early April 


Book Club for Actors'


April 16

April 21




Laser Acting Workshop


April 23



Summer Acting Intensive for Teens


June, July & August Dates To Be Announced Shortly!



 Next Session of Classes


 Dates To Be Announced


March Madness, the Ides of March...March of the Penguins-however you slice it, it is March!


And that means only one thing: time to focus on ACTION! What I mean specifically: What do you want to GIVE, GET or DO in that scene or monologue?


I hope you'll join me in celebration of this awe inspiring acting tool as I look this month at "taking action" from many angles. It is the Art & Soul Acting Focus of the Month and it will also be the subject of the March 13th Laser Acting Workshop.


Powerful stuff!


Wishes of joy in all you give, get and do,



Rhonda S. Musak

Acting Coach

Art & Soul Acting 

Acting Focus of the Month: Action
MasteryWhat you focus on you create more of. Focus on the powerful tools of acting and walk down the road to mastery. 

"To act means to do, so you must always have something specific to do on stage or you will immediately stop acting.  This is why physical action is so very important for the actor.  Simply defined, an action is the physical pursuance of a specific goal." ~ A Practical Handbook for the Actor ~


In every moment while acting, actors want something. Usually, something powerful that will change the course of events in their character's life. And how is it that they get it (or not)? Ah...that is the crux of taking action. 

Join me in the month of March as I explore the actors amazing tool of ACTION from many different angles.


Laser Acting Workshop: March 13
Monthly acting workshops...expand, explore, express!

Giving, Getting & Doing: Encountering the Actor's Language of ACTION

WHEN: Tuesday, March 13, 6:30-9:30

WHERE: Chelsea studio location will be sent along with registration confirmation.

FEE: $35

Join Art & Soul Acting as we dive into the heart of the March Acting Focus of the Month: Action. 


When chosen correctly and well-executed, the right action has the power to move mountains. And without action, actors can find themselves grasping for straws in hopes of being touched by magical inspiration.


There is an easier way! It is taking action.


The experiential nature of this workshop will have actors on their feet embodying action rather than just thinking about it. 


Actors will leave the workshop reenergized and more equipped to play powerful actions in a scene or monologue at the spur of the moment. Absolutely necessary when doing cold readings.


Please join us!

What's Going on with Acting Class? 
Grow2012 class dates and details to be announced.

You can also work with Art & Soul Acting this winter by joining us for one of our powerful workshops: Laser Acting or Leap with Passion or check out how personally focused private acting coaching can help you soar as an actor!
What's Up with the Book Club for Actors'? 

Remaining reading time - 3 days!

On Saturday, March 3 we will have our second of two book club meetings discussing the major plays of Tennessee Williams.


WHEN: Saturday, March 3, 3-5 p.m.


WHERE: Location will be e-mailed with RSVP confirmation 


Please begin by reading The Rose Tattoo. After that, feel free to read any play from the Tennessee Williams Reading List found on the Art & Soul Acting website: Tennessee Williams Reading List . For the most robust conversation, participants are asked to read at least 3-4 plays.


Be ready to share what you have discovered about this amazing playwright so we can all learn and grow together. Looking forward to it!


The next Book Club for Actors' playwright 

and meeting dates will be announced during 

the week of March 5...stay tuned! 



Summer Acting Intensive for Teens

Art & Soul Acting travels! The Summer Acting Intensive for Teens is a one-of-a-kind traveling professional acting workshop. Teens spend a week training like the pros!


Created in 2011-but dreamed about for a long time-the aim of this workshop is to bring acting training to teens who might not otherwise have the opportunity to study professionally.


Sample Workshop Schedule

Classes: Monday-Friday, 5-hours a day

Final Rehearsal: Saturday, 5-hours

Dinner Break: 1-hour

Warm-Up & Half-Hour Call: 1-hour

Performance Cabaret: 45 minutes

Post-Performance Celebration! 


The group activities made me feel as one with my fellow actors in the workshop, and I believe the trusting bond was carried on from the stage to everyday life. I made friends, improvements, and most importantly memories to last a lifetime.

~ Brandon Vlach ~


If you are interested in hosting a Summer Acting Intensive for Teens in your area-or know someone who is-please visit the Art & Soul Acting website for complete details.  Workshops are booking now!


Summer Acting Intensive for Teens 


LEAP with Passion Workshop News
2012 celebrated the 4th year of the annual Leap with Passion Workshop. It is a sought after favorite of many of my students.


Leap with Passion into 2012!!!
For 2012 Leap attendees,it has been my pleasure to create Leaps & Bounds - a bite-sized monthly reminder to inspire deep integration of all the discoveries made during the Leap workshop. 

Please look for it in your e-mail inbox near the middle of each month.


Leap with Passion into 2013!!!
Never too early to plan ahead as Leap goes global! 

Tentative dates:

  • Saturday, December 1 - London
  • Sunday, December 9 - NYC
  • Saturday, December 15 - NYC
  • Saturday, December 22 - Chicago
  • Saturday, December 29 - NYC

Rhonda's thoughtful guidance helped me zero in 

on the things that matter most to me.   

~ Stephanie Joiner ~

Click for complete details & registration. 

What's the Student News?

If you've studied with me and have news to share, please let me know the details by about 5 days before the end of the month; I will be happy to include it here!

Jenna Kantor


Performing the role of Velma

The Palace Theatre in Manchester, NH

March 23-April 14

Click here for details.

Chuck Marti

The Odyssey

Wilkins Theater

February 24-March 3

Click here for details.

Steve Sharkey

The Odyssey

Performing the role of Odysseus

Wilkins Theater

February 24-March 3

Click here for details.

Recommendation: The Actors' Enterprise
EngageI'm making discoveries all the time and want to share them with you!

Even coaches have coaches, and most gratefully, Erin Cronican at The Actors' Enterprise is one of mine. 

A few years ago, Erin and I were seated next to each other at an industry event. Once we started talking, I just knew I had to work with her.

Erin is a passionate and caring career coach who specializes in working with "actors who want to feel more fulfilled and in control of their careers." 

Her genius is her ability to help clients create actionable plans in ways that are both logical and creatively inspired. What sets Erin apart is her perspective: she always sees the less-knocked-on "back-door" and helps her students develop the skills to open it.

If you are ready to move your career powerfully forward, I highly recommend coaching with Erin Cronican at The Actors' Enterprise!




"It is amazing and frightening how completely one's whole 
being becomes absorbed in the making of the a play. It is almost 
as if you were frantically constructing another world while the 
world that you live in dissolves beneath your feet, and that 
your survival depends on completing this construction at least 
one second before the old habitation collapses."
~ Tennessee Williams ~