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February 2012

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Annoying Questions Asked of Actors

 by Rhonda Musak


A few years ago, I was chit chatting with a businessman on the Metro North train.  Upon being asked what it was that I do, I could already feel myself bracing.  I took the plunge and as the word actor came out of my mouth, I could already see the worst of my fears manifesting before my eyes: "What might I have seen you in?"


I'd had it.  Up to here!  I decided to fight back.  I turned the question around and served it up to him.  "You're in business?"  I inquired, "Now remind me please what magazine cover might I have seen you on?  Fortune or Forbes?"  Lucky for me, the gentleman I was speaking to had more grace than I, his face lit up as he said with a knowing look, "Oh, I totally get it."


These soul-cringing questions seem to come hand-in-hand with having chosen to be one of the bravest spirits on this planet.  And often, they come from people who truly care-people who would feel absolutely awful if they even had an inkling of the sense of inner panic that their well-intended questions provoke.


What is it about these questions that put actors into fight or flight at their mere mention?  I did a survey via Facebook & Twitter...


Click here for complete article via The Greenroom Blog.

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 Spring Session of Classes


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February begins one of my favorite work times of the year. Yes, work time!

The holidays are over (save for Valentine's Day...♥) and we enter into a period lasting until about June that is ripe for deep focusing.

During this time, we are able to make sustained and consistent progress toward whatever goals we wish to move toward. And with the ability to focus deeply comes the possibility to move forward rapidly.

For me, this time has already brought a couple of changes to this newsletter.  Please see three new additions below: Recommendations, NY Actors Tweetup Acting Focus of the Month.

Wishing you a world of delights as you focus deeply on what matters to you most.



PS But certainly be sure to enjoy that Valentine's Day chocolate!


Rhonda S. Musak

Acting Coach

Art & Soul Acting 

Recommendation: The Greenroom Blog
EngageI'm making discoveries all the time and want to share them with you!

I am honored to have been featured recently as a guest blogger for The Greenroom Blog. 

Created by wonderful actor and Book Club for Actors' regular attendee, Kate O'Phalen, The Greenroom Blog is a warm and uplifting community of actor/bloggers creating an open salon to discuss issues of every kind of nature pertinent to the life of an actor.

Look directly to your left. That article there, "Annoying Questions Asked of Actors" - that's what I wrote!

Get acquainted with The Greenroom Blog and be inspired!


Acting Focus of the Month: Space
MasteryWhat you focus on you create more of. Focus on the powerful tools of acting and walk down the road to mastery. 

Learning how to create a powerful space or setting reminds us that acting isn't always in the saying of our lines.

Stella Adler reminds us that "Stanislavski said-truth in art is truth in circumstances...the circumstance that governs everything is, Where am I?"

Join me in the month of February as I explore from many angles (including my next Laser Acting Workshop-see below) the WHERE of the Five W's (Where, When, Who, What & Why).
Laser Acting Workshop: February 16
Monthly acting workshops...expand, explore, express!

Space Exploration 2012

WHEN: Thursday, February 16, 6:30-9:30

WHERE: Chelsea studio location will be sent along with registration confirmation.

FEE: $35

February's Acting Focus of the Month is the extremely satisfying art of making the script's setting your very own. Intriguing...but of course!

As a teacher, I have so often watched actors ignore the wonderfully helpful elephant in the room: space.

When put in place with skill and explored for everything that it offers, an actor's powerful use of space so often provides a missing link that   allows a scene to flourish.

"Sometimes a chair can help you define a play."
~ Stella Adler ~

Wherever you might be on your path toward acting mastery, this evening dedicated to the actor's WHERE is sure to take you farther down it.

What's Going on with Acting Class? 
Grow2012 class dates and details to be announced.

You can also work with Art & Soul Acting this winter by joining us for one of our powerful workshops: Laser Acting or Leap with Passion or check out how personally focused private acting coaching can help you soar as an actor!
What's Up with the Book Club for Actors'? 

Remaining reading time - 4.5 weeks!

On Monday, February 27 and on Saturday, March 3 we will be discussing the major plays of Tennessee Williams. The Book Club for Actors' is offered twice. Please choose either meeting.


WHEN: Monday, February 27, 6-8 p.m. OR

      Saturday, March 3, 3-5 p.m.


WHERE: Location will be e-mailed with RSVP confirmation 


Please begin by reading The Rose Tattoo. After that, feel free to read any play from the Tennessee Williams Reading List found on the Art & Soul Acting website: Tennessee Williams Reading List . For the most robust conversation, participants are asked to read at least 3-4 plays.


Be ready to share what you have discovered about this amazing playwright so we can all learn and grow together. Looking forward to it!



LEAP with Passion Workshop News
2012 celebrated the 4th year of the annual Leap with Passion Workshop. It is a sought after favorite of many of my students.


Leap with Passion into 2012!!!
For 2012 Leap attendees,it has been my pleasure to create Leaps & Bounds - a bite-sized monthly reminder to inspire deep integration of all the discoveries made during the Leap workshop. 

Please look for it in your e-mail inbox near the middle of each month.


Leap with Passion into 2013!!!
Never too early to plan ahead as Leap goes global! 

Tentative dates:

  • Saturday, December 1 - London
  • Sunday, December 9 - NYC
  • Saturday, December 15 - NYC
  • Saturday, December 22 - Chicago
  • Saturday, December 29 - NYC

Rhonda's thoughtful guidance helped me zero in 

on the things that matter most to me.   

~ Stephanie Joiner ~

Click for complete details & registration. 

What's the Student News?

If you've studied with me and have news to share, please let me know the details by about 5 days before the end of the month; I will be happy to include it here!

Jenna Kantor


Performing the role of Velma

The Palace Theatre in Manchester, NH

March 23-April 14

Click here for details.

Steve Sharkey

The Odyssey

Performing the role of Odysseus

Wilkins Theater



"May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, 
dangerous, leading to the most amazing view." 
~ Edward Abbey ~