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February, 2012 

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This month we will discuss what social networking can do for your business, give you corporate logo designing tips, and explain the need for firewall protection. We will also tell you about our new Prometric testing center. You may visit our website at www.centextech.com or give us a call at 254-213-4740 if you have any questions.
Social Networking - Wonder for Businesses

 Social networking is fast emerging as a great avenue for promoting your business on an online platform. There are several websites that can be used for this purpose the most popular ones being Facebook, Myspace and the latest being Google's +1 platform. Websites like facebook offer a variety of advantages in terms of the number of potential customers that your brand can be exposed to by setting up advertizements here. Apart from going in for conventional paid advertizements on social networks, there are several tools that can be used to increase your visibility on the internet. read more...

Corporate Logo Designing Tips

Logo DesigningCorporate logos form an important part of the advertizement process and can be instrumental in determining the success of your promotional campaigns. The logo of your company not only represents what your company stands for but also helps leave an indelible impression on the minds of your customers. A well-designed logo helps build a positive rapport with potential consumers and also enables them to remember your brand. A corporate logo finds several uses as it is not only used for advertizements but is also imprinted on company property. The packaging of products generally bears a logo so as to further publicize your brand.  read more...

Need for Firewall Protection

It is very important to have proper security elements in place for your computer system irrespective of whether you use it for business or personal purposes. The main elements that can help safeguard your computer from dangerous virus attacks generally include anti-virus software and an appropriate firewall that helps keep unwarranted and illegal access at bay. There are all kinds of hackers working round the clock to gain access to information and data stored on various venerable systems and a single breach can prove to be quite harmful especially if you store confidential client information and business plans and policies on your systems.



We are located at 501 N. 4th Street (Corner of 4th & Ave B) in Killeen, TX. and 13455 Noel Road Suite 100 (Two Galleria Tower) in Dallas, TX. If you have any questions or would like a free consultation on your IT needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Abdul Subhani
Managing Partner
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Social Networking
Corporate Logo Designing Tips
Need for Firewall Protection
Prometric Testing Center
Prometric Testing Center
Prometric Logo  
Centex Technologies is excited to announce that we are now a Prometric testing center as of December 14,2011! Prometric provides testing to certify professionals such as investment advisors, pharmacists, doctors, dentists, etc. Prometric is the recognized global leader in technology-enabled testing and assessment services. They offer the most extensive, professional, and secure testing network in the world. You can count on Prometric for an unparalleled experience, a seasoned staff of industry experts, and global presence. We are now part of a program that offers testing in over 160 countries! If you are interested in taking an exam at our location visit http://www.Prometric.com
 to schedule your test, or call our office at 254-213-4740 for more information.  


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