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Congratulations! You made it through the Holidays!
Time to get serious about tuning that Spring cycling motor! This will help: check out guest columnist Mike Friedman's Power Hour Workout. Also in this issue: new videos, Kinetic trainer tires, our new NICA sponsorship, and, of course, the January Contest!

Kinetic Road Machine Video
videoVintage KBS Pro Cycling Vid!
We keep adding videos to our YouTube library. Check out this Vintage Video from Team KBS Pro Cycling's 2009 season. We also have a new video with some quick pointers for optimal Trainer Maintenance.

Coach's Corner Graphic
coachesGuest Columnist: Mike Friedman
Mike Friedman Team KBSMike Friedman has been a professional rider since 2006 and is proud to call Team Kelly Benefit Strategies-OptumHealth his home for the 2011 season. Here's a trainer workout he's written up for us this month. Try it yourself. Enjoy!

Riding the trainer can be boring, so the first thing that I like to do is have a plan for my workout. More often than not, people just get on there and ride which is why part of the reason why they find it boring. I typically do "The Friedman Power Hour" when I'm going for a trainer workout. Here's the original version:
  • Warm up 10 Minutes - easy spinning
  • 10 Minutes - 120 RPM cadence @ 150 BPM heart rate
  • 10 Minutes - easy spinning
  • 10 Minutes - 120 RPM cadence @ 160 BPM heart rate
  • 10 Minutes - easy spinning
  • 10 minutes - 120 RPM cadence @ 170+ BPM heart rate
NOTE: Tone this back just a bit in the base period. Instead of 150 BPM, do 130 BPM, then 140 BPM, then 150 BPM, work up to it, because these are pretty hard efforts. Of course, everyone is a bit different, so adjust the intensity to your own current fitness levels.

Click here to learn a few variations on this workout and to take in more of Mike's training wisdom.

Rider Bio: Mike started his pro career riding for Slipstream sports through the TIAA-CREF Days and Team Slipstream. Next, two years on Garmin allowed him to compete in some of the largest 1-day races in Europe as well as many races in the US. During his time on Garmin he also competed at the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing. In 2010 he spent a fun and fruitful year with Team Jelly Belly, learning how to lead a team of 12 guys

NICA Awards
Student athletes rode trainers at the 2010 NICA Awards.
nicaKinetic Joins NICA
NICA logoWe're proud to announce our new partnership with the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. NICA is the National Governing Body for grades 9-12 interscholastic mountain biking. The aim of NICA is to foster the development of high quality competitive cross-country mountain biking programming for high school-aged athletes.

Kinetic will have a presence at each of the events in each of the participating states, with a warm up tent with several trainers set up for athletes to freely use. We are also providing a trainer to each of the participating teams within each of the State leagues.

We're excited to be involved at such a grass-roots level in cycling and even more excited to help high school kids discover the joy of riding and racing mountain bikes!

For 2011 there are leagues of varying sizes in 5 States including: California, Colorado, Texas, Washington and Minnesota. The organization is really amazing and far too vast to detail here. We really encourage everyone to check out the NICA site and learn more about their programs. Click here.

Kinetic Trainer Tire
productFeatured Product: Trainer Tires
You may have seen trainer tires at your local bike store and wondered... "Why do I need one of those?" Well, for a few good reasons. Kinetic Trainer Tires are:

Save your expensive outdoor rubber for just that... outdoors. We've been running one of these tires on our test robot "Crank Armstrong" for over 5,000 miles and it's showing very little wear. They're a great value!

Our tires are specially formulated to better grip the trainer roller.

Kinetic Trainer Tires come in two sizes: 26 x 1 for mountain bikes and some hybrids and 700c x 23c for road bikes and 29ers.

Check with your LBS for availability and if you can't find them there, ask them to stock them or check the web site.

Happy New Year
We're looking forward to a great 2011 with some new products and product upgrades along the way. Check the web site for updates and keep opening the newsletter each month. You'll be the first to know when exciting news comes from Kinetic!

Thank you and Happy New Year from all of us at Kinetic!

Paul Carlsen
Kinetic Division Director
In This Issue
New Video!
Coach's Corner: Friedman's Power Hour
Kinetic Supports High School Mountain Bike Racing
Featured Product: Trainer Tires
Thank you!

Trainer Tires


QUESTION: What is "Tip #5" in our new trainer maintenance video? Watch it!

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