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August 2012

National Alliance on Mental Illness, California State Organization 

Welcome Members and Affiliates
We welcome your ideas for topics to cover, your feedback on issues that face consumers, families, and providers across the state. Contact us at
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The 2012 NAMI California Annual Statewide Conference  

We hope you got the most out of our 2012 Annual Conference in Irvine. Your feedback will help us to develop our meeting program and events for 2013.

To respond, please take the following brief surveys: 

Conference Evaluation 


Consumer Resource Center Evaluation  


View the presentations from last week's conference at NAMI California's website. 

NAMI California Recognized at NAMI National

NAMI California was presented the Outstanding NAMI State Organization Award at the NAMI National Convention, June 27-30, in Seattle.

2012 national award

 From left to right, Dorothy Hendrickson, NAMI California Board President; Jim Payne, Secretary of NAMI National, and NAMI National Board President Kevin B. Sullivan.


The "Outstanding State Organization" award is given by NAMI National to recognize exceptional efforts on the state level to further NAMI's mission. In granting it, the national board said: 


"The NAMI Board of Directors wishes to congratulate NAMI California for the way it honors and furthers the values and spirit of our organization. We applaud their culturally diverse staff and programs, their leadership in advocacy, the ability to offer top-notch technical assistance to affiliates and the fact that they offer the full complement of consumer, family, provider and public education programs.The National Board also recognizes that NAMI California made a serious commitment to the NAMI Standards of Excellence and the NAMI State Organization chartering early on and worked hard to complete the requirements for chartering."  
Mental Health Services Act Funds Help Provide Housing for Chronically Homeless in New Program

new housing A new Los Angeles County effort announced today to provide permanent housing for more than 1,000 chronically homeless individuals is benefiting from funding provided under the Mental Health Services Act created through Proposition 63. The initiative, passed by California voters in 2004, was authored by Senate President pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg.


The "Home for Good Funding Collaborative" in Los Angeles is announcing a commitment of more than $105 million in private donations and public resources to provide permanent supportive housing for veterans, other individuals, families and children, as reported in the Los Angeles Times. Business, foundation and other private donations are leveraging public funds with those combined resources "carefully focused on the greatest need, moving chronically homeless people from streets to homes," according to the Home for Good task force.


Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) funding will be leveraged to create some of that housing. The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH) will receive 250 Homeless Section 8 vouchers over a two year period, which are only made possible by DMH providing mental health services and supports to help clients successfully obtain and maintain the housing. Most, if not all of the clients accessing these vouchers will be in programs funded through MHSA.


Read the full story here.

Duals Demonstration Stakeholder Update


The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) has scheduled two stakeholder meetings regarding the Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI) Transition Plan that will be submitted to the California Legislature in late September.


As required by SB 1008, this programmatic transition plan is being developed with the State Department of Social Services, Department of Aging, and Department of Managed Health Care. The Plan will describe:

  • How access and quality of service shall be maintained during and after implementation of the CCI to prevent disruption of services to beneficiaries.
  • Operational steps, timelines, and key milestones for determining when and how core beneficiary protection provisions will be implemented.
  • The process for addressing consumer complaints, including the roles and responsibilities of the departments and health plans and how those roles and responsibilities shall be coordinated.
  • How stakeholders have been included in the various phases of the planning process and how their feedback shall be taken into consideration after transition activities begin.

A draft plan will be posted online in advance of the meetings. The content and format of the meetings will be the same. The only difference is the August 29th meeting will be held in person and via phone. 

  • Meeting 1: Wednesday, August 29, 2012. 11 am to 12:30 pm
  • Meeting 2: Tuesday, September 4, 2012, 1 pm - 2: 30 pm
 Click here for more meeting details.
Introducing New NAMI California Staff

Lisa Bohne, Consumer Programs Coordinator

Lisa earned her BS in Human Development and MS in Child Development fro m UC Davis. Her graduate work concentration was on the early indices of mental health. After finishing her graduate degree, Lisa worked at Harvard Medical School on a project to develop the first comprehensive neurobehavioral assessment for newborn infants. During that time, she volunteered as an infant mental health adviser for the Salvation Army's center for homeless children.

After that, LisBohnea worked as the Child Development Specialist for Early Head Start at Southern New Hampshire Services, an organization that serves over 600 low-income families each year. After moving back to California, Lisa was employed at an evaluation consulting firm in the Sacramento area as a Technical Assistant Coach for the statewide evaluation of First 5 California. She worked with over 12 counties across Northern California to help them understand and fulfill the requirements of this extensive evaluation. Lisa also volunteered as Vice President of the Maternal Child and Adolescent Health Advisory Board for Yolo County.


As an independent contractor, Lisa helped create the curriculum for "The Happiest Toddler on the Block," a popular parenting book by Harvey Karp, a well-respected pediatrician in Los Angeles. She assisted in a needs-assessment in Oakland and with data collection for an Autism study at the MIND Institute in Sacramento. She also volunteered for Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services in their Parent Education Program where she focused on early mental health.


Lisa writes, "My experience working as a Technical Assistant Coach, particularly, in combination with my passion for helping people with mental health conditions brought me to NAMI California. I'm looking forward to meeting and working with all of our Affiliates!"

You can contact Lisa at   


Lucy Hagedon, Accountant 


Lucy was graduated from California State University in Sacramento with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting. Since then, she has worked in multip Lucy le fields of accounting and in finance roles including working  for small busi  nesses, start-ups and now in the public sector.  


Lucy's broad level of knowledge and ability are proven by rigorous testing and years of accounting experience. When not preparing financial statements, and spreadsheets, Lucy can often be found walking her three dogs, Pepper, Arthur, and Frost, around Sacramento.


Contact Lucy at


Holly Davison, Stigma & Discrimination Reduction Program Coordinator 


 Holly Davison is the Stigma & Discrimination Reduction (SDR) Programs Coordinator for NAMI California. The SDR programs she coordinates are In Our Own Voice (IOOV), Parents and Teachers as Allies (P&TasA), Ending the Silence (ETS) and Provider Education. Holly also plays a key role in the NAMI California CalMHSA SDR Project.  


Holly has a strong background in teaching and education receiving her MS in Chemistry from the University of California, Davis. Prior to joining NAMI California, Holly was a college chemistry teacher.


Sonoma Regional Meeting a Success. Other Locations Scheduled Throughout the Year

The NAMI California Sonoma Regional meeting was held in Santa Rosa on Monday, July 16, 2012.  We were pleased to have such a great group that had many great comments and experience to share, and NAMI California is looking forward to assisting the Sonoma Region affiliate offices as we begin the 2012-2013 fiscal year.


It was informative to hear your input which will help us provide effective meetings when we travel to the local areas around the state.  NAMI California applauds all of the efforts in your local affiliate offices, and it is a pleasure to meet with you to discuss important issues in the mental health community. 


NAMI California would like to thank Executive Director, Rosemary Milbrath, and her staff for hosting our meeting. They were helpful and made us all feel welcome!  Jennifer Baker and Oscar Guzman were key to keeping the meeting on track with their expertise and assistance during the registration process.


On behalf of all of the entire staff of NAMI California, thanks for all you do!

Information on upcoming Regional Meetings:

Meeting location: 

Merced Regional Meeting:  Includes Stanislaus, San Joaquin, Merced and Tuolumne counties.There are no active affiliates in Madera

or Mariposa counties.

September 17, 2012

San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbara Regional Meeting:  Includes Ventura, Santa Barbara

and San Luis Obispo counties. 

October 15, 2012

San Diego/Orange Regional Meeting:  Includes San Diego and Orange counties.

November 5, 2012

Tulare County:  Includes Tulare, Kern, Fresno and Kings counties.

February 2013

Survey: Mental Care Services Not Being Delivered by School Districts   

Schools A year after school districts were given responsibility to provide mental health services to students with disabilities, advocacy groups and state officials see signs indicating at least some of the care isn't being provided.


Anecdotal accounts from parents - especially those in low income neighborhoods or challenged by language barriers - suggest that many districts have improperly withdrawn services even when it is required by a student's Individualized Education Plan.


An informal survey conducted earlier this year by a coalition of advocacy groups suggested that nearly a third of respondents had been told by school officials that mental health services would not be provided in 2011-12 because funding was no longer available. 

"It's great that the CDE has picked up on what we said is going wrong and has done a good job of reminding school districts of what is supposed to be happening," said Bettie Reinhardt, a spokeswoman with NAMI CA - one of four groups that organized the parent survey back in February and is actively monitoring the mental health services issue.


"But there still needs to be follow up with families so that the state would really know what's happening," she said. "The CDE should want to know what is going on; they should be gathering the information and then getting it out to everyone - including the family stakeholders."

Read the full story.

Keris Myrick, Profiled in NY Times, Is New NAMI Board President


Keris Jan Myrick, Ph.D.c. of Pasadena, Calif., has been elected as president of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) by the organization's board of directors. She is also the keynote speaker at the 2012 NAMI California Annual Conference, Aug. 17 and 18.


Myrick is president and CEO of Project Return Peer Support Network in Pasadena. The New York Times profiled her in 2011, including a video.


Other officers elected are:

  • Kevin B. Sullivan of West Hartford, Conn., first vice-president
  • Jim Payne, J.D. of Falls Church, Va., second vice-president
  • Ralph Nelson, Jr., M.D., of Visalia, Calif., treasurer
  • Clarence Jordan, M.B.A., of Cordova, Tenn., secretary

NAMI's membership also re-elected Payne and Nelson to three-year terms on the board.


New board members elected are:

  • Carol Caruso of Collegeville, Pa.
  • Victoria Gonzalez of Oak Park, Ill.
  • Gloria M. Walker of Cincinnati, Ohio

NAMI's board elections were held at its recent national convention in Seattle, June 27-30.

A Tribute to Thelma Hayes

March 4, 1918-May 31, 2012



The mental health community of San Diego County was saddened recently to learn of the passing of Thelma Hayes.


Thelma's lengthy activity in mental health affairs stretched into the last century and began with the mental illness diagnosis of her son, Andy, now deceased.


Thelma Iselman Hayes was an "advocate's advocate" mentoring many that followed her at NAMI North Coastal. In 1983, Thelma founded NAMI North Coastal San Diego County. She was President for several years and continued to serve on the NAMI North Coastal Board of Directors until 2012. Legislation was one of her main interests.


As a board member of NAMI California, she co-wrote with Les Campbell, a series of articles to educate the public about mental illnesses. In 1994, her home city of Carlsbad named her Citizen of the Year. In 1996 Thelma's alma mater, the University of Chicago, awarded their prestigious Public Service Award to her. In 1998, she and a few others founded the Tri City Medical Center Mental Health Forum which continues to meet on a monthly basis. Thelma was married to Thomas "Pat" Hayes for 61 years, a founding member of NAMI North Coastal and former President. 

At NAMI National 


seattle It has been over a month since the NAMI National Convention in Seattle. It was a powerful event that shared a wealth of information and practices to our California affiliates. Because of the relative proximity of the conference, many affiliates joined us in attending presentations and workshops. As NAMI California is hosting our 2012 Annual State Conference next week, we wanted to share an article written by Jonee Shady from the NAMI Glendale about her time at the NAMI National Convention. Click to read her account.

If You Paid for PaxilŽ, You Could Get a Payment from a Class Action Settlement


A class action settlement will provide money  to California residents who were 18 years old or older and who paid for any portion of the price of  the prescription antidepressant PaxilŽ while living
in California from January 14, 1999 through January 1, 2003, and who qualify under the settlement (these people are called "Class Members"). If you're  included, you may ask for a payment, or you can exclude yourself from, or object to, the settlement.

The Superior Court for the State of California, County of Los Angeles will have a hearing to decide whether to approve the settlement so that payments can be issued. The lawsuit claims that GlaxoSmithKline falsely advertised and promoted PaxilŽ as being non-habit forming or non-addictive and that GlaxoSmithKline's advertisements and promotional materials failed to disclose the risk of symptoms from stopping or discontinuing PaxilŽ.
GlaxoSmithKline denies each of these allegations.

NAMI California Financial Statements and Supplemental Information 


NAMI California is posting the most-recent Independent Auditor's Report, June 30, 2011.  


Click here to read the full report. 

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