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Brown To Propose Broad List Of Budget Cuts

Governor Brown

The Governor-elect plans to take money from voter-approved mental health care coffers, add restrictions to Medi-Cal for qualifying, raise co-payments, slash Healthy Family funds, and more in his first budget proposal. If approved, the cuts may pose a raid on MHSA funds already in state coffers.

Additional actions would cut access to Medi-Cal, cut programs for at-risk and low-income youth, and slash assistance low-income elderly, blind and disabled.

For further details, click here.

Upcoming Board Meeting and President's Call
Our upcoming Board meeting will take place January 27-29, 2011 in Sacramento.

Open Session Friday, January 28th

Meet & Greet with Board members:
Friday, January 28th 6-7:30 P.M.

Location: Courtyard Marriott Midtown Sacramento
4422 Y Street, Sacramento, CA 95817

To RSVP for the Meet & Greet, send an email to

Board President's Call

Thursday, January 27, 2011
4:00-5:00 p.m.

Conference Call #: 800-944-8766 / Participant:13107

NAMI California Advocacy Network


We have to do a lot of educating of elected and appointed officials this year to accomplish the 2011 Action Agenda given to all 50 state organizations by NAMI and listed below -- as well as the important California-specific agenda items such as preserving MHSA for its intended use.

           Our challenges:

  • Increase Access to Effective Mental Health Care
  • Promote Integration of Mental Health, Addictions and Primary Care
  • Strengthen the Mental Health Workforce
  • Eliminate Disparities in Mental Health Care
  • Ensure Transparency and Accountability
  • Improve the Mental Health of Children and Youth
  • Provide Homes and Jobs for People Living with Mental Illness
  • End the Inappropriate Jailing of People with Mental Illness

With the New Year, NAMI California is introducing its Advocacy Network to facilitate the active involvement of NAMI members all over the state in this education process. We are developing the infrastructure to make the Advocacy Network effective and a gratifying experience for everyone and we need your help. We will continue to use the NAMI California website as the major source of information about National and California legislative agenda with articles on the Home page and California bill updates on the Legislative page. Traditional and Weekly Update eNewsletters will call Advocacy Network members' attention to new information -- as there is always new information. Conference calls will provide real time information about legislative activities at both the NAMI California and the affiliate level. Telephone trees have gone the way of steam locomotives and other relics of our youth but we know that some people do not use e-mail or do not use it regularly so we're looking for affordable means of including everyone who wants to be included.  Ideas?


This is also a "help wanted" notice. If you are interested in being part of the Advocacy Network, please contact Sean Farrell, Advocacy Associate, at or call 916.567.0163. Sean will send you an application by e-mail or regular mail so we will know both your interests and your preferred means of communication. For further information, contact Bettie Reinhardt, Statewide Advocacy Coordinator, at or call 619.341.3956.

Spotlight on NAMI California Affiliates

by Dorothy Hendrickson, President, Board of Directors

After being elected president of the board of directors for the NAMI California Board in August 2010, I decided I needed to become more familiar with California's 71 affiliates. Scheduling meetings with the NAMI California President's this year, has been one of my many goals.

On September 24, 2010, I visited my first two Board President's from NAMI Sacramento and NAMI Yolo.While I found each President to be extremely compassionate, dedicated, knowledgeable, and unique, when it came to our shared NAMI vision and mission, it was clear that we were all more alike than different. 

As I continue to visit NAMI President's throughout our state, I plan to post excerpts from my interviews. This will help us all to become more familiar with our local affiliates and remind us that collectively we serve as The State's Voice On Mental Illness.

NAMI Sacramento -- Caroline Canton, President

nami Sacramento
Caroline and Dorothy


3440 Viking Dr., Suite 125

Sacramento, CA 95827

Off. 916-364-1642 / Fax: 916-364-5051


Web Site:

Board of Directors: (8) Members - 2 year terms

Meetings held on the 3rd Monday of most months, from 6:30 - 8:30 PM, at 3331 Power Inn Rd. Sacramento, CA 95826 (Sacramento County Division of MH building, Conf. Rm. 1A)

Members: Approx. 250 members

Office Employees: Sontine Kalba, Executive Director, (1) Secretary, (4) Program Coordinators

County Support Staff: (1) Adult Family, (1) Adult Consumer, and (1) Family & Youth Advocate

Project Volunteers: (9) Volunteers (2 vacancies)

Key Project(s): NAMI Walk, held April 24, 2010 with 34 Team Captains. Overall net income totaling $42, 816, a percentage of funds donated to both NAMI CA and NAMI National.


  • Family to Family
  • Peer to Peer
  • In Our Own Voice
  • Family Support Groups
  • Consumer Support Groups


  • Building Membership
  • Promote further marketing and branding the NAMI Sacramento to advance NAMI programs
  • Strengthen our ability to access MHSA funds to promote effective programs that will meet our communities needs
  • Rent a permanent facility at a low cost


  • For the past three years, our affiliate has been able to employee a part-time executive director.  This has allowed us to play a stronger role in our ability to respond to community needs
  • Joe Teixeira, NAMI Sacramento Member, awarded the Consumer Council Award at the 2010 NAMI Conference
  • Kathleen Derby, who now serves as the NAMI California MHSA Program Coordinator, formerly worked for us as our In Your Own Voice Coordinator 


In 2005 our affiliate was only able to provide the F2F program, only five years later, with the help of our volunteers, part-time staff, county support, and needed donations, NAMI Sacramento has experience a tremendous growth in the types of programs and services we can provide.

  • A monthly newsletter
  • The re-design and upkeep of our website
  • The addition of programs such as P2P, IOOV, Support Groups, and expanding our yearly NAMI Walk


  • Technical Assistance
  • Board development and resource techniques for mentoring new board members
  • Practical ideas for expanding membership participation
  • Strategies to assist with  identifying key goals and objectives

NAMI Yolo --Roger Pehlky, President

Dorothy and Roger

P.O. Box 447

Davis, CA  95617

Off. 530-756-8181 / Fax Unavailable



Board of Directors: (12) Members

Board Meetings: Held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, from 7-9PM  Destiny Hall, 124 Lincoln Ave., Woodland, CA

Members: Approx. 300 members

Service Area: Includes the communities of Davis, Esparto, West Sacramento, Winters, Woodland, and other communities within Yolo County.

Office Employees: N/A

County Support Staff: N/A

Program Coordinators: (2) Volunteer Coordinators

Project Volunteers: (15) Volunteer Coordinators (1 vacancy)

Key Project(s): NAMI Walk, joint effort with NAMI Sacramento (including NAMI Yolo) held on April 24, 2010 with 34 Team Captains. Overall, the net income totaled $42, 816.  A percentage of funds were donated to both NAMI CA and NAMI National.


  • Family to Family
  • Peer to Peer
  • Family Support Groups
  • Consumer Support Groups


  • Crisis and Intervention Training (NAMI Yolo and County of Yolo Department of Mental Health)
  • Targeting programs that work with youth, adolescents, university students, and their family members
  • Implementing a NAMI on Campus Club at the University of Davis and sponsoring a Support Group
  • Enlisting a college student to sponsor a UC Davis Walk Team


  • Excellent Speaker's Bureau at Monthly Meetings-Potluck Dinners (held 1st Wednesday of each month, except July/August).  Everyone welcome, take recommendations for speaker topics, ask attendees to bring a non-perishable food item to donate to Yolo County food closets
  • Host a monthly Talent Show at each Potluck Dinner (well attended, approx. 60 attendees each month)
  • Host a yearly Jazz Festival Fund Raiser
  • Sun Flower Art Show - Yearly Fund Raiser, provides different levels for competitors with awards, and newspaper articles representing Hope & Recovery.
  • Yolo Canvas, group provides individuals with drop in pizza night, clothing, bowling activities, trips to the gym, and other needed supports


  • Education, awareness, support, and our mission
  • Supporting people in affordable housing projects, open dialog at monthly potluck dinners, hosting BBQ or Christmas parties
  • Built a strong community network of people that understands mental illnesses
  • Annual Award Dinner- County Supervisors, local politicians, members, and guest speakers attend


  • Provide more advocacy
  • Provide Speakers Bureau List, with antidotal comments re: educational backgrounds, what age groups find them most appealing, types of subjects they best cover, etc.
  • Recommend NAMI CA work with California movie industry to further minimize the stigma of people living with a mental illness.  Work to reduce the unjust portrayal of mental illness in movies (address the myth regarding a higher potential for violence)
NAMI Family to Family Update

The last day of a Family to Family training is a time of celebration when the Family to Family teacher trainees are awarded their certificate for the completion of an intense workshop! There are five more trainings scheduled in the next six months.

F2F one
Judy Shure and Gail Beeker
F2F two
Jonee Shady, Charles Quinlan

Email Lynn Cathy, Director of Family Programs, for more information..

NAMI Westside Los Angeles
NAMI Westside Los Angeles completed nine Family to Family classes in 2010.  The demand is so great, we still have waiting lists for the two Family to Family classes scheduled for January and February 2011.  We completed three Peer to Peer classes, largely due to the diligent work of Program Director, Lou Goldsmith.

We completed three Familia de Familia classes and did our first Persona De Persona class for Spanish-speaking consumers. The community is thrilled to finally have NAMI Westside LA serve the Spanish speaking community which is now over one-half of the population in Los Angeles County. Our Spanish Coordinators, John Fruttero and Rosina Ehrllich, are responsible for these classes.

-- Sharon Dunas, MFT, President - NAMI Westside LA

NAMI San Diego
The New York Times calls Next To Normal, "A brave, breathtaking musical. A work of muscular grace and power. It is much more than a feel-good musical; it is a feel-everything musical."

San Diego 2011 Performance Schedule
Tuesday, January 18, 7:00 PM
Wednesday, January 19, 7:00 PM
Thursday, January 20, 7:30 PM
Friday, January 21, 8:00 PM * NAMI SAN DIEGO NIGHT and Meet the Cast!
Sunday, January 23, 6:00 PM

868 4th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

To order your discount ticket that supports NAMI San Diego, click here, then follow the Special Offer link and, when prompted, enter the Special Offer Code, "NAMISD".

NAMI Stanislaus

NAMI Stanislaus has a new program called "Beth & Joanna - Friends in Recovery". It was started in early 2009 using memorial donations from two of our members who passed away. It pairs two individuals for a six-month period. A Peer is someone who is isolated or needs some support to reduce or prevent relapses. A Pal is someone successful in recovery from their mental illness, and must have training in the mental health field, have taken the 10-week Peer-to-Peer course, or be attending our junior college and taking psychology courses.

Please call if you have questions -- (209) 522-7872

-- Joyce Plis, Co-Secretary and Treasurer, NAMI Stanislaus

NAMI San Mateo County

Programs were in full swing all of 2010. The Family to Family class was well attended and practically ran itself. We are so grateful for the well trained teachers and for the teaching materials which are provided by our local Behavioral Health and Recovery Services. The Fall Provider Class taught 17 attendees and the Fall Peer to Peer class served 14 able and willing consumers. Our evaluations are always positive which encourages us to keep the ball rolling. In fact, the Spring classes for 2011 are already being set up and the waiting list is growing. Even with the availability of the Internet, we field calls on a daily basis and as one volunteer expressed recently there is nothing like a human voice when you are near to tears in seeking help and answers.

-- Helen Greggans - NAMI San Mateo County Education Coordinator

NAMI San Gabriel Valley
NAMI San Gabriel Valley's Quality of Life program distributed Christmas cards and presents to 90 residents of local board and care homes in December. This program also provides tickets to movies, ball games, and county fairs for the residents, as well as Target gift cards and birthday presents throughout the year.

-- Marty Giffen Past President, NAMI SGV

NAMI Ventura County
On November 22, 2010, NAMI Ventura County volunteers staffed their first shift at Hillmont Psychiatric Center (HPC), starting a new program called Friends In The Lobby. NAMI volunteers are now present at a resource table just inside the front door at HPC during visiting hours on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, providing assistance, support, and resources to family members during their time of crisis. Funding for the program comes from the Mental Health Services Act (Prop 63), allocated by Ventura County Behavioral Health.

Click here to read more about the Friends in the Lobby program.

NAMI Merced County
NAMI Merced County will begin its Fall 2011 Family-to-Family class on Thursday, February 17. For information, contact 209-381-6844.

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NAMI California's Tree of Tribute
tree of tribute
Each year many donors elect to give a gift in celebration of an event, in honor of a special individual or in memory of a loved one.

The Tree of Tribute formalizes this tradition by providing a lasting acknowledgement
for individuals who are remembered, individuals who are honored or have an enduring record of a significant celebration. 
Gifts in Celebration, in Honor or in Memory

Gifts of $500 or more will be eligible for an engraved leaf on the Tree of Tribute or an engraved stone at the base of the tree.

$500 - Bronze leaf
$1,000 - Silver leaf
$2,000 - Gold leaf
$3,000 -- Small stone
$5,000 - Large stone

Major Donors

I California thanks the following for their very generous contributions of $500 or more.

Humanitarian: $5,000 - $15,000
The Commu
nity Foundation, Riverside, CA
Mitch Francis, (location withheld on request)

Patron:  $
2,500 - $4,999

Benefactor:  $1,000 - $2,499
Rita Jean Boppana, Playa Del Rey, CA
Attias Family Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Mountain View, CA
Frances Tibbits, Pacific Palisades, CA
Carla Jacobs, Tustin, CA
Betty & Marvin Hoffernberg, Pacific Palisades, CA
Stephen Dwelle, President - Dwelle Family Foundation, Visalia, CA
Edward Gaston, MD & Lori Zager, San Rafael, CA
Dr. Charles & Annette Wilson, Corona Del Mar, CA
Rita Jean Boppana, Playa Del Rey, CA
Peter P. Blasko,San Francisco, CA
Lenore Kirvay, San Jose, CA

Shareholder: $750-$999
Teresa Walker, San Mateo, CA

Sponsor:  $500-$749
Edward Gaston, MD & Lori Zager,San Rafael, CA
Margaret C. Winrich, Kelseyville, CA
Elaine Zelnik, Berkeley, CA
Doris Crowell, Walnut Creek, CA
Jeannette Lowe, Washoe Valley, NV
Pamela Zelnik & Mark Suhr, Berkeley, CA
Elizabeth L Friedman, Los Angeles, CA
Elizabeth Chamberlain, Woodside, CA
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Aldrich, Glendale, CA
John & Beverly White, Brentwood, TN
John J Krolewski & Nadia Ghent, Irvine, CA

Mark & Theresa Gale, West Hills, CA
Frances Tibbits, Pacific Palisades, CA
Christopher & Mary Folck Family, Truckee, CA
Glen & Linda Meyer, Danville, CA
Nancy Doyle, Santa Rosa, CA
Stephen & Jacqueline Astle, San Rafael, CA
Elizabeth S. Holden, Eugene. OR
Loeb Family Foundation
Linda K. Pontious, Grass Valley, CA
Elizabeth Chamberlain, Woodside, CA
Gunnar Christiansen, MD, Santa Ana, CA
Venona & John Levine, Walnut Creek, CA
Ralph Nelson, Visalia, CA
Victoria Link, Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Mark Gale, West Hills, CA
Ronald & Pat StoneModesto, CA
Palmyra Cameron, Los Angeles, CA
Virginia Whitcombe, Palos Verdes Estates, CA
Monika & David Eisenbud, Berkeley, CA
Linda Meyer, Danville, CA
Linda Crosthwaite, Covina, CA


All donations,
large and small,
are greatly appreciated by
NAMI California and help
us achieve our mission
at the state level.
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