Overcoming the Offenses of Collisions

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Man-Made Collisions
Spiritual Collisions in Time
Summary and Lessons Learned.

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Overcoming the Offense of Collisions


Years ago there was a TV commercial illustrating the accidental making of the Reece's Peanut Butter Cup. The commercial showed two people walking opposite directions colliding with each other while one was snacking on a chocolate bar, and the other person was eating out of a peanut butter jar. The result of the collision was that there was chocolate in the peanut butter, and there was peanut butter on the chocolate bar. The two walkers looked at each other and were offended that they each ruined the other person's snack. Shortly after the collision and getting over the offense they decided to taste the mixture of chocolate and peanut butter. The collision produced a belief that chocolate and peanut butter taste good together. The vintage commercial from 1980 can be viewed at www.youtube.com/ 


Collisions are usually very offensive, but generally produce a better end-result if we understand that collisions can be transformational moments in life, history, and for eternity. This spiritual bulletin is intended to give insights into the man-made and spiritually created collisions that offend, challenge, and test us through time.

Man-Made Collisions in Time
World Trade Tower Collision

In modern times the four major man-made collisions most people remember include:

  1. Pearl Harbor - The collision of Japanese Kamikaze pilots on Americans at Pearl Harbor.
  2. The collision of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan.
  3. The Holocaust - The collision of cultures, hatred, and supremacy attitudes.
  4. The 9/11 airplane collisions into the World Trade Towers and The Pentagon.

These collisions that were induced by mankind caused by hatred, supremacy, or religion each produced a moment in our modern day history that shapes people's values, cultures, and belief systems. These collisions are generally of a magnitude that humanity works toward great lengths to prevent them from easily occurring again.


There are generally very few positive sides to collisions created by human hands. However, we can still find that certain people make decisions to become better people and do greater works after collisions of the magnitude mentioned. The old adage that 'During bad times good people get better; and bad people get worse,' does seem to play out over time.

Spiritual Collisions in Time
Spiritual Collision - Light Meets Dark

Spiritually created collisions also have a dramatic impact on the world. Spiritually created collisions are generally not covered by CNN, NBC, Fox News, or Nightline, and go uncovered for years. Below are a few of the spiritual collisions that have occurred over the history of the world:

  1. Adam and Eve sinned and created the collision that would disrupt the perfect world in which they were enjoying. The event created the collision that would cause mankind to hide and sacrifice for their sins for thousands of years, until the next major collision took place.
  2. Jesus entered the world and created a collision of light vs. darkness. Light came into the world and the darkness comprehended it not. (John 1)
  3. The collision of the Cross; where Jesus was crucified for the sins of all humanity from Adam and Eve -- throughout the rest of history. This was a major collision between the darkness of man's heart and their failure to recognize the true light that had entered the world.
    • This collision reversed the curse that was created with the first collision caused by Adam and Eve.
    • This collision began the 'Offense of the Cross.'
    • This collision created a word-wide earthquake that shut the power-grid (lights) out on the world for three hours.
    • This collision caused dead-people to rise from the grave and walk into town. (Matthew 27:52-54).

As stated in the introduction... each major collision initially creates an offense. The spiritual offense is described perfectly in Romans 9:33 "BEHOLD, I LAY IN ZION A STONE OF STUMBLING AND A ROCK OF OFFENSE, AND HE WHO BELIEVES IN HIM WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED." (KJV, NASB)


Jesus, provided the ultimate collision for humanity when He came as light into a dark and dying world. This major collision has unfortunately remained an ongoing offense for many people. On one-hand the collision is as simple as the Peanut Butter Cup Commercial in that one side of the collision is willing to taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8); while the other side calls this plan 'foolishness,' and never begins to taste of the Lord. The comparison of the two sides in the 'Offense of the Cross" is found in 1 Corinthians 1:18-19 "For the message about the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. ... As it is written where is the wisdom of the wise?"


In-between the two sides of the offense are eight religious powers in the world who each have a different taste or understanding of the Stumbling Block (offense); who is Jesus Christ. These variant forms of religion are in part what creates many of the man-made collisions; and will continue to do so until the final collision occurs that brings all things under one perfect entity. 


Summary and Lessons Learned

Man-made collisions are easy to see and CNN, Fox News, NBC, and Nightline will cover them immediately upon their occurrence. Spiritual created collisions will also continue as long as we have eight major religious powers, but few people will want to report on them; as they are difficult, controversial, and continue to have the Chief Corner Stone and Stumbling Block; Jesus Christ at the center of the debate.


The ultimate collisions will come when Christ comes back for what He calls 'One Body of Believers' without spot or wrinkle. The elimination or cleansing process down to 'One Body of Believers' will probably take a few smaller collisions and cause a lot of debate. However, in the end, the 'Offense' will have come to an end; as everyone will have to bow down and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of God the Father (Philippians 2:8-11).


A challenge for each of us is: How long do we take offence to collisions that are man-made or spiritually created? The ultimate question for any collision after 10-years should not be 'Where was I on the day of the collision,' but should also include:


  1. What have a Learned from the collision?
  2. Have I overcome the offense of the collision?
  3. How much have I changed since the collision?
  4. Have I accepted the only one who can save me from the collisions fall-out?
  5. Will I allow God to turn as many good things out of my collisions as possible?
  6. Have I harbored ill will toward myself or others because I can't get past the offense committed through the collision.


As simple as it was in the Peanut Butter Cup commercial to accept and taste that a collision can be turned from a negative to a positive; you too can taste and see that the Lord is good!!


God provided a means that allows all evil collisions to be turned into good; but a simple confession is required that gives the greatest glory and honor to the greatest stumbling block; Jesus Christ. This world is full of collisions that have caused millions to take offense and began to harbor hatred, bitterness, anger, envy, strife, etc.; but at the Name of Jesus these collisions can be reversed.


If you desire to have a better understanding of this message and/or accept Jesus as your Chief Corner Stone instead of a Stumbling Block, we would love you to contact us. (Acts 4:12.)




Mike and Pam Mathews


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For the time will come when all the earth will be filled, as the waters fill the sea, with an awareness of the glory of the LORD. Habakkuk 2:14