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The Significance of Rushing Waters 



Water plays a significance role in Scripture, and specifically for the days in which we live. Water was used to perform 37 miracles in scripture, and has been shown to have over 15 unique uses at significant times throughout history. The most significant event yet to occur; 'The Rapture of the Church,' is preceded by Christ's voice sounding like 'Rushing Waters!'  Revelation 1:15 states " ... and his voice sounds like the roar of many waters.'  A person would have to be blind and/or deaf to not recognize that the world has been shifting and that water has been a major force through tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, rains, etc.  The sound of rushing waters can be heard around the world. 




An Example using Branson, MO.


Through the last few years there has been many periods of time that water has inundated Branson with rushing waters which have been seen and heard loud and clear.  Unfortunately, much damage can be done when water begins to rage or rush through a region or land.  This same thing would be true of earthquakes and other movements of nature. However, just because we know earthquakes cause damage does not mean we should avoid the reality that God said that there would be an increase in earthquakes in the time period referred to as 'The beginning of sorrows or birth pains,' in Matthew 24:8. 

As we see earthquakes and raging waters played out in our day, we need to begin the process as Jesus stated "But when you see these things happen, stand up and raise your heads because your redemption is drawing near," (Luke 21:8).   The movement of earthquakes and rushing water should allow us to rejoice as we see the fulfillment of scripture unfold right before our very eyes.  The sight and sound of God's Word and voice is helping humanity hear what is happening. Nature is helping to declare the majesty of the Kingdom of God via the King of Kings.  Politics, money, economic crisis, fame, music, fortune, and religion has wrung in my ears long enough. I am starting to listen to the voice of my Father as His nature declares His truth and existence. This every thought is described in Romans 1:20 "For since the creation of the world his invisible attributes - his eternal power and divine nature - have been clearly seen, because they are understood through what has been made. So people are without excuse." This passage makes us aware that nature by itself is enough to grab our attention toward the things of God.  

In March 2011 Pam and I had two bedrooms in our home flood and ruin some of the contents. Through this experience we were able to witness to 3-people who were part of the 'clean-up' team. One of the company managers used for the repairs was a former well known minister who witnessed many miracles and healings in the late 90s.  As we talked about water, and he shared his name with us, God allowed us to connect and within weeks we were ministering together on a Sunday evening.  I could hear the voice of God whisper that He is speaking and we need to be listening. God used the water to bring back to remembrance this man's calling and the reality that we all need to be listening to the sound of God's voice.  We could have been so absorbed in our loss that we missed the sound of God speaking in and through the circumstance.  God's is moving, shifting, and reconnecting things for those who have an ear to hear what He is speaking in our day. If we are prejudice, passionate, or blinded by believing that God only speaks through humans, words, or song we may miss the voice of the Lord; while the winds and the waves will obey Him.  

Lake Taney Como Flooding (Branson) 
Flooded out houses on Lake Taneycomo, Foggy River Rd 2011
Flooded out houses on Lake Taneycomo, Foggy River Rd 2011

Water and Branson's purpose


One of Branson's finest Pianist Dino has experienced water damage during the last two years. In 2010 a water pipe burst in his storage area and ruined many of the materials he uses in his Christmas shows.  I recall hearing the story and then seeing Dino shortly thereafter and said 'do you know what God's voice sounds like in the last days; water ... could He be speaking?'   In April 2011, Branson's Lake Taneycomo overflowed and the rushing high waters did a lot of damage to numerous homes including Dino's.  We like many people prayed for Dino's circumstance, but we also thanked God that His (God's) voice is indeed sounding in the Branson area. In fact it sounds like many rushing waters. We stand amazed that so many people have proclaimed God's purpose for Branson and how God has drawn in so many people, and yet these very people may miss the sound of God as he echoes His voice through the sound of waters, versus just the sound of music and entertainment.

Pam and I are on the alert as we hear God's nature reflect and reverberate His coming and presence. Our home, car, job, and even our life is but a vapor (James 4:14), and we need to connect with the sound of God's voice in our day.  If our attention is always about where and how we live in this temporal world we may miss our greatest calling of all ... which is to manifest God's voice and presence to a world that is shifting before our eyes. 

I have heard Dino preach the Word of God in one of the best manners known to man. Yes, his music is great, but his preaching far greater. I trust God's voice is allowing Dino and the entire Branson area to listen, hear, and respond to God's voice and presence. He is truly ready to be manifested in Branson and around the world.  As much as people appreciate the entertainment and music of Branson we must realize that if entertainment and music could save the world, it would have been won a long time ago.  It's time to start seeing God's voice in the very nature of what He created and His voice be heard in all manners, not just music.   God has seen Branson prepared to reach the world in a fresh and new way. He is cleansing the old methods and giving spiritual freshness to the area versus just tweaking a musical performance or entertainment industry.

God did promise that he would never destroy the earth with water again. This demonstrates His love and grace by using the same destructive force that was once used in a softer and more subtle manner. We pray it is not so subtle that we miss His voice.

This Writer is Not Crazy


Many reading this message may think I am slightly tilted, or am grasping at straws to connect scripture with our 'birthing pains.' Let me assure you I stand on good ground. Without listing all the scriptures how God choose to use water to baptize, cleanse, purify, and metaphorically uses of washing us by water and the word, giving us the living water of life, and allowing us to become springs of living water, I will use one example.  In Ezekiel 47 God shows Ezekiel that water will begin to trickle from under the door of the Tabernacle and over a short time intensifies to a 'rushing' flow of water. The water flow intensifies to the point that a complete river is created that cannot be crossed over. The river was first ankle deep, knee deep, waist deep, and finally unsurpassable.  I assume the source of the water is God who is on the throne inside the Tabernacle. I guess His voice does truly sound like water. What is amazing is that the water is intended to bring healing to wherever it flows. The river ends up going to the Dead Sea and ultimately heals the Dead Sea which suddenly produces life. Read Ezekiel 47:1-12.

So, this writer is merely giving God credit for His ability to use water to cleanse and heal the land. His voice and the action coming from the Tabernacle sounds like, looks, like, and smells like water.  Bible Scholars for years have debated when this event in Ezekiel occurs. Most believe it will be after the new Jerusalem comes. For me, it doesn't matter when, it matters 'that'.  It matters 'that' God speaks in manners and methods that are far higher and greater than my ways and chooses the foolish things of this world to confound the religious. Pam and I are not crazy to see, hear, and respond to our flooded rooms in order to heal people and meet people that God wanted healed. If the winds in the waves will obey God, surely Pam and I can also learn new ways to hear from awesome God. 

If we choose to hear we just might receive the healing powers that God wants to bring. In Ezekiel 47 the healing waters end up healing the Dead Sea which has a hidden treasure greater than most countries entire wealth. It is a known fact that at the bottom of the useless Dead Sea lies over $1.19 Trillion dollars worth of minerals including potash, salt, bromide, magnesium chloride, and gypsum. This whole wealth becomes accessible or healed when the sound of rushing waters of the healing river eventually reach the Dead Sea.


The Dead Sea
The Dead Sea


I believe God was trying to prove a point with the Dead Sea and its hidden wealth.  God intentionally created the deepest or lowest spot on earth to be the Dead Sea which lies 1,292 feet below the level of the Mediterranean Sea.  God was using this to show that He can take anyone no matter how low they have been hidden through sin, insecurity, defeatism, fear, shame, an/or guilt and allow the healing river of God (Jesus' Blood) to reach them where they are at. In addition, as living-proof of His life changing and redemptive nature you are capable of finding the treasure that He has stored up inside of you. I believe this process is exactly how God will transition the last to the first as the fulfillment of His promise that those who thought they were something will become nothing, and those who thought they were nothing will become something. The river of God is the blood of Jesus Christ, and that river of blood flowed from Jesus' veins when He died on the Cross. He spilled that blood which like the river can start as a trickle, and then move into a mighty river that heals and touches anyone who lets the river flow to and through them.

I trust that even though we used an example of Branson, MO that everyone who is experiencing abundances of water will start listening to the sound of that water. For instance I have often asked people why God has spoken so fluidly in Kansas City through the years. Many people have given a 'convenience-type' answer by stating "it is at the center of the USA and easy for people to access.' That is the human answer, but the Scriptural answer may be because of the rivers both seen and unseen are more plentiful in Kansas City then in most parts of the country. God chose water and chose to heal people around pools and rivers of water as a symbol of his love to cleanse and heal.

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Mike and Pam Mathews

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 My heart is overflowing with a good theme; I recite my composition concerning the King; My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.  Psalm 45:1 (NKJV)

For the time will come when all the earth will be filled, as the waters fill the sea, with an awareness of the glory of the LORD. Habakkuk 2:14