Focus On Heaven - Revelation Bulletin #3 - Decade of Empowerment
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The Last decade - A Decade of Exposure
The Transition Years
The Decade of Enlightenment
Summary - Let's Give Thanks
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From the Decade of Exposure to the Decade of Enlightenment - Are You Ready



Pam and I are excited for the new decade (2010-2019) as we reflect on the past decade (2000-2009).  We have challenged our family and friends to not settle on just comparing one individual 'new-year' against one individual 'last-year.'  We believe it is a time to be visionary and look out over ten years and compare the last ten years against the next ten years. There is a quotation by theologian Richard Foster that sums up our sentiment: "Our tendency is to overestimate what we can accomplish in one year and underestimate what we can accomplish in ten years." 


Pam and I reflect on the last ten years and stand in complete amazement of what has occurred in our family's life, and give ultimate thanks to God.  We can clearly see that if we only compare one year to another year we are less thankful about our past as well as less visionary looking into the future.  When we compare a longer span of time we quickly see more reference points, moments of shift, moments of trials, and most of all God's goodness and faithfulness through all things. This gives us a view of our life versus just a snap-shot of two years (one behind and one forward).


This Revelation bulletin is intended to challenge God's people to reflect on some truths about the last decade, and how the next decade will be like none other in our life-time.  This bulletin is broken into the following four parts:


  1. The Decade of Exposure - Years of Training
  2. The Transition Years
  3. The Decade of Enlightenment
  4. Summary
1. The Last decade - A Decade of Exposure

Time Magazine's cover story in December, 2009 was called 'A Decade from Hell.' The article is worth the read because it is based on factual events that grab your attention on the major shifts that occurred in the previous ten year time span. From this article I believe we can see a spiritual reality based on the factual events that occurred. You will also be reminded how much we forgot because we compare only one year to another.  I encourage you to read the article which can be found at,8599,1942834,00.html


 Time Magazine

Time Magazine exposes the reality of politics, religious wars, the corruption and exposure in banking, movie stars, athletes and financial tycoons.  They state there was no other decade with so many surprises and shocks across the world. They admit that the Seas roared and mountains were moved during the 2004 Tsunami that killed 200,000 and the earthquake in Kasmir in 2005 that killed another 80,000.


In fact, the words used by Time magazine is "Call it a decade from Hell, or a reckoning, or the decade of broken dreams, or the lost decade."   I enjoyed the truthful and factual reflection of the article, but, quickly surmised that it was really a decade that God's glory was exposing the truth of Scripture in an unprecedented manner. It is God's Word that states that the mountains would be moved, and the seas would roar. It is God's Word that states that there would be a spirit of lawlessness, which was seen through not having regulation on the banking, housing, and financial markets. It is God's Word that stated His glory would begin to expose who the enemy was in the last days.  


We, as well as others have been helping people understand that God's Glory has been coming and preparing the way for His return; and His Glory has no other choice but to expose the things of darkness. Therefore, we can look back and see that the past decade God was the one who exposed the political system, materialism, hollywood, false religious leaders, religions, lovers of self, and all other forms of ungodliness throughout the decade.  Many people, organizations, and structures have been exposed, including the house of God that is always judged first. (1 Peter 4:17-18) Pam and I are thankful that God has exposed just as his Word promised!

2. The Transition Years

hand1As God was beginning His shifting process between the decade of exposure and a decade of enlightening there were multiple years that God gave opportunity for many to repent ... because that is His nature.  During the last few years we believe many people did repent and became better people for the Kingdom. Unfortunately (just like the days of Noah), many refused the warning signs, and desired to retreat back to the days when evil could be hid from God. However, the more people tried to hide or cover up sin, the worse it became for them. This is how small sin became the kind of sin of historic proportions. (I.e. false money transactions, affairs in and out of the church, ponzi schemes, etc.)  It has now become evident that God's return in His full glorification is a process that has been in motion for a few years. The glorification process that intensifies will continue to expose the evil deeds in unprecedented proportions. A major problem was that many Christians liked it better when sin was hid, and they did not have to call it out when it began to expose itself.  Scripture shares that Christ will return like He left - in full glorification! It was a process then, and it will be a process again.


So, even in Christian homes God's Glory began the process of exposing the devil. This in turn allowed people to start seeing the manifestations of the devil; which they were not accustomed too. And, because they did not learn or practice the principles of ruling over the enemy, or how to demonstrate the power of God in word and deed, they were run over like a freight train.  They had a form of Godliness but denied the power thereof.  Even though they once knew God they did not give Him Glory, they were not thankful for all things, and therefore they exchanged the power of God for the power of self and the enemy (Roman 1:19-25.) These are generally the types of people who are always offended in the methods that God chooses to operate. They often times are the non-confrontation people who see only the love attribute of God versus all 20+ attributes of God. This may be the very reason Jesus states, "Blessed is he who is not offended in me" (Matthew 11.6). This unfortunate exchange process hit all avenues of life, and many of our family members and friends who once served God are now divorced and living unthinkable lives. As Pam and I have prayed for them, we were reminded by God, that we should not take offence, as He is only proving His Word true! Many of the people who denied the power of God and loved their pastor, church, denomination, ministry, and family more than God himself, became the victims of putting other things before God. In fact during the last few years one of the truths that came out was the church was experience more divorce than the world. The reason was simply because the Church idolized marriage above God; and we are to have no idols before God; even if it is a good cause such as marriage or patriotism. God will not be mocked ... period. 


The great news:   For most of you reading this message you can testify that you came through the transition years with some of the greatest battles, trials, and sufferings. You exposed the attacks from the enemy for what they were, and by FAITH you exchanged the lie for God's truth. That truth is awesome in that ... He rewards those who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6). You can testify that you came through the refiner's fire decade stronger, bolder, wiser, and more confident. 


Powerful Example of the Exchange:  At the close of this decade (December, 2009) People Magazine did a full edition on the Scandals of the last decade. It includes scandals in politics, hollywood, religion, finance, etc. The exact title was 'Scandals that Rocked America'.  I was astonished at all the people I had forgotten about that were exposed. There were 100s of people paraded negatively before the world when it happened and in this edition. There were numerous religious leaders. They were the very people that shocked the world because they appeared to have it all together. In fact some of them were even applauded for their moral and 'good standing' at one time.  It needs to be noted that God's Glory exposes based on truth, not who we say or think we are.


At the very same hour that People Magazine and Time Magazine were releasing their stories, God was releasing His own stories.  We believe there were thousands of His stories closing out the decade.  One clear example is one of the greatest evangelists of our life-time Oral Roberts passed away at the close of the decade. This was the same man who had been ridiculed by both the secular world, and the religious people who have a form of godliness but deny God's power. The story of Oral Roberts was printed as a front page story in 800+ national newspapers as a positive story. This included the NY times, USA today and all other national newspapers. The life and legacy of Oral Roberts was being exchanged as He entered his eternal reward.  God would not be mocked; God had found a man who single handedly dreamt and build a university for God. The foundation of his ministry and university was on the authority and power of the Holy Spirit. Oral Roberts would not deny the power of God, in spite of man's mockery. As a clear visual I laid out the People Magazine against a two page lay out of the Oral Roberts memorial, and recognized that "God will not be mocked ...," and "God chooses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise..."  (Gal. 6:7; 1 Cor. 1:27)


Pam and I are not alone in witnessing that God has swapped in and out (exchanged) many people just as His word predicted. Many of the first-class type of people have now become last-class, and many of the last-class have become first-class through the past decade. This is not to predict that it is too late; rather that the exchange process has begun and God is starting to send people who will give Him Glory, into all avenues of life to allow the last-class to be first-class, and causing the first-class to be last-class. (Matthew 20:16).

3. The Decade of Enlightenment

Praise be to God that we have come through a decade of exposure and moved into one of greatest decades in the history of the world!!  God is pouring out his truth, revelation, knowledge, wisdom, and laid the foundation for some of the greatest heavenly visitations of all time. He has prepared the sons and daughters of God to manifest His Glory through their gifts that have been prepared and refined during the last decade for the decade ahead. (Romans 8:17-28).


As God's Glory continues the process of redeeming all things, His light will continue to empower those who love Him! Because God's Glory brings empowerment as well as exposes, the people who have made the exchange of loving God, will now walk in new found freedom, boldness, and authority. In essence they will not only begin to jingle the keys to the Kingdom, but start to unlock the doors to the Kingdom.  The process of full redemption will include most of the doctrinal things Christians argue over (I.e. the beginning of sorrows, the timing of the rapture, tribulation, millennial reign, etc.).  We believe those who God is enlightening will no longer worry about these doctrinal arguments, but catch the wind of the Sprit and jump into the rivers of living water. These people will bring fuller redemption to every thing they pray for, touch, speak, and seek. It is still true that God is not willing that any should perish, so the greatest redemptive works are in front of us as His glory intensifies.   It is truly a decade of empowerment!



How can this be? And how will it happen.

Even thought it may have been a decade of exposure it is not all negative, but positive as well. Because most people hate tests, judgment, and trails, they automatically assume that these things are negative. However, true spiritual leaders see the positive side of tests, judgment, and trials. As sin was being exposed, so was revelation. God states that near the end of time in the days that the mighty Angel is about ready to sound, that the Mystery of the Gospel would be fulfilled as spoken by the prophets. (Rev 10). It is important to note that scripture states it will be about the time (not after) the angel is ready to sound; another words it is not after some event. Seeing one day is as a thousand years we are more than likely in the days that the angel is about ready to sound. This is one of the small mysteries that I believe was recently revealed. We do not need to wait for all the events of Revelation 1-9 to take place in order to accept that we are in the days that all the angels are about ready to sound; including the Angel in Revelation 10.  This means that the revelation is being unveiled as we speak!  Below are a few of the methods in which we are and will continue to be empowered.  


Acceptance of the Greatest Exchanges

We believe that God has taken the last decade and prepared people as well as separated people. The people who have been prepared for every good work are ready for what God is about to manifest- see 1 Tim 2:20.   The next exchange God desires is for His servants to start looking for what He has prepared. Now that you have been prepared, He desires to show you what he has prepared. This is the very reason why it may be the decade of enlightenment. This is what is explained in Isaiah 45:3, 1 Cor. 2-9-11, Psalm 68:18-19.  God has been preparing treasures for people that love him in a way that no earthly eye or ear could have seen or heard. However, the Spirit now will reveal those things to those who have proven their love toward God through the last decade. It is critical to note that during the last decade many of us tried to convince people of a single sided truth. That single sided truth was that God loves them. This was a universal truth, but in addition, God wanted to them to know and find out who loves Him?  This was part of the exchange process, and is why scripture states 'No eye hath see nor ear heard the good things God has prepared for those who love him'. It does not say 'No eye hath seen nor ear heard the great things God has prepared for those He loves'.    The fullness of this passage is when we finally see heaven. However, this statement is not just a single time event; but includes the authority and keys to the kingdom that God has given us on earth.  I believe the great saints like Oral Roberts saw in advance what God had prepared for them earlier in their life. They took the authority and what they saw while they were on earth. This is why Oral Roberts was honored at the close of this decade, while others were exposed.  It may be as simple as they showed God how much they loved him; rather then get people, a pastor, a church, or God to demonstrate their continually love toward us. God already demonstrated the greatest love toward us in that He accepted us by giving His Son as the ultimate sacrifice; there is no greater love for God to demonstrate, yet many keep trying to have love toward them replayed over and over. Doing so, may make a statement that I really don't believe (have faith) in that greatest love or salvation experience has already happened, and God still owes me more love.


This decade are you ready to see what God has prepared for those who Love Him; which includes you!! Please make sure to read Isaiah 45:3, 1 Cor. 2-9-11, Psalm 68:18-19



All things will speed up.

Daniel foretold that the last days will bring with them an increase in knowledge (Daniel 12:4). This happens because God's Glory brings with it 'light.' It's that light that exposes sin. The more light that shines in this world the greater the increase in the speed of time and increase of knowledge!  


Simple example.  The planet Mars rotates around the Sun 1000's of time quicker than Planet Pluto. It is a simple principle ... The closer you or a object is to its source of light the faster it moves or revolves. Seeing Mars is closer to its source of light the faster it moves.  This means the closer we come to the source of God's light the faster things will move for me. What used to take years to learn, I can now grasp in days, etc. What sin I used to fight with for years, I can take minutes to 'blast away'.  The light that will be coming in an intensified manner will also allow me to identify the enemy and blast his false purpose away. Pam and I are ready to embark on the greatest decade of our life, marriage, and ministry when we accept the fact that 1) We have been prepared this past decade, 2) God has prepared treasures for us that we have not seen before, 3) Time, knowledge, and information speed up, and 4) We can identify the enemy a lot quicker as light exposes darkness.


I should also mention if this is true, my cycles of exchanging evil for good will increase and speed up and potentially be exponential ... much like a snow ball headed toward heaven ... not Hell!!   Let's reverse that negative old saying. Let's go up the toboggan hill of Glory; not down!  No wonder God said he is the Light of the World and told us to let our light shine, not our love shine!


My Cloud of Witnesses is Increasing:

Last year God showed me the benefit of people dying who are ready to go heaven to be with the Lord; and many have during the past few years.  God shared with me that my audience of grand parents, aunts, uncles, and friends in heaven comprise up my personal cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1).  God continued on to say "Mike, you now have more people working for you on My side of heaven than on your side; and they are all cheering you on and interceding for you." Weeks later I heard the same words but intensified to include the words, "These cloud of witnesses are now winning the tug of war with those who accuse you on earth."  The thought came to me that the accusers on earth who are some friends and relatives have been working against me, but now my personal cloud of witnesses are raging Holy war because they know there is but a short time left and they are hollering these words ... "You are called Mike, look up for your redemption is near, and it is up this direction versus among your accusers; we have asked that God use you to a greater measure." As this happened during the last few months I started sensing my accuser's voice get smaller and smaller.   


This just may be my Decade of Enlightenment when I recognize that: 1) I have been prepared during the past decade, 2) God has prepared treasures for me that I have not seen before, 3) Time, knowledge, and information will continue to speed up, 4) I can identify the enemy a lot quicker, and 5) I see my cloud of witnesses cheer me on, and they are expanding.

Summary - Let's Give Thanks

As you reflect on the last decade please be thankful for all that you have come through. No matter what has hindered you, shamed you, beset you, or appears to have destroyed you; thank God that a new 'you' can now be grown!  In addition to a new 'you', imagine with me all that God has prepared His people for the coming decade!   Listen to the Spirit's voice, accept the good things God has prepared for you, look at the exchange process that will continue, spit in the enemy's face as soon as he is exposed, look up for your redemptive process and hear your great cloud of witnesses which will only be expanded in the coming days!!


God has been so good to Pam and I and we can only say "Oh how we love Jesus ... We are blessed daily!  We have had more revelation shared with us that has yet to be conveyed as it is too empowering to share at one time.  I can't wait for this decade of empowerment to unfold!  


If you desire more information on any of these areas please contact us. If your area is ready for a manifestation from the throne, call us as we have prepared a team of ministers to work at the altars of your community!  Be ready to exchanged the last decade with the new decade.


In Christ,


Mike and Pam Mathews



[email protected]

"Great teaching attracts people to the teacher; but revelation attracts people to Jesus"    ~David Hairabedian
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