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October 2011



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In my role as Expert Advisor in Strategic Philanthropy, at the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation Program in Social Entrepreneurship at NYU, I am often asked to talk about the concept of Social Entrepreneurship and the relation to fundraising and broader resource development. Click here for a presentation I recently developed for Women in Development of Mercer County (NJ). A few key takeaways:


  1. Definition - While there is no 'agreement' on what it means there are some consistent themes (large scale, pattern breaking social change).
  2. Implications - Social entrepreneurship is part of a larger 'movement' that is 'disrupting' philanthropy and the not-for-profit sector as we know it.
  3. Opportunities - Ultimately, it will be up to professional fundraisers and nonprofits more generally to determine how best to leverage these forces for good.
  4. Example - I present one example of how Melarbit Partners has begun to think of fundraising and philanthropy in terms of a broader 'philanthropic/social investor marketplace' and how this can be used in a 'blended' capital campaign. 
  5. Finally, resources are provided on the final slide so you can begin to explore this topic further on your own.  They include:  Blueprint; Bridgespan; and Social Impact Exchange


Later this year, Melarbit Partners will be presenting a pilot case of a Social Investment Fund that was established in support of high-impact community/economic development in Orange, New Jersey. I look forward to sharing those results with you at the end of the year.


Meanwhile, for more information or to discuss any of these topics further, please go to or email

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