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As we settle into the first few days of 2010, I hope to provide a fresh perspective on the otherwise doom and gloom that so often captures the headlines.
This is not to suggest that there is not a new economic reality facing not-for-profits, social enterprises, philanthropists and investors. The facts are clear.
However, it's also true that these times have forced us to re-evaluate priorities and re-look at how we are addressing these challenges in a way that goes beyond the immediate crisis.
Most notably, innovative c
ollaborations between government, private philanthropy, and business are being developed; individual support and volunteerism are receiving more attention; and private investing approaches that actively places capital in businesses and funds that advance a social/environmental good -- often referred to as mission-related and impact investing -- represent new possibilities for change.
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In fact, this crisis underscores what many of us have known for quite some time -- the business models supporting many organizations in our sector are just not sustainable -- and even perpetuate organizational and social instability. Several thought leaders are coming out to talk about this crisis as an opportunity to re-think the ways in which philanthropy can be an effective tool to transform society's toughest and most intractable problems.


In a new edition of Philanthrocapitalism, How Giving Can Save The World, authors Matthew Bishop & Michael Green argue that a strategic, focused and rationale approach to giving is on the rise. They make the case that the financial crisis has even increased the awareness among philanthropists, foundations and not-for-profits alike to make sure that every dollar they have is used as effectively as possible.


Similarly, Paul Schervish, Director, Boston College's Center on Wealth and Philanthropy, talks about the "New Physics of Philanthropy" in referencing the (new) rules of philanthropic engagement. This is where wealth-holders seek out rather than resist charitable involvement and approach their philanthropy with an entrepreneurial mindset.


Finally, in an exploration of new opportunities, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors recently brought together a small group of philanthropists and foundation/thought leaders to share and explore strategies for partnering with the public sector to address persistent urban issues. An underlying message of the meeting was the hope that the recession will lead to a stronger awareness of how interconnected government, business, philanthropy and not-for-profits can and should be.


Looking Ahead 

As we enter into this new decade, it is clear that there are more questions than answers. In this spirit of exploration and opportunity, Melarbit Partners, Inc. remains committed to being part of the ongoing dialogue about how best to unleash the power of philanthropy to fully address society's most pressing needs. 


We also offer a range of smart, strategic services that can help increase funding and position organizations for long-term success and sustainability.

I hope to have the opportunity to work with you in 2010 and welcome any and all inquiries. As always, to share thoughts or arrange a time to talk confidentially about your specific organizational needs, please contact bruce@melarbit.com or (646) 701-3778.


With best personal wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2010.

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Bruce Arbit
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