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This past week-end was a reminder that this year has been called the "year of weather extremes." There were deadly tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, blizzards and unprecedented triple-digit heat. In fact, a meteorologist who runs Weather Underground, a service that tracks strange and extreme weather, said, "I'm hoping for a break. I'm tired of working this hard. I'm not used to seeing all these extremes all at once in one year." 
The Dark and Cold is a Terrible Place to Be
Consider a Generator System from SWS Builders


The unexpected should now be expected. And that's why you might consider purchasing a generator system.  Before choosing a generator, you'll need to assess what appliances and equipment in your home must keep running in the event of an outage.


Here are some of the most common and critical ones:

    • sump and sewage pumps
    • boiler or furnace
    • air handlers for heat (not A/C)
    • well pump
    • refrigerator
    • stand-alone freezer
    • lighting circuit

While each family's appliance and equipment needs are different, they usually fall into one of three different scenarios:


Minimal manual system

Runs all critical components listed above


Generac 5 8 Kw This system uses a gasoline-powered generator of about 5-8 kilowatts. This requires manual disconnection of your electrical system and connection of your generator to your house system. The generator needs to be refilled with gas every 5-6 hours during use, which means you must have enough gas on hand, and you won't get a solid eight hours of sleep.


The manual system also requires that your house is set up with a generator panel and disconnect installed by a licensed electrician. This kind of system costs $3,000-5,000 and will run all appliances and equipment listed above.


Automatic emergency generator

Runs half the components in an average house


This system uses a propane-powered generator fed from a propane tank. You can choose from an above-ground propane tank with a running time of approximately 20 hours, and an underground tank with a running time of four days. Generac 10 17 KwThe clear advantage of this system - besides the longevity of the propane fuel - is that it automatically starts up when the power goes out.


These systems automatically start themselves once a week to ensure they are operable during a power outage, and need to be professionally maintained. They also require a licensed electrician to install the system. Most automatic emergency generator systems are 10-17 kilowatts with air-cooled engines and cost about $10,000-15,000 with an additional $4,000-5,000 if you choose the underground propane tank.


Upgraded automatic system

Keeps an entire house running smoothly


Generac 17 27 Kw

This system is powered by a much quieter, more efficient liquid-cooled engine and provides 17-27 kilowatts of power. These systems provide the power to keep most average-size homes running smoothly. They cost between $15,000-25,000 plus $4,000-5,000 for an underground propane tank.



Don't wait for disaster to strike


SWS Builders has provided customized generator systems for many of our clients.


"The SWS team identified key issues and more than met all of our unique challenges.

They never said 'no,' but instead found creative ways to solve problems."

Fairfield County Homeowner 


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Extreme weather is wreaking havoc more than ever before. Don't be left in the dark or the cold this winter. Call SWS Builders today to discuss a generator system designed especially for you.



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