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January 2009 #1
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Going Solar Workshop--January 25--sign up today
Welcome to Urban Solar Solutions 
These are exciting times.  Did you hear this line from yesterday's inaugural speech?:
"...and each day brings further evidence that the ways we use energy strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet." Barack Obama
Finally, a president who gets it: saving energy, and going solar is patriotic!  The President goes on to assure us of his support for renewable energy systems like solar and wind.  Lots of our local leaders have already gone green and the evidence is the many tax incentives and grant programs available.  Two are described later in this newsletter.
Now is the time to prepare for a green future. 
We at Urban Solar Solutions are here to help you along the way.  As you know, being on our mailing list, we are a green store in the Hyattsville, MD area, just outside of Washington, DC.  All our products save energy, reduce production or assist in saving the Chesapeake. 
We'll be holding workshops on energy savings, alternative energy and other money saving topics over the next several months.  The first one is this Sunday.  More information is below.  Come to our www site to register, www.urbansolarsolutions.com.
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Urban Solar Solutions
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Going Solar Workshop--January 25--Sign up today!
Solar Panel in urban setting
Where:  Urban Solar Solutions, 4641 Tanglewood Drive (in the Community Forklift Building), Edmonston, MD 20781
When:   January 25, 2009  2-4pm
Fee: $30.00
Learn about going solar from the experts: The decisions you will need to be prepared to make. What types of solar power are available and estimate for cost and ROI. How to select an installer. How to prepare your home for going solar. We will also introduce you to some of the many federal, state, local and private funding sources available. Whether for a few hundred dollars for a passive solar installation or many thousands for a full grid-tied PV, thermal and HVAC replacement system, this workshop will help you prepare to save money, time and (your) energy.
Our experts that day will be Dave Brosch of Green Homes Blue Sky, LLC and Carlo La Porta of Capital Sun Group.
Dave is an Energy Star Contractor and RESNET certified, He has been performing energy audits and repairs for over 5 years. A former building inspector for the city of Baltimore, Dave brings a wealth of experience in addressing the energy issues of old homes.
Carlo is a solar installer of long standing. Starting in 1977 from the first peak of interest in this clean and safe energy system, Carlo has ad field and design experience in systems from PV to thermal concentrator technology to simple passive solar design. He has worked with schools, homeowners, industrial projects and governments both here and abroad. (Ask him about the solar installation on the South Pole!)
Tax Credits, Grants and More: Federal, State and Local help to Go Green 
2009 is shaping up into the best year ever for making green changes to your existing home.  There are many tax incentives and grant programs now in place to help you along.  Here are 3 examples. 
  • Federal-one small part of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of '08 that passed in October had a big effect on the eenrgy efficiency.  It extended the energy efficiency tax deduction for commercial building owners (Up to $1.80 per square foot!) It extended the '05 tax credit for solar and renewable energy installation by 8 years for residential and removed the old $2000 limit.
  • Prince Georges County has joinned Montgomery County, Harford, Anne Arundel and Howard Counties in offering a propert tax credit to support solar installations in residential buildings.  A generous 50% of the installation up to $5000 is elligible in PG.  (by the way, PG also stands for pretty good...)
  • Washington, DC is putting the finishing touches on its 2009 grant program.  Announcement will go out soon and we will let you know when we hear its out about it.  A very popular program, in the past couple of years it funded up to one third of a solar installation.  The state of Maryland is taking names for its solar grants waiting list-2009 is closed but 2010 is still open.

For more go to: www.energytaxincentives.org. We'll also be holding a workshop in March on finding funds to pay for a solar or other renewable energy installation in this down economy.  More information will be coming to you in future newsletters.

Calling all Contractors!!!
Urban Solar Solutions is looking for contractors interested in going green!  If you are already doing green work, are trained in alternative energy, are LEED certified or just interested in getting trained, LET US KNOW!!
Right now, I have 4 opportunities for training in solar hot water heating systems and 2 in installation of a green lighting systems.  These trainings are free from the manufactuer.  The first is open to general contractors (no need for a plumber's license) and the second requires an electrician's license in MD, VA or DC. 
These are great opportunites for the right professional (did I mention that they are free?) so let us know if you or someone in your shop is interested by email at admin@urbansolarsolutions.com.  And, remember, let us know what installations you do that are green.
Looking for more information, have a comment? A suggestion?  Email us by clicking HERE.
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Urban Solar Solutions, LLC January 2009 #1