The Latest in RPO & Recruiting - August 25, 2009
It's only been a week since our last newsletter but there are so many great articles coming out we couldn't wait to get them out there. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is hot and everyone is talking about it, even us. You won't want to miss our next presentation The RPO Impact. We'll introduce you to RPO, talk about the latest trends, and how we can help you work with your clients. Please join us!
We're featuring an article from the latest edition of Talent Management Magazine, Best Practices in RPO. It's one of the most in depth articles we've come across that really explains the true benefits to any company thinking about implementing RPO. In a sidebar story you can read about three strategies to ensure RPO success. It's great that RPO is making the cover stories.
Numbers don't lie so you'll be interested to see the 2009 Black Book of Outsourcing global survey. With results coming from 30,000 users across 5,000 companies an amazing 91% of RPO customers acheived their desired results.
A self-proclaimed Twitter hater has made three placements within six weeks of drinking the kool-aid. Are you ready to tweet yet?
Finally, do you pass the social media recruitment test? Many of us are LinkedIn, Facebooking and Twittering. Are we able to recognize the best candidates we're finding? 
If you hadn't already heard about it we'd like to share our great news once more: WorldConcert was named to HRO Today's Baker's Dozen.
We hope you join for The RPO Impact tomorrow morning at 11:30 EDT. It's the perfect way to start your lunch.
Enjoy the News!
Best Practices in RPO
When well executed, recruitment process outsourcing relationships can expand the entire recruiting process and save organizations time & money
George Vollmer - Talent Management Magazine
Given the state of the economy it's no surprise some companies are scaling down their recruiting ranks. But the economic slump doesn't mean companies can afford to slack on recruiting efforts. Companies may be filling fewer jobs but they still need to recruit for hard-to-fill positions and build talent communities to ensure they have access to the talent they need when they need it. This will be evident when the economy rebounds and there is a resurgence in hiring.
RPO Industry Poised to Double in Post-Recession Recovery Market
91% achieved their desired benefits through RPO, a near record level of client satisfaction across the entire outsourcing spectrum

The 2009 Black Book of Outsourcing survey of global client experience in nearly five thousand vendor organizations by thirty thousand users reveals that the human resources niche of Recruitment Processes will be among the fastest growth sector as the global economy recovers. 88% of users indicate the weakened economy has modified their corporate sourcing strategies to significantly increase RPO business within the next two years
How I Made 3 Hires in 6 Weeks with Twitter
Confessions of a Twitter Hater 
Megan Hopkins

My relationship with Twitter started out very slowly and much like my relationship with my ex-husband - I was not a fan. At all. In fact, whenever Twitter was mentioned around me I cringed (much like I do when I hear "Steve Jobs" or "Apple") and immediately tuned out.  You see, not only am I stubborn, I am also all knowing...just ask my parents...and I am NEVER wrong.  Ok, so to be fair, "never" is a bit of a stretch... In any event, I associated Twitter with all things stupid that did not catch my fancy (though I'm sure Ashton Kutcher is a very nice person) and I preferred to stick to my tried and true recruiting ways.  Experimentation is not my thing.

Social Networking Corner

Do You Pass the Social Media Recruitment Test?
With the emergence of social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and their user bases growing by the millions, one would think that a headhunter's job just got much easier. I mean let's face it; nowadays we can find anybody whether it's on one of these social networking sites, on a blog, discussion board, alumni list or via true and tried headhunting techniques. But it's not that simple.
What's your grade?
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