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City Council Approves River District Specific Plan

River District Specific Plan Paves Way for Smart Growth
River District Zoning & Circulation
At its February 15 meeting, Sacramento City Council approved a new Specific Plan for The River District making the area shovel ready for new mixed use projects while preserving existing businesses.  The Plan provides for greater connectivity with the rivers as well as providing crucial connections with Downtown and the Railyards.  "Planning for infill development near transit will help the Sacramento area meet our Smart Growth goals and provide for a more sustainable environment," said Steve Goodwin, President of The River District business association. "We are pleased with the process and outcome for the Specific Plan, and we commend the City Staff members for their diligent work."


Plan will Accommodate Residential, Office and Commercial Uses

The River District envisioned in the Specific Plan will be a vibrant, mixed-use community connected to the surrounding neighborhoods by a network of local streets, light rail transit and bicycle and pedestrian pathways.  It will be home to existing light industrial uses with new development transitioning to a mix of residential and retail/commercial infill.


Projected River District Development:

  • 8,144 Residential Units
  • 103,029 SF Civic/Institutional Use
  • 854,000 SF Retail/Wholesale
  • 3,956,000 SF Office
  • 1,463,000 SF Light Industrial
  • 3,000 Hotel Rooms
  • 55.5 Acres of Parks and Open Space 
Desired Results will Guide Development
Guiding Principles
  • The River District's unique character and design will provide a sense of place.
  • The River District will be comprised of distinct neighborhoods with unique personalities.
  • The River District's desirable location will support a diverse and robust economy.
  • The River District will maximize connectivity.
  • The River District will support all transportation modes.
  • The River District will be a model for Sustainable Development.
  • The River District Specific Plan will support strategies to improve safety and social conditions.
  • The scenic environment and livability of The River District will be enhanced through the development of public parks, open space, trails and outstanding community facilities and amenities.


Comprehensive Plan
The Specific Plan Addresses:
  • Land Use
  • Circulation
  • Parks & Open Space
  • Public Services & Community Facilities
  • Historic Resources
  • Utility Infrastructure

City Council took Action to adopt Ordinances and Resolutions that include:

  • Certification of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
  • Adoption of the River District Specific Plan, Design Guidelines and Infrastructure Financing Plan
  • Adoption of the River District Special Planning District
  • Rezoning various parcels in the River District
  • Adoption of the River District Design Guidelines for the River District Design Review District
  • Establishment of the River District Design Review District
  • Amendments to the General Plan land use diagram
  • Rescinding the Richards Boulevard Area Plan & Facility Element
  • Amendment to the 2030 General Plan Circulation Element
  • Amendment to the Railyards Specific Plan relating to future operation of 5th and 7th Streets
  • Amendment to the Bikeway Master Plan in accordance with the River District Specific Plan
  • Approval of a Water Supply Assessment Report
  • Rescinding the Discovery Centre PUD
  • Nominating properties in the River District Specific Plan area as Landmarks and nominating the North 16th Street Historic District for listing in the Sacramento Register of Historic and Cultural Resources

For more information visit the City of Sacramento/River District Specific Plan


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