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January - March 2012

J. Blake Wade
Native American Cultural and Educational Authority (NACEA), Executive Director 
I'm excited to serve as the NACEA director, developing The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum. I remember being involved in the 1980's when The Center was a dream of so many. Now, we see the light at the end of the tunnel as we dedicate ourselves to a 2014 completion date. We are grateful to the dozens of donors from all sectors-State of Oklahoma, City of Oklahoma City, federal government, American Indian tribes, corporations, foundations and individuals.  We need everyone's support to make this happen! Support Now   

Gena Timberman
The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum, Director 
Halito!  Here at The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum, we are optimistically anticipating a new time of growth and change - a special time of development and life.  What better time to celebrate this than the time of the vernal equinox - the beginning of Spring!  There is much anticipation in the air as we await significant decisions to be made from State leaders and others regarding the roadmap to completion for The Center.  In the meantime, our team is rapidly advancing the Exhibition Design and Museum Programs More


Hard Hats
Construction Progress
Centennial Builders and the consultants are currently reviewing and updating the drawings to ensure all meet current codes, due to the age of the drawings. In addition, they are preparing bid package documents and developing a comprehensive bid package schedule which will result in the completion of the Hall of the People, interior construction and the continued development of the exhibition design.        
NEO Tribal Flag Plaza
NEO Tribal Flag Plaza
The Center participated in a number of community outreach activities including site tours, community presentations and community events throughout the state. A few include: Seminole State College and Iowa State University student site tours. Participation in the Miami Nation's Cultural Night, the dedication of the Tribal Flag Plaza at NEO, the inauguration and State of the Nation Address at Muscogee (Creek) Nation and the Oklahoma Museum Associations Oklahoma Native American Museums Professional Association Mid-Winter meeting at Fred Jones Jr. Museum.   


Bunky and Riverside Student
Bunky Echo Hawk and
Riverside Student
Riverside Indian School Workshop
with Bunky Echo Hawk 

The Center provided a workshop for Riverside High School students using traditional American Indian arts and cultural knowledge as a source of inspiration, motivation and empowerment. Bunky Echo Hawk led students through a creative process that involved each student drawing a series of three separate self-portraits depicting different cultural and character attributes. Students then had the opportunity to refine their public speaking skills to articulate the significance embedded in each portrait. Another objective was to strengthen peer-to-peer empowerment, unifying the group as a community.          


Indian Education Wkshp
Workshop Participant
American Indian Learners Regional Workshop  
The Center presented a workshop for statewide American Indian educators which focused on the use of traditional methods of achieving cultural health and wellness to maintain balance. The curriculum involved reintroducing cultural materials and their significance to students to empower their sense of cultural and individual well-being. The workshop focused on the following concepts: origins of people, importance of place, animals as protectors, traditional forms of medicine and spirituality.       


NIE Cover Art
Chris Pappan, Artist
Newspapers in Education    
The Center, in partnership with The Oklahoman, and the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art (FJJMA) distributed the spring edition of Newspapers in Education teaching supplement featuring contemporary Native art. Through the lens of Native American culture the publication explores the artistic and creative traditions of tribes in Oklahoma.The NIE includes feature stories, learning activities and will highlight art from the (FJJMA) collection. If you would like to receive a copy of this edition please contact Nancy Fields.    


Museum Programs
The Center, in partnership with Museums Consultants Network, (MCn) conducted a two-day workshop to plan and map out a series of opening year public programs. A menu of options was finalized with some Pilot Programs scheduled to begin in the Fall of  2012. The Pilot Programs will be reflective of the kinds of public programs that a visitor will experience upon opening day.   


Significance of the New Graphic Identity 
Another institutional milestone was accomplished as the new graphic identity was revealed. The new graphic identity  is  embedded with symbolic meanings that express our relationship to the tribes and to nature. The significance of colors, shape, the relationship to tribes and the reference as the Heart of Indian Country were shared in depth. More  


Website Enhancements 
The current website is under construction as we streamline the sitemap, improve navigation, update content, images and video and implement the new brand design over the next several months. We appreciate your patience and welcome feedback regarding things you would like to see on the website. Suggestions  


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The Center Director
Construction Progress
Student Workshop
Educators Workshop
Newspapers in Education
Museum Programs
Graphic Identity
Website Enhancements
Happy Anniversary

Shoshana Wasserman
5 years
Director of Communications and Cultural Tourism
The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum

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