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Gena T Dan B. Mayor Q2

Dan Batchelor  

Gena Timberman  

Mayor Mick Cornett

Institutional Update   

Halito!  As we gear up for our work this summer, we reflect on this past fiscal year; and, most recently, the activity of the legislative session and how it has impacted the Native American Cultural and Educational Authority and the AICCM. This legislative session, the Funding Plan for the AICCM, which would have authorized $40M of state bonds, subject to non-state matching funds to complete the project, was unfortunately not considered and approved by the Legislature this year.It has been a challenging year at the Capitol for our project; though, we certainly did our best to answer questions about the AICCM and assure the legislature that this project makes good sense for the state and for the tribes. More 


Construction Feb

Multipurpose Building Construction 

Construction Update 

April - June

Construction of the Multipurpose Performance Theater continues on schedule and should be enclosed by the end of August. Installation of the mechanical systems will continue through the summer. The partially installed systems have been functioning and keeping the buildings within a specified temperate zone. The building's energy efficient ice storage system has now been cooling the facility for three months.   
Govs Keating & Henry

Governors Keating & Henry

Site Tours


During the last quarter, a number of site tours and meetings were hosted at the AICCM site, including former Governors Frank Keating and Brad Henry and their respective wives, a group of independent commercial developers, the Oklahoma River Front Development Authority, the Oklahoma Water Resource Board, and Tom Noga, German freelance journalist.

Multipurpose Bldg

AICCM Multipurpose Building

Capital Campaign

The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum is an interactive cultural center where each visitor experiences a living, evolving and dynamic presentation of Oklahoma's rich history and Native American culture. Every architectural space and educational exhibit conveys another hue and dimension in the rich cultural tapestry of our state and its people - reaching beyond race, nationality and origin to the heart of each of us who share a common history. To help build the AICCM please donate now. 


Civil War Renactment

Civil War Reenactment

Exhibition Development    


The Arts and Exhibitions Division continues to contribute to content development for the exhibitions, with current focus  on narrative scripting of the many powerful Removal Stories of the 39 tribes to Oklahoma. On April 30, Russ Tall Chief visited the reenactment of the Civil War Battle held at Honey Springs, near Checotah. The 1863 battle included members of the Five Civilized Tribes who were as divided as the Union and Confederate soldiers.   

089 Ryan Dirteater Q2
Ryan Dirteater
Tribal Outreach
April - June
"It's a dance between me and the bull," explains Ryan Dirteater during an interview with Stacey Halfmoon about the dynamic between himself and a two-ton bucking bull while in the arena. A professional Cherokee Bull Rider from Tahlequah, Oklahoma Ryan placed 2nd in the world in 2009.  On this sunny day at his ranch/training facility, he stands squarely in a pasture with over a dozen prize winning bulls in the near distance, sharing his passion for the sport of bull riding. This is an example of the many contemporary stories that will be shared in the museum.

BP Weatherford Braided Paths: Conversations In Indian Country, Weatherford
April - June
The Braided Paths public program explores the historic and contemporary contributions of the region's Native communities engaging students, the public and Native community members in a dialogue about removal, culture, educational partnerships, and how the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal College contributes to the greater community. Video clips of tribal community interviews that relate to the discussion topics were interwoven throughout the program.

J Public Relations Q2

J Public Relations  

National Media Pitches     

April - June

AICCM hosted three representatives from J. Public Relations firm, who were  visitng Oklahoma to learn more about the vibrant arts and cultural activities in Oklahoma. The firm will spend the next year developing regional and national story ideas about Oklahoma. Their visit to the AICCM Visitor Center provided an overview of the museum project and its  relationship to the 39 tribes of Oklahoma. Representatives were introduced to some resources and ideas that can be expanded upon for future media stories pertaining to the tribal cultures in Oklahoma.  

Tribal Outreach

Tribal Outreach Page 

Website Enhancements 
April - June

In order to provide the latest and greatest news about AICCM development, new pages are continually being added to the AICCM website  including content, blogs, video and photographs. Check out a few of these items: 

Tribal Outreach and Commercial Development



ICSC 099 Q2

ICSC 2011

RECon 2011 Global Real Estate Convention, International Council of Shopping Centers 

Members of the AICCM team traveled to the Las Vegas Convention Center to participate in RECon 2011 Global Retail Real Estate Convention, which is the largest gathering of retail professionals in the world. Over 35,000 attendees provided  the opportunity for AICCM to meet one-on-one with developers and lenders interested in AICCM commercial development, including: a hotel, conference center and arts market place.




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Institutional Update
Site Tours
Capital Campaign
Exhibition Development
Tribal Outreach
Braided Paths
Media Pitches
Web Enhancements
Honors & Recognition
4 Year Anniversary, April
Director of Administration and Operations
Sue F
Sue Fish
4 Year Anniversary, May
Assistant to Administration and Operations


3 Year Anniversary, June
Development Coordinator


Nathan Hart and Debbie Lindsey for their years with the project. We wish them the best of luck in their new professional endeavors.

Nathan Hart


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