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Construction Feb

Multi-Purpose Building Construction 

Construction Update

January - March

The structural steel on the Multi-purpose building is now being erected following the two winter snow storms in February, and crews will soon begin installation of the wooden deck and structural beams. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing work in the Central Plant and building basement continues to make steady progress.   

OU GEO Diversity Class

OU Site Tour  

OU GeoDiversity Class Site Tour 


Diversity in Geosciences:Students from the University of Oklahoma Diversity in Geosciences Project visited the AICCM site in March to gain further understanding of the relationship of  AICCM's architectural spaces and earthworks with Earth Systems Sciences.  The students held on-site discussions of how the AICCM physical design is an example for the relationship of indigenous knowledge and geosciences.    

Spring Equinox 2011


Spring Equinox 


The Vernal or spring equinox marks an important time when Native communities gather for cultural celebrations across Indian Country. Equinox or "equal night" is a special time at the AICCM site when the sunrise aligns with the East Gate entrance, comprised of Mesquabuck stones, and the Hall of the People. The project opening is anticipated to be in the Spring of 2015.    


Keeping the Fire
Keeping the Fire Campaign

We're pleased to announce that the inaugural Keeping the Fire Campaign has raised $27,308! Donations came from individuals, families, tribal governments, companies and foundations. Funds will support programs and operations of the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum.   
Keeping the Fire Contributors.
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KLewis 150x150 enews

Keevin Lewis (Navajo)

NMAI Orientation: Arts Leadership & Emerging Artist Programs  


Keevin Lewis (Navajo) offered local artists an introduction to Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) Arts Leadership and Emerging Artist Programs in March at the AICCM Visitors Center. These two NMAI-funded programs enable Native artists to access the NMAI's collection to research and document cultural materials. The artists then return home empowered with new knowledge-often of ancient cultural materials-to share what they learned during their visit to Washington, D.C. 

Native Science Speaker Series
Oklahoma Panelists
OU's Native Science Speaker Series
February - April
The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum is pleased to join The University of Oklahoma and The Diversity in Geosciences Project as a co-sponsor for the University of Oklahoma's Diversity in Geosciences Project.  Four nationally recognized scholars working in the field of Native Sciences present Lectures and Community Dialogues. The next lecture, in April, features Dr. Steven Semken,  Place is Where We Learn from Earth and Sky, in April.  See Details
OKNAMPA Mid-Winter Meeting
In February, the Oklahoma Native American Museums Professional Association (OKNAMPA), is a standing professional committee of the Oklahoma Museums Association. OKNAMPA gathered at the AICCM Visitor Center featuring Karen Cooper, Cherokee Heritage Center, who presented the first-of-its-kind "self-test" and moderated the energetic discussion teaching museum professionals how to critique specific aspects of tribal museum work.
Braided Paths Image
Braided Paths Program

Braided Paths: Conversations in Indian Country 


Through a grant from the Oklahoma Humanities Council, AICCM will present three public programs throughout Oklahoma this spring. The first program is in partnership with Northeastern Oklahoma A & M College (NEO) in Miami, which is hosting the event in April. With nine tribes located in Ottawa County, this "conversation" with tribal leaders and community members will cover the unique history and contributions of the tribes in the region.  The event is free and open to the public. For more information contact  Stacey Halfmoon or Nancy Fields.
NIE placeholder
 Cover Artist, Brent Greenwood
Newspapers in Education
The spring News Papers in Education will be distributed in April to eager students, ready to learn more about Native culture. This edition will feature profiles of each tribal nation in Oklahoma. Students will learn about the rich cultural history, lifeways, and the important tribal distinctions that make Oklahoma's Tribal Nations unique and important to the population of the state. This new publication is adapted from the Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation's Oklahoma Indian Country Guide.

Web Enhancements Image
Natural Elements
Website Enhancements 

The AICCM website is always adding new pages, content, blogs, video and photographs to provide the latest and greatest news about AICCM development. Check out a few of these items: 

AICCM Overview Video, Museum Walk Through Video, Project Photo Album, Site History, Natural Elements, Site Development.



Act of Repentance 3976
Gordon Yellowman
(Cheyenne & Arapaho)
Acts of Repentance Presentation

Shoshana Wasserman, Gordon Yellowman, and Dr. Joseph "Bud" Sahmaunt presented some of the impacts of history on Native people today to students from the "Native American Religious Traditions" class at St. Paul School of Theology, OCU. This memorable evening generated awareness about the multiple removals of Native peoples from original homelands to Indian Territory, the "Sand Creek Massacre," and growing up immersed in a thriving Kiowa Cultural Community. The United Methodist Church will offer an Acts of Repentance and Reconciliation for Native American People Across the World at the 2012 General Conference in Florida.



Iowa Tribe Eagle Sanctuary Dedication
Iowa Eagle Sanctuary Dedication

AICCM representatives
attended the dedication of the Iowa Tribe's newest flight cage at the Bah Kho-je Xla Chi (Grey Snow Eagle House), funded by the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma and a U.S. Fish and Wildlife grant. This event also commemorated the aviary's 5th anniversary.  Read Blog


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OU GeoDiversity Tour
Spring Equinox
Keeping the Fire
NMAI Arts Programs
OU Native Science
Braided Paths
Newspapers in Educ.
Web Enhancements
Acts of Repentance
Iowa Eagle Sanctuary
Honors & Recognition
2011 Woman of the Year 
Changing Winds Cultural Society
3 Year Anniversary, January
Director of Community Affairs

Shoshana Wasserman
4 Year Anniversary, March   Director of
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