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Aerial Photo
2010 Fall Equinox
October-December 2010                                                       www.aiccm.org                                                                                          


Winter Solstice through tunnel
2009 Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

The West Passage Tunnel through the Central Promontory Mound precisely frames the setting of the sun on the winter solstice.  The moment begins the longest winter night filled with the brightest of the stars.  This time of holiday feast and festivities is a time amongst many Native communities to reflect on blessings.
Multi Purpose Theater
Multi-Purpose Performance Facility

Construction Update
October - December

Construction progress at year end, marks 94% completion of the structural steel and 88% of the total building footprint enclosed.  Work is underway on the 7,800 square feet Multi-Purpose Performance Facility.  Pier installation is complete with the steel erection set to begin before New Year's day.
Muscogee Creek National Council
Muscogee Creek National Council Members

Muscogee (Creek) Nation Site Visit

Seven members of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation National Council along with four staff from the Council and Nation visited the AICCM construction site for a project update.  After the design, funding and programs conversation, the Nation representatives accompanied AICCM staff on a walk-through tour of the Center's gallery spaces. 

Keeping the Fire
Keeping the Fire Campaign
November- December
A special thank you to those who donated to our first Keeping the Fire Campaign.  Your donations will support AICCM programs and operations during the coming year.  For those who have yet to donate we continue to accept donations after the November-December campaign period and welcome your participation. Donate Now

Bill & Jack Thorpe
Jack & Bill Thorpe
Jim Thorpe: The Enduring Legacy of the World's Greatest Athlete
Guests enjoyed an evening with Justin Lenhart, Director of the Jim Thorpe Museum and Jim Thorpe's sons, Jack and Bill Thorpe for a conversation about the legacy of an amazing man. Mr. Lenhart spoke passionately about the life and athletic career of Sac and Fox sports, and Jack and Bill Thorpe sharing personable memories of their father. It was a wonderful evening that honored a man who left a remarkable legacy.

Jereldine Redcorn
Hands On Workshop-Caddo Pottery
Participants ranging in age from children to adults participated in a pottery workshop conducted by renowned Caddo potter, Jereldine Redcorn. The workshop included an introduction to ancient Caddo  techniques, designs and materials. Jereldine provided participants with clay and the opportunity to make their own vessel. Students enjoyed themselves and were able to take home a piece of handcrafted art.
NIE Front Cover
Oklahoman Insert
Newspapers in Education
Students across Oklahoma received the fall Native Sports Newspapers in Education issue covering early Native American sports and games as well as Jim Thorpe, the "World's Greatest Athlete."  The content focused on the outstanding contributions Native American cultures have made to sports, the hurdles that were overcome to achieve some of the greatest victories in sports history, and the cultural importance that sports play in Native communities in Oklahoma today.

American Indian Cinema
Cinema Showcase
American Indian Cinema Showcase
November 4 - 7, 2010

AICCM was honored to partner with the Oklahoma City Museum of Art in November for the fourth consecutive year. In celebration of the National American Indian Heritage Month, the American Indian Cinema Showcase explored native cultures through the lens of native Films.


AICCM Holiday Video

1 Cup of Stellar Holiday Staff
1 Singing Santa and his Harmonizing Elves
1 Snazzy Stanza from Original Round Dance Song
Dash of Red Dirt
Appx. 260 Acres of Cultural Park
Mix well until holiday cheer has been shared with all!

Okla Indian Guide
Oklahoma Indian Country Guide
Oklahoma Indian Country Guide
O K L A H O M A -the state's name originates from two Choctaw words Okla  Humma meaning Red People. If you traveled throughout Europe you wouldn't encounter as many different cultures or languages as you will in the state of Oklahoma.  This one-of-a-kind tourism guide delivers amazing cultural experiences all within a short 45 minute to 4 hour excursion. Experience the 39 tribes in Oklahoma today for the vacation of a lifetime. Order Individual Guides. To order multiple guides call 1-800-652-6552.

Tribal Banners
AICCM Tribal Banners
Creativity World Forum
November 16-17, 2010
More than 2,500 registrants from 38 states and 18 countries participated in the event over the three-day of event making, it the largest Creativity World Forum ever.  The total economic impact to the city of Oklahoma City was over $1.8 million.  AICCM  and the Chickasaw Nation helped infuse the conference with the Native American Experience through the Opening Ceremony, LIVE PAINT, LIVE READ, "Moving the Fire" exhibit, and the Closing Ceremony.More

Roy Williams
Roy Williams
OklaVisionary & OklaNative Culture
November 16-17, 2010
Mondays & Wednesdays @ Noon (CST)
AICCM & OklaVision present two segments weekly highlighting Oklahoma's Visionary leaders and Native Cultural representatives. Guests this quarter included: Brent Greenwood, David Wilson, Kymberly Hazlett, Roy Williams, Nathan Pratt, Jeri Redcorn, Amy Weaver and Steve Barse.

Winter Solstice
Construction Update
Muscogee Creek Visit
Keeping the Fire
Thorpe Program
Caddo Pottery Workshop
Newspapers in Education
Holiday Video
Oklahoma Indian Country Guide
Creativity World Forum
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Honors & Recognition
GT State Service Award
Gena Timberman
2010 Oklahoma State Service Award
11 Year Anniversary, December
Executive Director

Russ 2010
Russ Tall Chief
2 Year Anniversary, October
Director of
Arts & Exhibitions

Susan 2010
3 Year Anniversary, Executive Secretary


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Winter Solstice
The cardinal directions align with the tunnel during the winter solstice sunset

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