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2010 Fall Equinox
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Multi PurposeTheater Construction

Construction Update
July - September

With the completion of the North and South Gallery and East Wing metal roofs and walls, the AICCM has literally been "raising the roof". Additionally, the Hall of People steel and painting is 98% complete.  The Central Plant equipment has been installed, piped, and energized, providing the Visitor Center with permanent power, while Multi Purpose grade beams and structural steel are currently being fabricated.  More
East Gate Walls
East Gate Entry Wall
East Gate Wall Completion

The East Gate entrance is a contemplating walk through two dramatic inclining stone walls rising to 40 feet in height.  The stones of the East Gate are a tribute to those who were indigenous to the geographic region now known as Oklahoma while also honoring the ancestors who made the courageous journey from their tribal homelands throughout North America to what was then known as "Indian Territory".  These East Gate walls align precisely with the sunrise of the March (Vernal) and September (Autumnal) Equinoxes. More
Minick Materials
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Minick Site Visit

Minick Materials hosted a tour to Southeast Oklahoma where the Mesquabuck stone of the East Gate entrance was quarried.  Characterized by its visible red and white strata, the Mesquabuck stone carries the name of the Potawatomi chief Mes'k wah-buk, whose name signifies the red color of the sky at sunrise and sunset.  The stone is from the Ouachita sediment of the Pennsylvanian Period in the geologic time scale, which therefore dates the stones back approximately 300 million years. 

New Fire at Groundblessing Ceremony
Keeping the Fire
Keeping the Fire Campaign
Coming in November

Keeping the Fire Campaign Kicks Off in November
The Keeping the Fire Campaign kicks off on November 1st and continues through December 31, 2010. This is your opportunity to support the annual programs and operations for the Cultural Center.  Please watch your mail box and email to find out more about AICCM activities and help us create a world class American Indian Cultural Center. Donate Now

Secured Online Giving
Online Giving
Online Giving
Online Giving Now Available
Are you interested in supporting all the amazing things the AICCM is accomplishing? It just got a little easier to make a donation online with the secure giving site.  Gifts can be made to the Annual Fund for AICCM Operations and Programs or to the Capital Campaign for the Building and Endowment. Online Giving.

Science Museum Oklahoma Planetarium
Community Outreach
This fall, the AICCM is "hitting the road" for more tribal and community outreach.  Time will be spent sharing project updates, getting input from the tribes and conducting interviews with community members.  AICCM has begun implementing public programs! In August, AICCM hosted a great evening "under the stars", a Native Astronomy program, at the Science Museum Oklahoma Planetarium.  In November AICCM will once again partner with The Oklahoman on "Newspapers in Education", an educational supplement for teachers and students, focusing on "Native Sports".
Jim Thorpe
Newspapers in Education - Sports Theme
Publishes October 27, 2010
AICCM is pumped about the edition of NIE focusing on Native sports. This issue will be distributed to students throughout Oklahoma in November.  It includes Native American sports traditions, many of which inspired the foundations of America's most popular sports.  Readers will learn about American Indian athletes such as Jim Thorpe and Sam Bradford, who made enormous impacts on team sports. To this day, the native approach to sportsmanship fosters strong character building within Oklahoma's Native communities. 

Cinema Showcase
American Indian Cinema
American Indian Cinema Showcase
Coming November 4 - 7, 2010

AICCM is honored to partner with the Oklahoma City Museum of Art in November for the fourth consecutive year. In celebration of the National American Indian Heritage Month, the American Indian Cinema Showcase explores native cultures through the lens of native Films.

Sam Noble Museum
Sam Noble
Exhibition Development
Curatorial Context of the "Origins Room
AICCM recently visited the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History to view cultural materials that could be loaned to AICCM for the Origins Room. The Sam's collection is rich with ancient cultural materials, brought for trade to the Spiro Mounds. AICCM is exploring how visitors can experience the metaphysical origins of tribal people through story and archeological evidence found in Eastern Oklahoma at the Spiro Mounds and in Western Oklahoma at the Cooper site.



Oklahoma Indian Guide
Okla Indian Guide
Oklahoma Indian Tourism Guide
Coming in November

O K L A H O M A -the state's name originates from two Choctaw words Okla  Humma meaning Red People. If you traveled throughout Europe you wouldn't encounter as many different cultures or languages as you will in the state of Oklahoma.  This one-of-a-kind tourism guide delivers amazing cultural experiences all within a short 45 minute to 4 hour excursion. Experience the 39 tribes in Oklahoma today for the vacation of a lifetime. One State, Many Nations!
Creativity World Forum
Creativity World Forum
Creativity World Forum
November 16-17, 2010
The world is coming to Oklahoma in November. Will you be there? Immerse yourself in a global gathering of experts exploring creativity and innovation in commerce, culture and education. Some of the speakers include: Blake Mycoskie, Chief Shoe Giver of Tom's Shoes; Daniel Pink, New York Times best-selling author; Erik Logan, President of Harpo Productions; Pranav Mistry, Inventor of SixthSense, a wearable gestural interface.  Local leaders  include: Chickasaw Governor, Bill Anoatubby; Aubrey McClendon, CEO, Chesapeake Energy and many more. Early bird registration ends October 15, 2010. 
Ice Storage Cooling System
Ice Storage
AICCM was recently featured in the US Department of Energy's blog "Energy Empowers," featuring the nation's clean energy stories. AICCM'S proactive approach to renewable energy has attracted attention with the implementation of an ice storage cooling system that will cool the complex more efficiently. It will feel like central air-conditioning but instead of cool air from conventional refrigeration, it will come from large tanks of ice. The ice will melt throughout the day during peak energy consumption and refreeze at night during low energy usage. Are We Green or What?

Steve Mason
Steve Mason
OklaVisionary & Okla Native Culture
Mondays & Wednesdays @ Noon (CST)

AICCM & OklaVision present two segments weekly highlighting Oklahoma's Visionary leaders and Native Cultural representatives. Guests this quarter:  Ann Thompson, Cal Hobson, Lucy Wabanausee, Angela Monson, Robert Henry, Chairman Mike Burgess, Kyle Brown, Harvey Pratt, Jim Pepper Henry, Nathan Hart, Vistor Roubidoux, Greg Rodgers, Steve Mason and Tad Jones.

Did You Know?
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Honors & Recognition
Sue Fish
Sue Fish
20 Year Recognition as an Oklahoma State Employee
Assistant to
Administration & Operations
 Stacey Halfmoon
3 Year Anniversary, July
Director of
Community Outreach &
Public Programs

Nancy Fields
Nancy Fields
2 Year Anniversary, September
Education Coordinator


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