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Winter Solstice through tunnelWinter Solstice
"Calendars on the Landscape." The solstice days of the summer & winter along with the equinox days of spring & fall mark the cycles of the sun, earth, moon, seasons, constellations and their interconnected relationships. For thousands of years Native Peoples have created earthen mounds to track and acknowledge these cycles.  As 21st Century Moundbuilders, AICCM continues the tradition of honoring the solstice days. The Promontory Mound has two features aligning with the setting of the sun during the summer & winter solstice. The recent winter solstice revealed the spectacular sunset through the west passage tunnel of the Promontory.
October - December
Great progress has been seen by those passing the construction site over the last several months. Work crews maneuvered through testy weather conditions finishing the
major structural steel for the Gallery Buildings and East Wing, as
wood timbers and deck installation concluded in tempo.  
The enclosure of the Gallery Buildings with metal roof and wall panel systems  progressed as the
fabrication of the columns and trusses for the Hall of the People continue.
Exhibition TeamExhibition Content & Design
Arts & Exhibitions continues to advance design and content for the core exhibit. During the last several months the focus has been on contemporary themes including; Community, Natural Democracy, and Governance. Community explores the relationships that broaden from family to clan to tribe and onward to an intertribal and global community.  Natural Democracy reveals the interconnectedness between the physical and metaphysical. Governance surveys how  tribal nations govern and provide for their tribal citizens and contribute to the overall wellbeing of the state of Oklahoma. 
KialegeeKialegee Festival
AICCM representatives Stacey Halfmoon & Nancy Fields attended the "Kialegee Nettv"  festival.  The festival was held indoors at the community building outside of Wetumka, Oklahoma. There was lots of good food, plenty of bingo and health representatives from the Creek Nation on site to check our blood sugar and blood pressure. The Kialegee Mekko, Mr. Tiger Hobia, was there and gave us a warm welcome, as always.  We appreciated being invited and had a great time meeting some of the community members .
caddo festivalCaddo Heritage Museum's Fall Festival

AICCM representative Stacey Halfmoon participated in the Caddo festival held in Binger, Oklahoma.  The Caddo Color Guard conducted opening ceremonies and Caddo and other artists/vendors were invited to set up and demonstrate/sell arts, crafts, traditional wares and concessions.  There were also several cultural demonstrations including Caddo bow-making, traditional Caddo pottery, Caddo songs/dances and even storytelling.  The Caddo Heritage Museum was open that day and also sold items from the gift shop.  Special entertainment was provided by Funny Bone & Lil Mike - American Indian hip-hop/rap artists.  Over 200 people attended the all-day event and the AICCM exhibit booth was visited by many!
MWLIMvsoke Women's Leadership Initiative (MWLI)
AICCM hosted the MWLI meeting at the AICCM Visitor Center. AICCM representatives Shoshana Wasserman, Debbie Lindsey and Kimberly Rodriguez had the opportunity to provide a project update and answer many questions about the museum and cultural center's progress. This event coincided with the American Indian Cinema Showcase at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.
AI Cinema ShowcaseAmerican Indian Cinema Showcase
This is the 3rd successful year that AICCM and the Oklahoma City Museum of Art partnered  to present American Indian films at the Sam Noble theater. This year's films included: Barking Water, Pearl, The People, Citizen Potawatomie Death March and La Donna Harris: Indians 101. Saturday night included commentary from some of Oklahoma's emerging filmmakers.

creativity world forumfCreativity WorldFourm 
AICCM representatives Gena Timberman and Shoshana Wasserman were among the 29 Oklahoma delegates who traveled to Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg, Germany for the 2009 Creativity World Forum.
The State of Oklahoma will host the 2010 global conference focused on creativity and innovation. Oklahoma is the only U.S. state recognized as a District of Creativity and is one of only 12 regions designated throughout the world.   
Governors tourism conferenceOklahoma Governors Conference on Tourism

Lt. Gov. Askins reported impressive figures from a recent study by the U.S. Travel Association Research Department. Oklahoma's state economy was positively impacted by tourism with  a 6.5% increase over the previous year's figures, countering the nation's 2-percent decline in activity.
Travel-generated employment rose 2.3% creating 76,200 jobs, earning $1.8 billion in payroll income.  One of the general sessions focused on strategic tribal partnerships with an impressive panel of American Indian representatives. 
OITA MtgOklahoma Indian Tourism Association Meeting
OITa held their Quarterly meeting at the governor's conference. The Oklahoma Indian Tourism Association is a collaborative effort to promote and develop tourism of authentic Oklahoma American Indian cultures, histories and destinations. Anyone interested in participating is welcome to the next meeting on Tuesday, January 12, 2010, 10:00am - Noon, Washita Memorial Battlefield
Rt.1 Box 55a, Cheyenne, Oklahoma 73628
(580) 497-2742, RSVP
NA Downtwn Library FestivalNative American Festival Ronald J. Norrick Library
AICCM was one of the many organizations to participate in the Native American Festival at the library in downtown Oklahoma City. The day included traditional foods, tribal royalty, youth performances, singing and many community vendors promoting the many facets of contemporary Indian life.
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Honors & Recognition
 Gena Timberman
Gena Timberman
Recognized for 10 years of longevity as an Oklahoma State Employee
SW Award
Shoshana Wasserman
(Thloppthlocco Tribal Town,  Muscogee Creek)
2009 Oklahoma State
Service Award
Nancy Fields
Nancy Fields
Promoted to Educational Coordinator

Sue Fish
Sue Fish
(Chickasaw & Choctaw)
Certified Procurement Officer Certification

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