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THANK YOU for the GREAT RESPONSE to our survey questions for the $50 Bass Pro Gift Card last month about Georgia's NPDES certification program for construction sites.  CONGRATULATIONS to Tyrone Gardner, the survey winner.  We here at, wish you and the thousands of others who receive this newsletter, a happy and very successful hunting & fishing season ahead! 


NPDES for Construction SitesSome answers to last months survey were surprising to us, but over all most people have a fairly uniform "take"  on where things are at now.

70% of the people who completed the survey believe that being certified on a construction site is making a difference with NPDES Permit compliance (ie; are daily, weekly and after 1/2 inch rain event inspections being properly performed).  86% felt that the certification is making a difference with Georgia's water quality and quantity issues.  About 50% of those surveyed said they had never been asked for their card - which meant that the other 50% had been asked at least once during their project.  48% of people believe the government is properly enforcing the certification requirements, while 33% do not, 12% said it needs to improve and 7% had no idea.  26% of those surveyed believe that vacant lots are currently properly stabilized, 48% believe they are not, and another 26% believe some are, some aren't.  Not surprisingly, a whopping 98% of those surveyed believe that investors, cities, counties, developers and financial institutions should be held accountable for preventing their sites from eroding away.  

The answers to the survey confirmed THAT WE ALL NEED TO WORK TOGETHER as we continue to grow.  Protecting our waterways MUST be a team effort.  There's no "Bad Guy" when it comes to a group of either developers or regulators, we're all in it to get the job done while keeping our water clean.  It will take time, patience  

Citarum River, Java, Indonesia
Citarum River in Indonesia

and money.  Just look at China or Indonesia for an example of what can happen to the water when proper efforts aren't made to protect it. We need to be urgent with the issue of keeping our water clean as the population in Georgia and the Southeastern states continue to grow at an incredible pace. Georgia is estimated to double within the next 25 to 35 years!  Those who are tasked with compliance of the stormwater laws (this means all of us), must have a more active understanding about our impact.

Our mission at the NPDES Training Institute is to Make "NPDES" a Household Word!  Look at our logo and hopefully you'll get the picture that we all share in the responsibility in one form or another.

LaGrange Logo


City of LaGrange sewer system


Troup County

Order Number:


Cause of Order:

Unpermitted discharges/spills to waters of the state; failure to properly notify of major spills  

Requirement(s) of Order:    

Complete corrective actions according to implementation schedules and complete all projects by December 30, 2014; corrective actions include: initiate 4 yr. plan to outsource flow and rainfall monitoring of collection system, submit plan/schedule detailing rehabilitation work of systemic re-inspection of collection system that will or has been completed, and implement phased recommendations of comprehensive master plan for sewer improvements; submit bi-annual progress reports for corrective actions on December 31st and June 30 of each year; stipulated penalties for failure to submit required reports or implement/complete corrective actions according to schedules  

Settlement Amount: 

$87,000.00 (the folks living in LaGrange don't think this was so smart!)


People have been complaining  for years about raw sewage on their yards after a rain event.  It's too bad it had to take a stiff penalty to force them to get money for fixing the problem.  Was money available before hand, or did it take getting in trouble to get some money to improve their sewage treatment network...I don't know, ask them.  Interesting question!

Oh well...better a fine by the Georgia EPD, than paying millions to the US EPA....just ask the City of Atlanta!

"Be Aware of your impact downstream as the rainwater flows from your property!  It keeps you and everyone concerned out of hot water!"
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Compliance and Enforcement Community

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EPA Denies Petition that Sought a Ban on Lead in Fishing Gear

11/04/2010 WASHINGTON

If you don't like the effort to ban lead weights in US waters....get educated about the real impacts, get involved, and start doing something about it.  If you think it's a good thing to ban lead weights, then find out if the problem is real first, then get involved. Either need to act based on your learned knowledge...not the politics of others!  

The EPA has denied a petition calling for a ban on the manufacture, use and processing of lead in fishing gear.

In a letter to the petitioners, EPA indicated that the petitioners have not demonstrated that the requested rule is necessary to protect against an unreasonable risk of injury to health or the environment, as required by the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). The letter further indicates that the increasing number of limitations on the use of lead fishing gear on some federal and state lands, as well as various education and outreach activities, call into question whether a national ban on lead in fishing gear would be the least burdensome, adequately protective approach to address the concern, as called for under TSCA. EPA's letter also notes that the prevalence of non-lead alternatives in the marketplace continues to increase.



Are we in a Drought AGAIN?!
Just when you think we're done with a Drought for now, the Southeast Farmers tell us that times are getting tough again.  Coastal Georgia hasn't had significant rain for over 90 days.  Let's all hope that our reservoirs don't go through the tough times we saw not too long ago.  Remember....the first major rain we had that brought us out of that barn burning last drought was only March 2009.  Not that long ago! 
Drought Map 11-2-10Has your mindset changed about our water volume and quality...or have you fallen back into a false sense of security about the wealth of Georgia's water resources?  DON'T FORGET....times are different than in times past...just look at the traffic for a good reminder that there's a lot more stress on our water now. 

Time to invest in your water future is when there is more apparent water...not when it's too late in the middle of a drought!  In other words, common sense wold tell you that it's too late to invest in your 401K when you're 70 years old!  It's never been more important to keep the sediment and other contaminants from entering our waterways....Let's not get sloppy! 
Sediment & Erosion Control Day - DON'T MISS IT!

The City of Griffin and Fayette County hosted a very successful two day workshop!  Thanks to Chris Edelstein for his hard work and professionalism, as well as the speakers and vendors who continue to produce outstanding presentations as we see this annual event get more and more popular.

Let's not forget that when it's all boiled down, watershed protection (through NPDES and 404 permits), is ultimately about giving our kids and grand kids a country that they'll be able to enjoy like we have! 

Take a kid fishing or hunting soon, so they'll hopefully develop a passion for protecting our resources, as our country grows through wise land development and construction practices!

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IT's past time to be serious about our stormwater quality.  The next time you finish a responsible construction project, take a drive, go for a hike, catch a fish or celebrate a successful hunt.....take a moment to think a grateful thought, make a difference somewhere with someone, and give thanks and honor to the United States of America and the sacrifice our past and present military men and women have provided so we can enjoy the liberty and freedom we share, and so easily take for granted!

This Newsletter is intended to be a useful tool for all individuals involved stormwater management, especially those on construction sites.  There is a lot happening now with water regulations!  If you have areas of interest you would like to discuss, or areas of concern you would like included in this newsletter, please contact us at 678-469-5120.

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