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USEPA Logo w ELGsUS EPAs new ELGs for Construction Are Challenged
 On Wednesday, April 21st, the Small Business Administration (SBA) petitioned US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)  under the Administrative Procedures Act to reconsider the C&D ELG and its numeric standard (280 NTU turbidity standard for certain larger construction sites).  The link below will take you to a summary of the issues relating to EPA's rulemaking process, data analyses, and regulatory approach that the SBA believes warrant changes to the final C&D ELG rulemaking.   Word has it, that it is unprecedented for a federal agency to petition another federal agency and this petition could result in changes to the final ELG.
"The Instructor was very knowledgable about the subject matter and taught in a practical way by using many examples....Great Job!  
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Community throughout the United States

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!

FARMERS to be Responsible as NPDES Permittees!
Apr 20, 2010 12:05 PM,
By Harry Cline, Farm Press Editorial Staff 

NPDES FarmersThis issue evolved from a 1996 pesticide misapplication by an Oregon irrigation district that leaked through a waste gate and into a creek where more than 92,000 juvenile steelhead were killed.
The federal Environmental Protection Agency is expected to issue a proposed National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit process next month for pesticides used in and around water.

It will impact 5.6 million annual pesticide applications by 365,000 applicators using 500 different active ingredients. 
The proposed permit "will have profound implications for American farmers," U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Vilsack wrote EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson last month as the agency drew up the proposed permits. Failure to comply with the new EPA permitting process will result in a fine of $32,000 per day.
Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc. Settlement
Land Disturbance Judgement(WASHINGTON, D.C. - April 20, 2010) Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc., a builder of residential homes nationwide, has agreed today to pay a $1 million civil penalty to resolve alleged Clean Water Act violations at 591 construction sites in 18 states and the District of Columbia, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Justice Department announced today. As part of the settlement, the company will also implement a company-wide stormwater compliance program designed to improve compliance with storm water run-off requirements at existing and future construction sites around the country.
"This case is a result of EPA's effort to protect local waters by vigorously enforcing the nation's environmental laws," said Cynthia Giles, Assistant Administrator of EPA's Office of Enforcement and Compliance and Assurance. "Without appropriate onsite pollution controls, sediment-laden runoff from construction sites can pollute local waterways. This enforcement agreement will mean cleaner water for hundreds of communities across the country."
"Restoring and preserving the Chesapeake Bay is one of EPA's top priorities, and preventing polluted stormwater from entering the bay watershed is vital to keeping it healthy," said Peter S. Silva, Assistant Administrator for EPA's Office of Water. "This enforcement action will help protect the bay by addressing stormwater pollution at the source."
 Compliance Toolbox

The Georgia EPD ANNOUNCES.......

 Pond Guidance for Georgia Citizens
This guide is for landowners who want to build a new pond or to renovate an existing pond. Part One provides a basic explanation of the steps needed during the planning and designing process. There are Federal, State, and local government agencies that can assist and help with the requirements. Part Two provides information, links, and explanations about why it is important to use this guide when constructing a pond in Georgia.
This document was prepared in cooperation with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division (EPD).
The document is not loaded on the GA EPD website yet, so call us at 678-469-5120 for your copy!
USGS Georgia Water Science Center Installs Video Webcam at Peachtree Creek in Atlanta
USGS Peachtree Crk Video CamThe USGS Georgia Water Science Center has installed a webcam at Peachtree Creek in Atlanta to allow you to view, in real time, the current river-stage conditions. The camera shows live video of streamflow conditions at this highly urbanized monitoring site that is very prone to rapid rises in stream stage and large-scale flooding. You can even take temporary control of the camera and adjust the pan, tilt, and zoom.
The Peachtree Creek WaterWatch URL is
This service is funded by the USGS National Streamflow Information Program. If you have any questions or comments regarding these new features, please email Brian McCallum at or call 770.903.9127
The next time you finish a responsible construction project, take a drive, go for a hike, catch a fish or celebrate a successful hunt.....take a moment to think a grateful thought, make a difference somewhere with someone, and give thanks and honor to the United States of America and the sacrifice our past and present military men and women have provided so we can enjoy the liberty and freedom we share, and so easily take for granted!
This Newsletter is intended to be a useful tool for all individuals involved stormwater management, especially those on construction sites.  There is a lot happening now with water regulations!  If you have areas of interest you would like to discuss, or areas of concern you would like included in this newsletter, please contact us at 678-469-5120.
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