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What Is a Permittee's Liability
When We Get Dumped On?
"It's Not My Fault".....or is it? 
"It is Epic!"
says the USGS Water Science Center in Georgia. "The USGS can reliably say just how bad these floods were."
They are calling this a 500-year flood because of the likeliness of it occurring is so rare.  Go to the Georgia USGS website for more information.
We've received a lot of questions regarding the liability of a Permittee when they receive a rain event that exceeds the 25-year ES&PC Plan design. 
Read Part V of the NOI for a Primary Permittee,  then ask yourself if you were performing your site inspections, providing water sampling and repairing your deficiencies before the rain event occurred.  
The answer to that question will be your answer!
A LITTLE PERSPECTIVE makes compliance with America's Clean Water Act reasonable! 
Although recent rains elevated E. coli contamination in our rivers and streams beyond field instrument limits, compliance with our NPDES Permits will go a long way at protecting our rivers, like the Chattahooche River, from being contaminated like this one.
Citarum River, Java, Indonesia
The Citarum was once a gently flowing river, where fishermen cast their nets, wildlife came to feed and natural beauty left visitors spellbound. 
Today, the Citarum River is choked by the domestic waste of nine million people and the chemicals of hundreds of factories. 
So dense is the carpet of pollution that the wooden fishing boats that float through it, are the only clue to the presence of water.  Abandoning fishing for a living, the people along the Citarum, now collect and sell garbage for a living.
The river's destruction began with rapid industrialization during the late 1980s.  The Citarum River soon became a garbage bin for the factories.  It is one of two major rivers that feed Lake Saguling, where the French have built the largest power generator in West Java.
"More Than Just Another Erosion Class!"

"The Instructor really understood and explained the changes to the Permits and the BMPs available."

Assisting Stormwater Professionals 
throughout the United States
 Sediment & Erosion Control Day - DON'T MISS IT!
"You Don't Want to Miss This!"

Erosion & Sedimentation Day 2009

The City of Griffin will be holding its annual Sediment and Erosion Control Day on Tuesday, October 20th, 2009 at 10 am. Similar to last year, the event will start at Griffin Technical College (501 Varsity Road, Griffin, 30223).
10am to 12am:
- Michael Mitchell with EPA Region 4 covering the proposed 10 NTU construction effluent limitation;
- Ben Ruzowicz with GSWCC will present the new plan review checklists;
- Michael Breedlove with Breedlove Land Planning will be discussing the steps to have an alternative BMP accepted on an ES&PC Plan using a seep berm as an example; and
- Maryann Gerber with EPA Region 4 will focus her presentation on green infrastructure technologies that work in the Piedmont region.
Jim Spotts - Polymers
In the afternoon, from 1pm to 3pm, we will be moving to the City of Griffin Test Site (1869 Abbey Road, 30223) for field demonstrations of E & S BMPs.
RSVP with the names of every attendee by calling the Stormwater Department @ 770-229-6424 or email at
State of Georgia
Is GDOTs NON-COMPLIANCE with Clean Water Act on many of their construction projects providing the "Good Example" for others to follow regarding NPDES General Permit compliance? 
BUDGET: $20,406,795
Does Misuse of Stimulus Money Stimulate the Environment?
2) Has GDOT and/or the General Contractor (the Permittee)submitted a NOI for this project?  Call the EPD's District Office for Gwinnett County and ask them.  You can contact them by looking at the Instructions for the NOI?
Coastal Resources Division - Georgia
Many people in the construction industry in the coastal and southern regions of Georgia often wonder why the Commission doesn't place more attention in their areas of the state.  It's likely that the answer to their question is found by looking at the areas of Georgia that have historically grown the most.  Future growth projections along the coast are causing this area to get some attention.
Georgia Estuaries are Vital!Aside from the recreational and commercial importance of Georgia's estuaries, there is another very important function they provide that is often overlooked......

Polyacrylamide Erosion Control Powder
 Powder Polymer Application
APS 700 Series Silt Stop is a group of EPA approved non-toxic, soil specific tailored polyacrylamide co-polymer powders for erosion control.  They reduce and prevent erosion of fine particles & clay particles.
"This Stuff Works!"
Primary Applications:
Soil Stock Piles
Newly Cleared Construction or Building Sites
Road and Highway Construction
Hydroseeding and Water Truck Application
Hand Spreading and Ditch Placement

Features and Benefits:
Removes Solubilized Soils and Clay from Water
 Reduce Soil Movement During Rain on Moderate Slopes
Reduces Pesticide and Fertilizer Loss During Rain Events
Reduces Wind Borne Dust Conditions
Increases Soil Permeability and Water Penetration
Reduces Operational and Cleanup Costs
***Reduces Liability and Environmental Risk***

Call 678-469-5120 for solutions at your site!
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Georgia Agricultural Awareness 
 Fifth Annual Governor's Environmental
  Stewardship Award
Tifton, Georgia - September 23, 2009 -- Nominees are currently being sought for the Fifth Annual Governor's Environmental Stewardship Award. For the past four years, Governor Sonny Perdue has recognized those that are not only making a living from their lands, but also using the latest, innovative techniques to protect it for future generations. Applications are available at and due by Decenber 10th. Five district winners are selected for the award each year.

For more information contact Donnie Smith at (229) 391-6882 or
(Atlanta isn't the only one getting some attention!)
Hampton Roads Sanitation District Agrees to Settle Clean Water Act Violations 
 Wetlands Are Necessary!
WASHINGTON-Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD), has agreed to pay a $900,000 civil penalty and to take corrective actions to reduce alleged sanitary sewer overflows from its collection system and nine sewage treatment plants that have polluted the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, the Justice Department, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Commonwealth of Virginia announced today.
The settlement also requires HRSD to make major upgrades and improvements to the sewer system infrastructure over the next eight years.  These upgrades are estimated to cost at least $140 million.  The settlement requires that HRSD evaluate, replace, rehabilitate, or upgrade pipes, pump stations and other infrastructure where inspections and screenings show a material risk of failure.  HRSD also must submit and implement a plan to effectively manage, operate and maintain the sanitary sewer system to help prevent future sanitary sewer overflows. 
City of Villa Rica north Sweetwater and Tallapoosa west water pollution control plants
(This happened before the big rains!)
Water Treatment Plant
Carroll County
Date Posted: 9/7/09
Cause of Order: Violations of NPDES Permit/sewage sludge in Sweetwater's receiving stream, Town Creek and Tallapoosa's tributary; unpermitted discharges to Little Tallapoosa River;  
Requirement(s) of Order:  Submit Standard Operating Procedures for implementation/operation of dechlorination system at both WPCPs, & SOP for reporting spills; begin proper clean up project at Town Branch Creek, including appropriate sampling; provide proper corrective action plan/schedule to address bacterium causing excessive foam throughout both facilities & Town Branch Creek; submit updated SOP for chlorine contact chambers' operations; submit CAPs/schedules for interim/long term plan for manual bar screen at Sweetwater, upgrades for both WPCPs & methods to keep solids in WPCPs; implement SOP for receiving streams' evaluation for both WPCPs; submit 2008 industrial pretreatment program annual report & progress report for implementing fats, oil and grease management program; stipulated penalties  
Settlement Amount: $60,000
What are your thoughts? 
- Are Buffers important?
- After paying hundreds of thousands, should GDOT have learned some lessons by now?  If not, why not?
- Should the GA EPD fine another state agency like GDOT for allowing significant sedimentation into our waterways?  Builders are bitter about how GDOT continues to violate their permits when builders have to pay big fines from their little pockets!
- Should there be a limit as to how many times GDOT is fined, before they see a more significant EPA Enforcement action?

*****GA DOT project site STP0000-00(291)*****

Buffer EncroachmentLocation:
Bartow County
Date of Issue:
Cause of Order:
Improper Erosion, Sedimentation and Pollution Control Plan/unidentified state waters; sediment impact to waters of the state
Requirement(s) of Order:
Pay settlement amount or may propose plan providing for environmental education and public awareness regarding buffer laws/rules throughout State of Ga's Mountain District; plan shall include development/installation of 100 signs along GA DOT right of way locations; upon approval, implement plan as required; ensure all waters are identified on remaining phases of project; all erosion and sediment controls shall be installed as required in Permit.
Settlement Amount: $30,000
Letter From The Editor 
Irresponsible social behavior includes allowing sediment off of your site!
Would a responsible person in a community pack up the trash from their property, haul it down the hill, dump it in a community park, and then tell the mayor that it's only fair that the city raise taxes so that everyone can share in cleaning it up? Answer...NEVER!
Trout Need Cool Clear WaterAnother question......
Does a Rainbow Trout minding his own business in a cool creek care whether or not a politician signs a bill allowing a buffer to be destroyed for future land development?  Answer...HE DOESN'T!  All he cares about is having enough oxygen to breath and food to eat in his part of the world so he can survive. 
1) Why care about an endangered fish? 
2) Is it wrong for someone to make money by being a land developer? 
3) Should tax payers pay the price for the accumulated effects of sedimentation and other pollutants into our water?
4) Should individuals creating the land development (Permittees) step up to the plate and take responsibility for complying with their permits?
5) Should the Georgia EPD hire more inspectors and pay them a better salary so enforcement can be more consistant, fair, and effective?
Like it or not, these are the questions we have to deal with on an ever increasing basis because of our sprawling growth.  To me, the answer is simple, if we were capable of respecting one another (and I believe we are) and willing to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions, intentional or not intentional (just like we expect our kids to do), then there's no reason why we can't continue to clear land and build, but in a much more responsible fashion! 
Individual awareness to the issues others face, is the key to altering the decisions of "respectable and responsible" US citizens, whether it be an environmentalist who gives time and money to cleaning up our numerous waterways, a government official who has dedicated her life to public service, or a private land developer who coaches his kids baseball team and gives to the local non-profit.  We all need to take real responsibility for ourselves by becoming aware so that our decisions are careful to consider the needs of people, our water and our wildlife resources.
We all need to understand that what many consider to be the "good ol' days", are gone when it comes to our population!  We are growing like a weed, and yes, YOU and I are a part of that growing weed.  It's a fact that we are in emergency mode when it comes to our water resources.  It's due to the millions of people that surround us and are downstream from us that that we have to step up our awareness and responsibility for our actions! 

This newsletter IS NOT a sounding board for a political position and never has been.  It's purpose is bring awareness and helpful information to the stormwater and construction community regarding the good effects of construction, the damaging effects of untreated stormwater, erosion, off site sedimentation AND also the "lag" effects of political decisions (ie stimulus funding, etc., etc., etc.), that impact our daily lives.
The "common sense" of any responsible US citizen would agree that a society cannot allow the discharge of high volumes of any pollutant (sediment being our nations number one non-point source pollutant) into our water supply system and not eventually suffer serious health effects and financial consequences.  Society will suffer in a BIG WAY....just check out China (and many other developing countries).  China has become a huge industrial power, but they have trashed their environment to get there. 
Construction sites, farms and logging activities cannot continue to discharge large volumes of sediment and other contaminants off of their properties, and then expect our new reservoirs, streams, creeks, lakes and coastal areas to not suffer the consequences.  
Let "Common Sense" rule in your minds when you read this newsletter.  Our environment deserves it and so do the future generations of American citizens! 
At the NPDES Training Institute, we believe that KNOWLEDGE is POWER!  This newsletter in intended to be a useful tool for all individuals involved stormwater management, especially those on construction sites. 
Please contact me directly at 678-469-5120 with your questions or suggestions.
 TLO Sig
T. Luke Owen, PG
President, GeoLOGIC Environmental Solutions
Director, NPDES Stormwater Training Institute
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