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Georgia Receives $669,600 in MoneyEconomic Recovery Funds to Improve Water Quality

U.S. EPA Funds keep and create jobs to help prevent water pollution and the environment.GA EPD logo
(Atlanta, Ga. - August 20, 2009) In an effort to improve water quality and create jobs, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded $669,600 to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. A total of $39 million will be awarded nationally to states for Water Quality Management Planning (WQMP) grants, which will keep and create jobs to help prevent water pollution and protect human health and the environment.
 Sediment & Erosion Control Day - DON'T MISS IT!
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Erosion & Sedimentation Day 2009

The City of Griffin will be holding its annual Sediment and Erosion Control Day on Tuesday, October 20th, 2009 at 10 am. Similar to last year, the event will start at Griffin Technical College (501 Varsity Road, Griffin, 30223).
10am to 12am:
- Michael Mitchell with EPA Region 4 covering the proposed 10 NTU construction effluent limitation;
- Ben Ruzowicz with GSWCC will present the new plan review checklists;
- Michael Breedlove with Breedlove Land Planning will be discussing the steps to have an alternative BMP accepted on an ES&PC Plan using a seep berm as an example; and
- Maryann Gerber with EPA Region 4 will focus her presentation on green infrastructure technologies that work in the Piedmont region.
In the afternoon, from 1pm to 3pm, we will be moving to the City of Griffin Test Site (1869 Abbey Road, 30223) for field demonstrations of E & S BMPs.
RSVP with the names of every attendee by calling the Stormwater Department @ 770-229-6424 or email at
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"The Instructor really understood and explained the changes to the Permits and the BMPs available."

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Coastal Resources Division - Georgia
NEW Coastal Stormwater Supplement
to the Stormwater Management Manual
Many people in the construction industry in the coastal and southern regions of Georgia often wonder why the Commission doesn't place more attention in their areas of the state.  It's likely that the answer to their question is found by looking at the areas of Georgia that have historically grown the most.  Now (like it or not)..the coastal areas are getting some attention.
As growth and development projections show approximately a 50% increase in Georgia's Coastal Population in less than 25 years, it becomes increasingly important to address the impacts of this growth to sensitive water resources, habitats and wildlife. The Coastal Stormwater Supplement to the Georgia Stormwater Management Manual provides Georgia's coastal communities with comprehensive guidance on an integrated, green infrastructure-based approach to natural resource protection, stormwater management and site design that can be used to better protect coastal Georgia's unique and vital natural resources from the negative impacts of land development and nonpoint source pollution. In step with the national trend, the focus of the Supplement shifts post-construction stormwater management efforts to the prevention of stormwater runoff.
See the EPAs recent enforcement actions below! 
State of Georgia


This page is new to our monthly newsletter and is dedicated to introducing little known facts and information about Georgia's program that can assist you.  Enjoy!
GASWCC Partners for Fish & Wildlife 
The Partners for Fish & Wildlife Program has contributed to the health and quality of over 50 miles of Georgia streams with the creation or improvement of more than 200 acres of riparian buffers.  This program appeals strongly to landowners with the desire to continue their farming operation while improving conservation practices on their farms.  This program emphasizes landowner choice and control and also allows landowners to maintain all rights to their land including control of hunting and fishing. If you are interested in this program please contact the Regional Office that covers your county.
FLORIDA Takes Advantage of Polyacrylamide ALOT...Why not GEORGIA?
Polymer Curtains work!!!!!!!APS 700 Series Floc Log used in combination with a polymer treated particle curtain (jute matting) is a very cost effective way of reducing turbidity while also reducing other toxic components in a static surface water body.
Primary Applications
Newly cleared Construction or Building Sites drainage
Road and Highway construction runoff ditches
Ditch placement for all forms of highly turbid waters
Dredging operations as a flocculator 
Removes solubilized soils and clay from water
Prevents colloidal solutions in water within ditch systems
Binds cationic metals within water, reducing solubilization
Reduces pesticide/fertilizer loss during rain events
Increases water penetration to shallow plants in ditches
$ Reduces operational and cleanup costs $
$ Reduces risk and helps meet compliance $
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Luxury Homebuilder Fined for Stormwater Runoff in Multiple States
Only 2 years ago, they were an eco-award winner..what happened?Just two years ago, one of the largest luxury home developers in the Southeast and Midwest was honored for its stormwater control practices, but on Tuesday the same company was fined over half-a-million dollars to settle allegations of Clean Water Act violations on housing developments in three states.

According to a consent decree filed in U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Cooper Land Development has agreed to pay a $513,740 civil penalty to settle the allegations that it failed to properly manage construction site stormwater runoff and implement erosion control at five of its housing developments located in Missouri, West Virginia and Arkansas.
"The failure to properly control stormwater runoff at construction sites can have serious consequences for the environment," said William Rice, acting administrator for EPA Region 7. "EPA will enforce the laws and regulations to ensure that stormwater runoff is properly managed in a way that protects our fragile ecosystems."
Union Pacific Railroad Agrees to Restore Nevada Streams, Wetlands

August 17, 2009 - Union Union Pacific RailroadPacific Railroad Company has agreed to settle alleged violations of the federal Clean Water Act in Nevada by restoring 122 acres of mountain desert streams and wetlands at an estimated cost of $31 million & $800,000 in Civil penalties.
As part of the settlement, the railroad will also implement stormwater controls at its construction sites. The settlement resolves a complaint filed August 6 by the United States against Union Pacific alleging multiple violations of the Clean Water Act stemming from the railroad's activities in Clover Creek and Meadow Valley Wash in 2005.
At the NPDES Training Institute, we believe that KNOWLEDGE is POWER!  This newsletter in intended to be a useful tool for all individuals involved stormwater management, especially those on construction sites. 
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