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EPAs Clean Water Action Forum
US EPA Says "Stronger Enforcement" of the Clean Water Act is Necessary
"There are too many violations in too many places."
WASHINGTON -Administrator Lisa Jackson has called for stronger enforcement performance at federal and state levels and a transformation of EPA's water quality and compliance information systems.  As part of this effort, Jackson directed the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance to develop an action plan.  All ideas from the public will be evaluated and considered for recommendations to the EPA Administrator about the future direction for EPA's water enforcement program.
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Georgia's New 2009 Fish Consumption Guidelines
Whether it's sediment, oil, grease, fertilizers, insecticides or ALL RUNS TO THE CREEK and will come back to haunt us sooner or later if we don't get serious. 
People, fish, and wildlife all drink contaminants that are add to our stormwater.  All of us suffer from the contaminants that we humans do to our increasingly stressed out water ways. 
It all comes back!With an 80% cancer mortality rate in the village that this individual lives, the untreated water source that he has no choice to drink from, will more than likely kill him before he's 30 years old. 
In the United States, the Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act have helped to prevent US citizens from a similar fate.  We all need to be grateful for the laws that protect our health! Keep that in mind the next time you see the rain wash across a construction site, parking lot, golf course, lawn or garden, and let's be mindful of our own behavior when we're outside!
 Another LIA Eats up a Buffer
Buffer EncroachmentCause: Buffer Encroachment; Failure to obtain EPD Variance
Location: City of Calhoun. Big Springs water intake project; Gordon County
Date Issued:
Cause of Order: Buffer encroachment to 25ft buffer zone; failure to obtain variance.
Requirement(s) of Order:  Immediately cease further land disturbing activity except installation and maintenance of proper erosion and sediment controls to stabilize site and remediation activities to restore buffer; submit proper Buffer Restoration Plan/schedule to restore buffer; upon approval, implement plan; project may resume only upon written authorization of EPD  
Settlement Amount: $5,000

QUESTION:  Now that over 60,000 people are certified and know about the critical role that buffers have with protecting our waterways!  Isn't it time to increase the fines so that it stings a little?! 
Luxury Home Developer Pays to Settle Clean Water Act Violations
Release date: 08/18/2009 Severe Erosion
Cooper Land Development, a luxury home development company agreed to pay a civil penalty and implement a storm water compliance program at its construction sites to settle allegations that it violated the Clean Water Act.
According to a consent decree filed today in U.S. District Court, Cooper Land Development agreed to pay a $513,740 civil penalty to settle the allegations that it failed to properly manage construction site storm water runoff and implement erosion control at five of its housing developments located.  The penalty will be paid in four annual installments, plus interest, according to the consent decree. 
KNOWLEDGE is POWER!  This Newsletter in intended to be a useful tool for all individuals involved stormwater management, especially those on construction sites.
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