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DID YOU KNOW that as of January 2009 there are New Updates to the GREEN BOOK for Georgia?
Compost Filter SockThe following practices for the Manual for Erosion and Sediment Control approved by the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission, effective January 1, 2009. 
Compost Filter Socks have been approved for the ES&PC Plan as well as the new Type-C Silt Fence since January of this year.
Sediment Barriers are temporary structures typically contructed of silt fence supported by steel or wood posts.  Compost filter socks are a three-dimensional tubular sediment control and storm water runoff filtration device typically used for perimeter control of sediment and soluble pollutants (such as phosphorus and petroleum hydrocarbons), on and around construction activities. 
To Protect yourself from 3rd Party Lawsuits or General Permit enforcement, the best thing you can do is to read the 
NPDES General Permit and do what it says!
Give Luke Owen a call if you have any questions at 678.469.5120. Let's work together to keep sediment from replacing the much needed water volume in our reservoirs!
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NPDES Training Institute by GeoLOGIC 
#1 Practical, top notch classroom instruction from experienced NPDES seasoned professionals who 
understand the construction industry in Georgia.
Click Here for your COURSE ScheduleGeoLOGICs NPDES Training Institute Class Schedule
- State Waters and Buffers
- New Plan Review Checklists
- New NOI's
- New NPDES General Permit's
- 303(d) list and TMDLs, and 
- New Model Ordinance for LIAs
We Also Offer Construction Site Audits to help you determine your project's regulatory condition General Permit compliance help. 
GeoLOGICs NPDES Training Institute
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Call us at 678.469.5120 to set up your site audit, or Email T. Luke Owen directly at

What is NPDES & Should I Care?
For people working in the stormwater industry as government officials, consultants and site monitoring personnel, etc., we often assume that the people we work for understand the regulatory and environmental liability now faced by millions of Americans.  However, our experience at the NPDES Stormwater Training Institute shows just the opposite!  Most people do not understand even the basics of stormwater laws, permits and the Best Management Practices (BMPs) for construction sites.
EPAs WATERSEveryone should understand the basics about stormwater quality, regulations & compliance because we all are involved in one capacity or another.  If you disturb a little ground for whatever reason, you may ask yourself.."What's the Big Deal!...It's only a little bit of dirt in the water!"  If you own a carpet  cleaning company and dump your waste water in the storm drain, like I've seen on more than one occasion..your behavior has an accumulated impact on the water quality of our streams and lakes. 
Since our human population is growing at the speed of KUDZU, we had better be concerned about it....Georgia's history is full of buried streams and lakes!
  You don't have to be an expert, but you should understand the basics....
click on this link to continue your stormwater education, then GO FISHING to get a clearer perspective! 
Don't Forget that with our much needed rains, also runs the sediment, fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, metals and animal waste, etc. to the stream, river or lake in your part of Georgia! 
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Let's work together to "keep the dirt out" of our streams & lakes!
Training That Helps It All Make Sense!
At GeoLOGIC, WE CARE for more than just getting you certified in Georgia.  We understand the challenges you're facing with the economy and the confusing regulations that surround us all now! 
"We do much more than just provide power point slides"!
  We have developed our own courses based on experience and that of hundreds of stormwater professionals, to ensure that you have the proper understanding and knowledge necessary to protect our water and yourself! 
At GeoLOGICs NPDES Training Institute, we believe that KNOWLEDGE is POWER!  This newsletter in intended to be a useful tool for you! 
Please contact me directly at 678.469.5120 with your comments, questions or suggestions.
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T. Luke Owen, PG
Director, NPDES Stormwater Training Institute
Sponsored by GeoLOGIC
Call us for details at 678.469.5120