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Land Disturbance Judgement
A recent judgement in Gwinnett County awarded a neighboring property owner damages of approximately $350,000 for resultant sedimentation in his pond from an adjacent construction site....and that doesn't include the cost of cleaning it up! 
Who had to pay?  The land developer and two builders who had no documented evidence (inspection records, etc.) to prove that they were properly inspecting and maintaining their sites.
Sounds like a simple question, but most have not read their signed NOI and NPDES General Permit. 
If you're lucky, you have not experienced an enforcement action of the Clean Water Act by either the US EPA, Georgia EPD, or local government.  However, a rise in 3rd party lawsuits is getting the attention of more land owners (financial institutions to be included).  According to the EPD, "It is for sure that it's the 3rd party lawsuits from private citizens that are causing sites to be in better compliance with their NPDES Permits, NOT regulatory enforcement."
It's time that we all pull our head out of the sand!   Read your NOI and the NPDES General Permit, try to do what it says, and let's keep the attorney's out of our wallets.  We all need to stop pretending that the Clean Water Act doesn't exist and that our creeks and lakes are OK without protection.  They are not, as evidenced by ~40% of our streams not meeting minimum water quality standards.  Atlanta's traffic is the indicator of how important it is to stay on top of our water quality.  We've added roughly 3 million people over the last 10 years (an increase of ~30 percent to our population)!  After all, it's our children collectively who will pay the price for our squabling over what to do!

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Jim Spotts - PolymersTECHTALK 
by Dr. Jim Spotts
TechTalk is a forum for resolving erosion and sediment control and/or construction related problems from a technical perspective.  Technical questions are submitted by the reader; suggestions may be from Southeast Environmental Consultants, LLC, (SEC) or other sources.  The reader is solely responsible for the results, if the suggestion is implemented.
Curved Construction ExitQuestion 
The recent rain events are causing truck tires and delivery trailer tires to pull large amounts of bare soil from the corners adjacent to my stone exit and onto the paved roadway, which has resulted in several Stop Work Orders.  What can I do to keep the trucks onto the exit when they turn?
This is a common problem.  Rather than installing barriers  in an effort to change the driving behavior of every truck driver leaving your site, you should widen the corners of the pad with nonwoven geotextile and 1.5" to 3.5' stone.
Remember when Grandpa would spray his used oil on the dirt road in front of his house to keep the dust down.  Or better yet, have you been driving on I-85 or I-75 and observed a GDOT roadway project spewing out a HUGE DUST Cloud thick that you quickly roll up your windows & turn your A/C to recirculate to keep your interior from turning into sand box.
Go Green with Polymers, they (the APS, lab tested, soil specific, anionic type) are a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to keep everyone happy (GDOT included). 
Call GeoLOGIC for more info - 678-469-5120
BEFORE                                               AFTER

Silt Stop (a registered trademark) material is designed to agglomerate dust and retain the agglomerate for 1-4 days, while still allowing water to penetrate the soil.  This has shown to reduce airborne dust from open areas on construction sites, haul roads, waste dumps, and tailings piles, and will save time, labor and water.
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Georgia allows you to apply ALTERNATIVE BMPs other than just those found in the Green Book on your ES&PC Plans? 


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New Bill To Restore Protections for Wetlands
Millions of Acres Threatened 
D.C. (April 2, 2009) America's wetlands would have their Clean Water Act protections restored under a new bill introduced today by U.S. Senator Russ Feingold (Wisc.) and 23 co-sponsors. The Clean Water Restoration Act, which is supported by Ducks Unlimited and other conservation/sportsmen's groups, would restore protection to more than 20 million acres of geographically isolated wetlands at risk of pollution and destruction under current guidance from the Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers.
IT's WORTH REPEATING!   Click the link to read the EPAs proposed Effluent Limitations Guidelines and Standards for Construction and Land Development Public comment period expired on February 26 last month.
The Guidelines focus on areas of the country with a high clay content in their soils (ie Southeast US) and will more than likely require additional water treatment and sampling as stormwater leaves a Georgia construction site.
At the NPDES Training Institute, we believe that KNOWLEDGE is POWER!  This newsletter in intended to be a useful tool for all individuals involved stormwater management. 
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