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Does EPAs Proposed Record Breaking Budget Mean More Enforcement?
A budget of $10.5 billion for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the largest in the agency's 39-year history will increase 2008s funding level by $3 billion dollars. 

According to Adminstrator Jackson, "EPA's portion of the plan will create good, sustainable jobs that will help produce cleaner drinking water, purer air, environmentally friendly urban and rural re-development, and reduced greenhouse gases."  and
'With these proposed resources it should be overwhelmingly clear that EPA is back on the job.'

Stay tuned to find out how EPAs budget increase will affect enforcement of the NPDES General Permit for construction sites in Georgia.  
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Jim Spotts - PolymersTECHTALK 
by Dr. Jim Spotts
TechTalk is a forum for resolving erosion and sediment control and/or construction related problems from a technical perspective.  Technical questions are submitted by the reader; suggestions may be from Southeast Environmental Consultants, LLC, (SEC) or other sources.  The reader is solely responsible for the results, if the suggestion is implemented.
Question:  I see a film of fine sediment coating my sediment barriers (silt fences).  How can I get it off?  I don't want to replace this BMP each time it rains.

Inlet Sediment TrapResponse:  Let the "skin" dry out.  Then either beat the backside of the fabric with a stick or try blowing it off, again from the back side, with a leafblower.
What is Soft Armoring, and can it prevent my slope from eroding?
Soft Armoring is the process by which soft, pliable open-weave matting (i.e. jute, coir, coconut, hemp, burlap, etc.) is placed onto the soil surface.  The soil-specific polymer is then applied, and reacts with the metals and clays within the soil to bind it together.  This complex attaches to the matting, creating a highly erosive resistant surface that will support vegetation along with aiding in attachment of fine particulate to the matting surface. 
Soft Armoring - APS
BEFORE                                           AFTER
Did you know Georgia allows you to apply ALTERNATIVE BMPs other than just those found in the Green Book on your ES&PC Plans? 
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Construction Company Ordered to Restore Damaged Wetland and Stream
Michael Rodriguez and his company, Christian Brothers Wetlands PreservationConstruction, have been ordered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to restore the wetland and stream that his company illegally filled and channelized without a Clean Water Act permit.

According to EPA, in October 2008, Mr. Rodriguez illegally filled 1.7 acres of wetlands and filled and channelized 1,680 feet of Tenmile Creek. Mr. Rodriguez failed to obtain the required Clean Water Act Section 404 permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps). Before this violation, Mr. Rodriguez was told by the Corps that a permit was required for his proposed work, but he failed to apply for one.
Mallard Duckling Life Cycle  
Click the link to read the EPAs proposed Effluent Limitations Guidelines and Standards for Construction and Land Development Public comment period expired on February 26 last month.
The Guidelines focus on areas of the country with a high clay content in their soils (ie Southeast US) and will more than likely require additional water treatment and sampling as stormwater leaves a Georgia construction site.
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