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 Georgia Alabama Partnership for Sustainability

Alabama Parternership for Sustainability
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Tuesday & Wednesday
April 7 & 8, 2009
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Is Your Land Disturbance 50-Acres or More?
The NPDES General Permit says, "Soil before deposition into Lake LanierThe ES&PC Plan shall limit the amount of disturbed area to no greater than 50 acres at any one time without prior written authorization from the appropriate EPD District Office." 
If the EPD District Office approves a request to disturb 50 acres or more at any one time, the Plan must include at least four (4) of the best management practices listed in Part III.C.2 of this permit. In the Common Development Permit, each individual permittee (i.e., primary, secondary or tertiary) can disturb no more than 50 acres at any one time, and no more than 50 contiguous acres total at any one time, without prior authorization.
Read the NPDES General Permit for more information about EPDs requirements.  Let's work together to keep sediment from replacing the much needed water volume in our reservoirs!
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NPDES Training Institute by GeoLOGIC 
#1 Practical, top notch classroom instruction from experienced NPDES seasoned professionals who 
understand the construction industry in Georgia.
Our classrooms are interactive!

GeoLOGICs NPDES Training Institute Class Schedule

GROUP DISCOUNTS for 5 people or more!
RECERT Courses
that are practical and educational for understanding....
- State Waters and Buffers
- New Plan Review Checklists
- New NOI's
- New NPDES General Permit's
- 303(d) list and TMDLs, and 
- New Model Ordinance for LIAs
We Also Offer Construction Site Audits to help you determine your project's regulatory condition if the EPD were to perform an Enforcement Inspection. 

Call us at 678-469-5120 to set up your site audit, or Email T. Luke Owen directly at

EPAs WATERSDid you know that EPA gathers water quality information to address public concerns such as:
- How healthy is my watershed?
- Can I drink the water?
- Can I eat the fish?
- Is it safe to swim in the water?
WATERS has the power to connect many databases and display the information in one location by generating maps and reports. 
What Will The GAPS Conference Include?
Topics include Green Building and LEED, sustainable engineering and design, solar energy, land conservation, watershed management, air quality, Ft. Benning growth, emerging military market opportunities, and Army environmental policy.  There will also be a LEED exam prep session.
At GeoLOGICs NPDES Training Institute, we believe that KNOWLEDGE is POWER!  This newsletter in intended to be a useful tool for all individuals  concerned about the condition of our limited surface water resources.
Please contact me directly at 678-469-5120 with your questions or suggestions.
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T. Luke Owen, PG
Director, NPDES Stormwater Training Institute
Sponsored by GeoLOGIC
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